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Bindweed Magazine Issue 4: Waywind By Heavenly Flower Publishing - Authors
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Poetry by: Banoo Zan, Christopher Barnes, Diane de Echeandia, Frank de Canio, Gabriella Garofalo, Gareth Culshaw, G. Louis Heath, Joan Leotta, Kimmy Alan, Laurinda Lind, M.A. Schaffner, Michael... More > Brownstein, Michael Lee Johnson, Ojo Taiye, Ryan Lawrence, Sanjeev Sethi and Tom Montag. Fiction by: Brian Michael Barbeito, Gary Hoffman, Sean Daly and Toti O'Brien. Cover artwork by: Driss Tamdi Internal photography by: Leilanie Stewart Reader photographs by: Charles Rammelkamp, Paul Beckman and Olivier Cousin. Editor-in-Chief: Leilanie Stewart Editor's Sahayak: Joseph Robert< Less
New Albion: Common Sense II By Bruce Herring
Paperback: $19.95
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Are you thinking there’s something about our system that just isn’t right? Are you thinking there must be a better way to select our political leaders? Are you wondering how to get... More > there from here? Then read this book. Through an historical twist of fate, Bruce Herring has created a fictional present where participatory democracy is real. A present where political leaders do not have to be farcical pathetic figures. A present that offers solutions instead of tired clichés. Welcome to New Albion, a small city-state carved out of the United States. Meet Presidential candidate Gabriella Hunter Vallejo. Follow her on her visionary quest that represents nothing less than the next step in the evolution of human citizenship.< Less
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Bookish and withdrawn, Ping Ping is an angry and confused college exchange student from Hong Kong attending Emily Dickinson Liberal Arts College, an affluent party school. One fateful day the... More > disaffected student sets out across campus armed with assault rifle intent on a shooting spree when he is literally touched by the hand of a poet who has mysteriously traveled from the 67th century. Finding religion on the spot Ping Ping abruptly declares himself touched by the hand of Jesus Christ and sets out to seek Salvation. Soon joining him are the poet of the future himself a listless slacker whose sole ambition is simply never to go back to the future, the members of the up and coming rock band Swinging Poets well on their way to becoming the "next big thing" and the hotties of Alpha Omega sorority, hard partying brunette stoner Tori, and identical blonde twin sisters Daniella and Gabriella McGee whose destiny is to rule the world, or what's left of it.< Less
A Princess' Journey By Leon Joseph
eBook (PDF): $2.99
A Princess’ Journey: The Red Hood. Live the adventure, fantasy and suspense. The writer, Leon A. Joseph invites you to join Princess Naomi on her adventure in the fantastical world of the... More > flower imps. Meet Caribbean folklore characters like Papa Bois, Moongazer and the Pierrot Grenade who add mystery. Keep turning to discover the traitors to the king. In this harmonious flower imp kingdom, Princess Naomi revels in nature. Explore the birds and trees of her world. But lurking within are those filled with malice and jealousy, poised to uproot the kingdom’s peace. See how far King William must go to protect his kingdom. Uncover this new world through the remarkable illustrations done by Gabriella D’Abreau. Edited by Sarah .A. Boodram, this story offers opportunities for children to both learn and delight in reading. The Princess’ Journey: The Red Hood is an educational tool for children. Sit back and allow the narrator, Alicia Haynes, to unveil the mystery of the Red Hood.< Less
Of All The Things I've Lost By Ivan Pasztor
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My name is Oid. I am an old and ailing Physicist, and Psychiatrist, who finds himself 72 years in the future. In this new perfect world, in which everyone is young, perfect, and beautiful, I am... More > befriended, at the Tesla Monument at Niagara Falls, by a beautiful young blonde woman who claims she is a Nun from 72 years still further in the future. Her name is Gabriella Vedette, but I call her Gabby. She likes to go to casinos and she likes to shop. She likes hockey and football. She likes to match wits with all of the Cyborgs, Replicants, Simulacra, and Artificial Intelligences that now manage the world. She lives simply in a deserted convent, and practices a form of “self-flagellation” with extremely high doses of electricity to prepare herself for what she calls “the day of reckoning”. She says she likes me because I am so wonderfully “imperfect”. And, I almost forgot, she likes to blow things up. She says she was sent from the future “to make certain corrections”.< Less
