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Pure Experimental Physics Without Theory B&W By James Carter
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This is a new and simple philosophy for physics and the measurement of matter and energy within a circlon shaped universe. Mass, space, time and gravity are combined into the single mechanical system... More > of Newton’s F=ma. This principle of measurement leads to a discovery of decreasing electron mass. By following the effects of this discovery back into our evolutionary past, a creation story of the universe is revealed that is illustrated by combining the Big Bang theory’s measurements with the electrodynamics of the circlon shaped electron, proton and photons. This creation model leads us first to the red shifted Hubble galaxies and then to the Dark Energy of supernovas. Eventually, we get to the time of the 2.7˚K Cosmic Blackbody Radiation and then to a Neutron Cloud era. Much earlier we reach the time when all of our electrons and protons were bifurcated from a single antineutron. This book is illustrated with many models, equations and charts that depict the evolution of the universe.< Less
Timekeeping: Explore the History and Science of Telling Time with 15 Projects By Linda Formichelli, W. Eric Martin
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Illustrated by Sam Carbaugh. Timekeeping: Explore the History and Science of Telling Time travels through the past and into the future to explore how humans have measured the passage of time. From... More > ancient civilization’s earliest calendars and shadow clocks to GPS and the atomic clocks of today, kids will track the evolution of timekeeping devices, meet the inventors of calendars and clocks, and learn interesting facts and trivia. Hands-on projects and activities include making a shadow clock, using a protractor to create a sundial, measuring time using water, and creating your own calendar. Kids will understand how civilization’s vague abilities to track days and months has transformed over the centuries into a sophisticated ability to keep time to the millionth of a second.< Less
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ON FEBRUARY 22, 2010, I gave myself 9 hours to create a 100-page book. The result: The first edition of Daedalus 9. I started from scratch. I didn't have a plan. All I had was a goal. And a... More > clock. Like a musician, I simply started to play. And guided by the Thelonious Monk principle, “There are no wrong notes,” I played until time ran out then sent the PDFs of the interior and cover to the printer. In this second edition remix, I reset the clock, giving myself more time to develop the book and clearly convey core concepts. Upshot? A GPS for all my future work: A Manifesto. JEF7REY HILDNER is an architect, a painter, and a writer. Author of Picasso Lessons, Garches 1234, and Henry Trucks—Painter, his award-winning work and his essays on the theory and practice of art appear in a wide range of publications, including Global Architecture Houses. He earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Princeton University. Profile:< Less
Plan2Nav Unleashed By Richard Fairman
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This is the first and only user guide for Plan2Nav the App produced by Jeppeson Marine that uses Cmap cartography The the app is free to download but lacks any user guide or documentation. Now you... More > have it and can for the first time unleashed Plan2Nav's potentional Plan2Nav Features The ultimate navigation and planning tool designed for any cruiser or boating enthusiast and all of you passionate about navigation on the water. Plan2Nav is an exclusive free App that includes an outstanding worldwide background chart so you can start planning your journey right away. Enjoy planning your cruise, set routes, look for marinas and show your friends the latest tracks from your last trip. View charts in perspective mode Enable the GPS to view Speed Over Ground (SOG) Course Over Ground (COG) Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) Time To Go (TTG) Download the free weather and see a five-day forecast overlaid on the chart North-up, Course-up: fully rotating visualization Distance Unit, Clock and Compass< Less