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Getting Started with Matlab Simulink and Raspberry Pi By Agus Kurniawan
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This book helps you how to work with Matlab Simulink and Raspberry Pi. It provides simple ilustration and easy to follow. **TOC** 1. Introduction to Raspberry Pi 1.1 Raspberry Pi 1.2 Getting... More > Hardware 2. Matlab Simulink and Raspberry Pi 2.1 Matlab 2.2 Installing Raspberry Pi for Simulink Target 2.3 Running Raspberry Pi 2.4 SSH 3. Hello World - Matlab Simulink and Raspberry Pi 3.1 Hello World 3.2 Creating Raspberry Pi Simulink 3.2.1 Configuring Raspberry Pi LED 3.2.2 Configuring Data Type Conversion 3.2.3 Configuring Sine Wave 3.3 Running Simulink 4. Simulink with Raspberry Pi GPIO 4.1 GPIO 4.2 Preparation 4.3 Simulink with GPIO Write 4.3.1 Building Simulink Model 4.3.2 Testing 4.4 Simulink with GPIO Read 4.4.1 Creating Application for Arduino 4.4.2 Building Simulink Model 4.4.3 Testing 5. Simulink and Video Capture 5.1 Preparation 5.2 Creating Simulink 5.3 Testing< Less
Assimilating the Raspberry Pi By Warren Gay
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The first half of the book is a comprehensive reference about the Raspberry Pi hardware with Linux API introductions. The remaining half covers electronic interfacing projects. These projects... More > include GPIO, 1-Wire, I2C, stepper motor drivers and other simple hardware. Each project includes simple C language programs, downloadable from github.< Less
Microcontroller Programming for Engineers (5th Edition) By Harlan Talley
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The first chapters of this book introduce the reader to the concept of a microcontroller and lead him through the basics of C programming and a structured programming process. The following chapters... More > teach the reader to program and effectively use the 68HCS12 GPIO ports, A/D converters, timing system, PWM generators, and interrupt system. The final sections describe basic motor control algorithms and describe a distributed control system such as could be used in an efficient home environment control system. Each section includes copious examples.< Less
The BIG Book of Raspberry Pi By Alison Watson
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The success of the Raspberry Pi has opened the door to new ways of learning computers, electronics and programming. This book covers the Debian Wheezy, Fedora Remix, RISCO OS and Raspbmc operating... More > systems. It explains how to install, use and maintain each distribution. This huge book is divided into four parts and contains a 47 chapters covering topics from setting up the Raspberry Pi, installing the operating systems, hardware, learning the desktop environment, learning the command line interface, media centre, GPIO, PiFace and learning to program using Python and PyGame. You will also learn system administration including the MySql database, Apache web server and Wordpress. Later chapters will guide you through creating a game using Python and PyGame which includes character movement, sound effects, background images and music. You will also learn how to install and use the Geany IDE and Eclipse which will aid you when programming. You will learn how to use Spotify with the Raspberry Pi.< Less