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GATT, Unfair Trade Practices and Substantive Due Process By Anthony Fejfar
Paperback: $5.53
Prints in 3-5 business days
Anthony J. Fejfar presents a sensible interpretation of GATT.
Guide to the WTO and GATT: Economics, Law and Politics By Autar Krishen Koul
eBook (PDF): $28.55
Explains the current system of international trade law and international economic relations as they have evolved over the last seven decades Describes all major precedent-setting cases in WTO... More > jurisprudence and analyses their effect to date and the trends they have set in motion, particularly as they relate to perceived discrimination against developing nations Investigates the legal merits of arguments within the WTO and among scholars over such controversial matters as regulation of competition, setting of labor standards, and environmental controls, as well as thorny concerns raised by enforcement of intellectual property rights and limitation on investments< Less
Turn Your Android Phone or Tablet into a Multimedia Hub By Fiona Gatt
eBook (PDF): $1.99
What does it take to turn your smartphone or tablet into a multimedia hub? Android! With the help of some really cool multimedia apps available on the Android Market, the multimedia functionalities... More > of even mid-range smartphones can be fully explored. This guide covers music playback, organizing a music collection, syncing music and video collections, porting over an existing iTunes collection, Internet radio, playing media files remotely from a computer on an Android device, video playback, of multiple formats, organizing a video collection, storing your media collection in the cloud and sharing it between multiple devices, exploring Internet TV, discovering podcasts, playing and organizing podcasts, enjoying audiobooks, some fun with photos, a better way to explore YouTube, using your device as a digital photo frame and basically a slew of advice on how to use the best apps for these purposes. Best of all, the apps that are recommended are all free!< Less
Top Ten Free Android Apps for Weight Loss By Fiona Gatt
eBook (PDF): $1.99
Weight loss by phone. Weight loss, so they say, is simple: move more and eat less. Another simple fact; however, is that if you’ve found yourself looking into weight loss methods and tools,... More > you’ve got habits that got you there and possibly lack some knowledge on how to get you where you want to be. This eBook will show you how to set up your Android smartphone or tablet as a tool that can give you valuable information for making the right decisions, friendly reminders, and ways to track your goals and progress to keep you accountable.< Less
The Top Ten Tips for USB Flash Drives By Fiona Gatt
eBook (ePub): $6.99
There is a lot more you can do with a USB flash drive other than storage and data transfer. The latest USB flash drives offer ample space and ultra fast data transfers for multiple desktop... More > applications, hi-definition media files, as well as routine data transfers. The Top Ten Tips for USB Flash Drives help you get the best use out of your USB flash drive.< Less
El Pan De La Presencia By Roslyn Gatts Alexander
Paperback: $24.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
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El templo del Rey Salomón tenía siete cadenas de bronce tejidas decorando los capiteles y cadenas de oro colgando a lo largo del frente del cuarto interior. Israel estaba ligado a... More > Dios por un pacto con la ley, de modo que el Padre celestial podía mostrarles sus pecados y revelar Su perfecto amor para preparar a la humanidad para el pan de vida.< Less
"I AM" Through the Ages By Roslyn Gatts Alexander
Paperback: $7.40
Prints in 3-5 business days
This short book is just a sampling of what each book in the Old Testament is about in an attempt to provide overall meaning to the Scriptures. It will provide insight to a new believer, to one who... More > may be seeking for truth or for someone who has never found the time to read the whole Old Testament Scriptures on his or her own. It is quite common for people to struggle through the Old Testament and therefore miss the relevance and vitality that the written word has for the prophetic revelation of Jesus and the reason for His life on earth. This small book gives just a foretaste of the feast to come for those who believe. I hope you sense the essence of God’s word as it applies to us today, and then prepare yourself for the challenging goal of reading and digesting the entire Old Testament for yourself.< Less
The Arks By Roslyn Gatts Alexander
Paperback: $15.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Arks This story is about the first five books of the Old Testament Scriptures with artwork on each page. It presents in simple language a brief overview of the first five books using the Arks... More > as illustrations to help the readers to remember how God has provided a way for them through the generations. This book is full of digital artwork also by Roslyn Alexander, whose readers have come to love. This story will intrigue and inspire its readers to further investigate what the Bible says to us from so many years ago, which is still relevant and necessary to understand the Gospel story today. “These are the three Arks I think of when I remember the love Yahweh has for humanity: Noah’s Ark, Moses’ Ark, and the Ark of the Covenant.” Teacher’s notes are provided in the back of the book.< Less
Blue Earth By Roslyn Gatts Alexander
Paperback: $18.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
The book Blue Earth is artistically illustrated to stimulate the imagination and draw the reader into seeking their Creator God. This beautiful combination of photography, digital art, and... More > Scriptural story telling take the reader on a journey of mystery and wonderment of our Creator God. It encourages the reader to open their spiritual eyes and mind to Jesus Christ.< Less
Scales By Roslyn Gatts Alexander
Paperback: $12.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
This is a book for children who are ready to learn about forgiveness. The main character is a teenage boy who experiences difficulty with his world and then after difficulty, learns to forgive. The... More > idea for this story was taken from the Book of Acts when Ananias healed Saul’s blindness and scales fell from his eyes “Each time a new scale grew out from within, it became more difficult for the boy to feel pleasure and love and all those nice things that we treasure the most when we are able to let go of insults and learn how to forgive.”< Less

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