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Ultimate Techniques For Time Management By Brad Gearhart
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Now You Can Take Control Of Your Time! Accomplish the goals that you have always wanted to, but thought you didn't have the time for, without sacrificing time for anything else you are currently... More > doing . . ."Time is Money." That is the age old cliché . . . but I think that a more timely statement in today's world would be that "Time is a Precious Commodity." Time effects every aspect of your life. Your job, your personal relationships, sleep, and the time you find for leisure are all effected by your ability to manage your time. After all, there are only 24 hours in a day, and that will never change. It may seem that there is never enough time, but if you learn how to manage your time better, you will be surprised at how much time you really have. Time management is not something that is taught in high school, and very few colleges include it as part of there required course studies, but it may just be the single most important life skill that you can have.< Less
Nurse Incorporated: Turn Your Nursing Passion Into Business Profits: Game Changing Secrets Every Nurse Starting and Growing a Business Should Know By Erica Leach-Baker, RN, CLNC
eBook (ePub): $8.99
Open the door to a new kind of freedom. Enjoy your passion filled journey of finally starting and growing your nurse owned business NOW! Erica, a successful nurse entrepreneur, shares how you can... More > turn the nursing process and your skills into a thriving legal nurse consulting practice or any nurse owned business. Erica helps you: • Utilize the nursing process as a systemized method that will change your mindset towards business forever • Learn accelerated action steps to help move you towards your business goals and dreams • Unleash the amazing power of positive self-talk and affirmation • Discover the right business to create and grow • Activate your brilliance • Develop the mindset of an entrepreneur • Increase your confidence • Ignite your energy and spark the power within to succeed You will gain insight, motivation and the “know how” in order to start seeing results. It’s time to change your life from the inside out and create a business and life you love while having fun during the process.< Less
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REL 212 WEEK 9 ASSIGNMENT LATEST-STRAYER Visit Below Link, To Download This Course: Or Email us... More > on SUPPORT@TUTORIALSSERVICE.NET REL 212 Week 9 Assignment Latest-Strayer REL212 REL 212 Week 9 Assignment Latest-Strayer World View Chart Assignment Due Weeks 2 through 10 and worth 35 points each week, with a total of 315 points. A world view is a fundamental or basic orientation of thinking – like a mindset – which guides a culture and / or a person’s life. Like a point of view, it can be built of concepts, ideas, values, emotions, and ethics. Weltanschauung is the German word for this idea. Your goal for this course is to understand the world views of these various religions. In order to prepare you for your final assignment, you will outline the world views of various religions in the chart below, adding to it each week.< Less
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This is not a magical book it's also not only to raise the morale by giving you good energy, without real solutions. This book is made on a scientific basis and a lot of experiences. Due to that,... More > this book comes to deal directly with the source of money, we won't tell you stories, and you will find my book direct to the point with exact numbers and advices.The goal of any career is to make money, but I found nobody talked about that, companies try to promote their product service or study. We will talk in the beginning of the book about a clear image of the sources of money, and how money works, instead of talking about management, leadership, business, self-employed, be your own boss... etc., which never show us how to be financially secured, In the last three parties of the book, we will discuss how to position you there using different techniques. We will give examples of the best companies around the world their vision and how they work. This book will reveal hidden information from business owners.< Less
Reverse Mortgages: Best Friend, Worst Enemy...Your Choice! By PJ Wade
eBook (PDF): $18.95
FREE 21-PAGE PREVIEW (Scroll thru with Lulu horizontal bar) ** The Home Equity Guide to Achieving 21st Century Financial, Lifestyle & Wealth Management Goals. "EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED TO... More > KNOW ABOUT REVERSE MORTGAGES AND COULDN'T FIND ANYONE TO ASK THAT YOU TRUSTED." Plain-language EXPERT ADVICE on converting equity into tax-free income and ensuring a reverse mortgage is a BEST FRIEND, NOT A WORST ENEMY. Comprehensive, easy-to-read details on how reverse mortgages work, qualifying for one, selecting a lender, preserving equity, deciding if and when to sign up, avoiding problems and MUCH, MUCH MORE. * Clear, accurate answers to 85 questions listed in the QUICK QUESTION INDEX and many more * Glossary, Chapter cross-references * Bonus: Tips on perfecting the mental switch from retirement to unretirement. * First in PJ Wade's "Unretirement" * AUTHOR PJ WADE: HTTP://WWW.THECATALYST.COM ***SPECIAL OFFER FOR CANADIANS*** BUY PRINT VERSION IN LOONIES DIRECT FROM PUBLISHER: HTTP://WWW.CATAPULTPUBLISHING.COM< Less
Create a Successful Marketing Plan By Best Publications
