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Addicted to Gambling? By Pearl Johnson
eBook (PDF): $1.61
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This is a motivational booklet to help you take control of your gambling.
Slot Machine Gambling Addiction By Michelle Tee
eBook (PDF): $8.00
Learn about the dangers of slot machine addiction. See why this is called the "crack-cocaine" of gambling addiction
Confessions of a Gambling Addict By Rainier H Rabe
eBook (ePub): $3.00
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This book is an honest man's account of his struggle with gambling and the effect that it had on the author. This book is recommended for anyone who wants to understand a gambling addiction and its... More > destruction.< Less
Gambling Addiction Cure: Learn How to Overcome Your Gambling Addiction Problem By Anton Devlin
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Do you want to find out a proven strategy on how to overcome gambling addiction and problem gambling for life? Most people suffering from Gambling addiction realize at some point in their life that... More > they're throwing away their finances and destroying their family's future through this destructive habit. However, they are unable to change their addiction because it's been part of them for such a long time. If you are suffering from gambling addiction or problem gambling and haven't been able to overcome it no matter how hard you have tried to do so, then it might be because you are lacking an effective strategy and haven't yet changed your associations to your gambling addiction. Gambling Addiction Statistics Recognizing Your Gambling Problem Treatment Options For Gambling Addiction Overcoming Gambling Addiction Helping Family Members With A Gambling Problem Relapse Start by taking action now. Download this book, "Gambling Addiction Cure", for a limited time discount of only $1.99!< Less
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Stop Your Gambling Addiction Immediately By V. T.
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Are you gambling too much? You know you and your love ones are suffering from your frequent gambling habits? It's turning into an addiction that you can't seems to stop? Don't worry, you are not... More > alone. Many people in the world are suffering from gambling addiction. Once you are hooked, that's it. You need lots of motivation to really end it. This ebook compiles tons of tips from REAL gamblers around the world who managed to put an end to their gambling habits. They lose much more than money in the end, and don't let that happen to you. If you feel you are hopeless, get this ebook right now, follow the steps and start working on it. It can save you and your family.< Less
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Life Without Gambling - How To Overcome Addiction By Grzegorz Teodorczyk
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Pathological gambling is one of the most frequently occurring behavioral disorders, which is to be treated just like any other addiction. In this unique guide you can find practical information... More > concerning the most popular gambling games, as well as their influence on your psyche and behavior. This publication answers the questions that most frequently bother compulsive gamblers and their family members – where is the boundary between the convivial playing and pathological gaming, what are the phases of gambling addiction, and what behaviors indicate a growing problem. The following work, clearly and transparently, will guide you through the problem of gambling addiction and inform about the degree of susceptibility to pathological gambling and the personality traits that increase the individual risk.< Less
Gambling addiction with PC-/console- and online games By Chris Wolker
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Gambling addiction has grown to a global problem. Children, teenager and adults are themselves affected by the disease or concerned with. The companion explains how addiction develops from a... More > seemingly innocuous phenomenon to a serious problem. There are specialists who know really exactly how to integrate triggering addiction factors into game systems. These people are called in the book MAGICIAN. Their magic, however, I reveal to you completely. I will mediate an effective self-defence course to you, with which you can take this magic in a stranglehold. You step out of the ring of addiction as a winner. Yes, become a winner! But in your life. No longer in a game. I wrote this book that you get your life into the grip again. If you respect it, THEN YOU WILL MANAGE IT! Walk this road. It's worthwhile for you and all the concerned people around you. I accompany you step by step.< Less
The Gambling Monster By Zahid Ameer
eBook (PDF): $1.99
A person who is addicted to gambling will lose control over their life. It may begin as a slow process, but eventually it will be a full blown addiction. Gambling addiction is no different than any... More > other addiction. Fair enough, it may not be physically addictive such as heroin is but it is still mentally addictive. It can get to a point where all a person can think about is gambling. People who are addicted to gambling will begin trying to make bets on everything they can, even small pointless things. Gambling addiction is the same as any other addiction in the sense that it pulls the wool over people’s eyes and makes them lie to their selves about how bad their problem has become. If you or somebody you know has a gambling addiction it is extremely important that it gets taken care of and addressed before it completely takes over. + Gambling Addiction Basics + Make the Decision Daily Not To Gamble + Examine the Benefits of Quitting + Change Your Surroundings + Stay Busy + Seek Help< Less