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Goodbye Gandhi By Mélanie Talcott
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Exit le Taj Mahal, le nirvana et autres foutaises pour touristes en mal d’imagination. C’est à une plongée plein pot dans la crudité de l’Inde à laquelle... More > nous convie Mélanie Talcott. Sous couvert de l’enquête policière déclenchée par le meurtre d’une grande figure de l’humanitaire, l'auteur nous immerge dans une Inde moderne et moins attrayante que l'image classique que l'on en a : celle de la corruption ordinaire, de la violence, des meurtres, de la prostitution, de l’humanitaire travesti en tourisme sexuel. Un livre sans complaisance, mais d’une tendresse caustique et un excellent thriller.< Less
A new way of Understanding Gandhi & Vedas By Prof.Arya Bhushan Bhardwaj
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The book lays out many of the ideas that had grown and ripened inside of Gandhi during the fifteen years since he had undergone a life-changing incident when he had suffered the humiliation of being... More > insulted and thrown off a South African train because of the color of his skin. The incident shook him deeply and set him on a lifelong quest for Truth both on an individual and societal level.< Less
M. K. Gandhi: A Life Divine By College Guide World
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Gandhi led Indians in protesting the national salt tax with the 400 km (250 mi) Dandi Salt March in 1930, and later in demanding the British to immediately Quit India in 1942, during World War II. He... More > was imprisoned for that and for numerous other political offenses over the years. Gandhi sought to practice non-violence and truth in all situations, and advocated that others do the same. He saw the villages as the core of the true India and promoted self-sufficiency; he did not support the industrialization programs of his disciple Jawaharlal Nehru.< Less
2013 Shift - Who killed Gandhi? By Klaudio Zic
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#2014shift The Venusian cycles as encapsulated within the present Aeon of Cetus range from Hydra to Cetus and Scutum to Pegasus. 2014 stands for Scutum while 2017 stands for Pegasus. • Sun in... More > Virgo for Halloween • Nov 23 Sun in Libra – Sai Baba birthday • 2013 Uranus in Cetus 2012 • 2014 Venus in Scutum • 2017 Venus in Pegasus ^^< Less
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Collection of speeches and articles by Mahatma Gandhi of India.
Love & Wartime By Sunnah'fah Gandhi
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The first poetic novella from Sunnah'fah Gandhi, tells the story of a boy turned soldier. Explores the troubling nature of war and the toll it takes.
Indian Home Rule By M. K. Gandhi
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Hind Swaraj or Indian Home Rule is a book written by Mohandas K. Gandhi in 1909. It is a book in which he expresses his views on Swaraj, Modern Civilization, Mechanisation etc.Mohandas Gandhi wrote... More > this book while traveling from London to South Africa onboard SS Kildonan Castle between November 13 and November 22, 1909. In the book Gandhi gives a diagnosis for the problems of humanity in modern times, the causes, and his remedy.< Less
The Repiblik of Love By Sunnah'fah Gandhi
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Sunnah'fah Gandhi's follow-up and second in a trilogy, The Republic of Love advances on the themes set out in Love & Wartime. An epic journey through the ages. The Republic of Love contains and... More > magnifies the struggle between Man and Time.< Less
Indian Home Rule By M. K. Gandhi
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FOREWORD I have re-read this booklet more than once. The value at the present moment lies in re-printing it as it is. But if I had to revise it, there is only one word I would alter in accordance... More > with a promise made to an English friend. She took exception to my use of the word 'prostitute' in speaking of the Parliament. Her fine taste recoiled from the indelicacy of the expression. I remind the reader that the booklet purports to be a free translation of the original which is in Gujarati. After years of endeavour to put into practice the views expressed in the following pages, I feel that the way shown therein is the only true way to Swaraj. Satyagrah—the law of love is the Law of life. Departure from it leads to disintegration. A firm adherence to it leads to regeneration. } BOMBAY, 28th May, 1919. M. K. GANDHI.< Less
The Social Resource - Translating Social Media into Business By Sharad Gandhi & Christian Ehl
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The Social Resource is our network of friends, family, peers, business colleagues, partners and customers. The Internet has transformed the way in which we access our social resource. Social media... More > has transformed its value and usage. We are now able to maintain instant and worldwide relationships with a much larger number of people than ever before. This book elaborates on how we can leverage this social resource for our business advantage in almost all areas – product development, branding, hiring, market intelligence, customer service, partner management, marketing and sales. This book shows how best to use and benefit from this transformative new resource.< Less

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