The Garden Gildemer Episode One By A.S. Oren
eBook (ePub): $0.00
Gabriella Hansforth has been a servant her entire life, paying off a debt she doesn't want, all so her twin sister can receive the education that she herself begged her parents for. Her sister... More > didn’t want to learn the way she did. After her parents die from a plague, her Nobleman master ships her off to the same school her sister resides at so that she can pay off her family’s debt working there. As one of the lowest servants, she doubts her life will become anything she wants it to be, but at least she has Amon, one of the higher servants, to dream about. A part of her hopes he feels the same way. Nevertheless, her desire to learn still calls out to her even though she is forbidden to ever receive an education. Her parents made that choice for her. What will happen when she tries to impersonate a student, an act punishable by death without trial? Set in the world of Gates.< Less
Shades of Love By R.M. Simone
Paperback: $13.99
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SHADES OF LOVE is part of a trilogy that takes the reader to NYC and the life of a budding author, Gabriella Savannah Trudeau. A beautiful 25 year old with a clear head on her shoulders and focused... More > on her goals as a writer and publishing dreams. She is the complete package of a young woman set for career goals and aspirations fueled by an amazing drive to go for her visions. She meets Mr.Perfect 29 year old Tristan-here is what happens. When you walk into a photo shoot, just filling in for a model girlfriend and you see it is staged like a movie set of FIFTY Shades and you are ready to TURN AROUND and WALK OUT. He was standing there WAITING for this, for you, and grabs you. HE IS NOT letting you go. What plays out in this story will captivate and fascinate you and break open your Dreams that a STORY like this can happen and when it does, it just may be the END ALL YOU NEVER SAW COMING. R.M.Simone' Enchanted Love stories or Eros and Psyche. Warmly Writing on Roshandra< Less
Shades of Love PASSION book 2 By R.M. Simone
Paperback: $13.99
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Shades of Love - PASSION by R.M.Simone' Book 2 in the Fifty ride... Gabriella and Tristan move into the intimacy of this Tantra between them now. What is TANTRA? She is finding that there lovemaking... More > has taken on the experience of giving her VISIONS and new highs of energy which is her Kundalini Rising. It creates such a connection that now if they are apart for too many days, Tristan is feeling off his usual balance. She is dealing with her own issues of the boundaries and personal space. This strong attraction between the sacred sexuality is what is presenting in VEDIC Terms a Yoni-Lingam bond. Her heart is opening and maybe she is now falling into love with him and for the first time. Her writing is taking on a new level too and her assignment now is to write a BDSM book to test the market. Can she? Her genre is clearly romance and love stories. PASSION opens many doors for this relationship and their Hearts. A heady mix of Love and Sacred Tantra Sexuality. Roshandra warmly writing on. Author R.M.Simone< Less
Body & Soul By Sorelle lumiere
Paperback: $23.17
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La mostra nasce dal desiderio di raccontare attraverso la nostra personale interpretazione, il corpo e l’anima del mondo, delle cose animate e di ciò che è apparentemente... More > inanimato, per mostrare ciò che è invisibile ai nostri occhi, ma che si manifesta nella forma immutabile dell’istante fotografico. Durante l’inaugurazione, la presenza di una musicista accompagnerà i visitatori nel percorso dalle fotografie/corpo verso l’anima/linguaggio che la nostra collettiva propone. Caratteristiche tecniche La mostra consiste in 40 fotografie di diverso formato, stampa su forex, in b/n o a colori,un pannello con la presentazione del Gruppo. Fotografie di: Lia Attanasio, Gabriella Carlei, Simona Carli, Carolina Cavaterra, Elisabeth D’Amico, Verena Grottesi, Elly Murkett, Francesca Nuzzo, Daniela Ortolani, Patrizia Urbinati.< Less

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