eBook (PDF): $2.99
"Learn How to Create a Highly Effective Marketing Plan to Increase Market Share and Guide Your Business into Success!" You can now discover from the pros how to develop your own marketing... More > plan complete with strategies and techniques that will really work through our amazing eBook "How to Create a Successful Marketing Plan." Here are just some of the great benefits you'll get in our eBook: Learn about all the major fundamentals and components needed in a successful marketing plan. Find out how to conduct your own market research, saving a substantial fee that you might otherwise have to pay to market research firms. Discover how to establish reasonable goals and objectives that will distinguish your marketing plan as sound and realistic rather than a document of wishful thinking that nobody will take seriously. Determine how to foresee potential threats or problems and highlight how you will deal with them in your marketing plan. ...< Less
The Science of Bing Fa™:The Art of War By James Sonhill & Sun Tzu
eBook (ePub): $5.95
I would say: The victory is in your hand.—SUN TZU: PRINCIPLE 73 For more than two-and-a-half millenniums, people from all walks of life have been inspired by Sun Tzu’s The Art of War and... More > found this philosophy useful in helping them achieve their goals and build their success. However, mastering and practicing this strategy knowledge have never been easy. In this translation, you will find: • Comprehensive translation based on a complete compilation • More precise compared to other translations • 360 principles easy to understand and easy to make any references • Each principle has an ID principle number • Each chapter begins with a chapter introduction Learn how this unique translation can help you gain strength and advantage under any challenging circumstance. Treat this sophisticated knowledge as your personal intellectual power, your personal secret weapon, and your personal bible for survival and victory in today’s rapidly changing and highly competitive world.< Less
The Insider Guide to The Strategic Marketing of Translation Services By A.M. Sall
eBook (PDF): $18.75
“The Insider Guide to The Strategic Marketing of Translation Services” is the first (and only, so far) guide on the Planet covering the best ways to strategically and proactively market... More > your translation/interpreting services, identify and dominate your niche, turn your freelance translation practice into a highly profitable business i.e. become a full-blown entrepreneur, and then ultimately reach all your financial and life goals The book gives you dozens of strategies, tactics and techniques - but more importantly it gives you the mindset and supreme self-confidence without which any knowledge or competency you may have is bound to prove sooner or later futile. It adapts the general and well-known marketing principles and techniques to the specific situation of the translation profession. A.M.Sall has been a working professional translator since 1972. In this book, he draws on his own experience but also on that of my other translators he has had to meet in a career spanning over 3 decades.< Less
Catch Your Big Break By Steve Monte
Paperback: $10.77
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Get the job you want. Get ahead in your career. Get a big paycheck. Learn how to do all this without killing yourself in the process or sacrificing the things that are most important to you. Anyone... More > who says it can’t be done is a sucker, and Steve Monte proves it in this book. He has been there in the trenches himself and found his way out. This book shows you how to do the same in seven brilliantly simple steps. You’ll get unstuck and begin to experience the life and career that you’ve always wanted. Learn how to: • Set goals that spur you into action and almost accomplish themselves • Identify your greatest strengths and leverage them to create success • Expand your professional network the right way by using a few simple techniques • Position yourself as an expert rather than a rookie to land your next job fast • Know exactly what to say in your next job interview to create a wow moment for the interviewer< Less
WORST OF ALL WORLDS By Dr. Alhasan Sisawo Ceesay, MD
Paperback: $26.02
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No, hell is not worst of pains than life of unpredictable scenarios and bombardments of heinous acts. Hell is permanent fixture of pain inflicted upon souls that lived in bad ways. Life shrouded in... More > nagging, distrust, shallowness and undesirable attitudes is worst than hell. What is more humiliating than restricting freedoms, healthcare, good schools, shelter, food and safe drinking water? A sage said, “The worst state of life is when one loose handling it. Lack of control leads to serious psychological derangement.” Adding; “In today nothing remains constant. Industry bombards us with gadgets for profit but lack durability. Relationships no longer last long nor do vows taken by couples. Religion and family control are dead and dusted. life without discipline beckons criminality in adulthood.” This is my struggle to bring healthcare to rural Gambia. Despite pain I still will do whatever is needed to hold me committed to my goal for rural Gambia. I write to raise funds for building of Njawara village hospital.< Less

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Birth Log Book Birth Log Book By Emily Rumsey
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