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Amber grows up carefree and content with her mother in their cosy home The Gatehouse. Happy childhood days played out in the wood and the garden of The Big House away down the drive, a place to which... More > she is always enticed, but forbidden to play, and always warned to stay away. Befriended by a gypsy boy the beguiling Jem, Amber is told she is always watched over, and never alone. Why are these words foretold? Amber’s dreams of entering The Big House are at last fulfilled by a chance encounter with an elderly gentleman out one day in the wood; a key is given, in exchange for her silence; a secret. What secrets will she unlock? Why does she never feel alone? So Amber’s journey begins. Can Amber unlock the past family love, or a family lost? Can Amber lay the past to rest and in doing so bring back the love and maybe find a love of her own? But above else all can she lay a restless spirit to finally rest in peace?< Less
Publishing Experiement no.1: Soup for Stories By Cally Gatehouse
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An Expriment On Wednesday 9th of Febuary a group of 16 students got together in the MA Communication Design studio with the purpose of telling stories with pictures or pictures and words. Why? To see... More > what would happen! I had already run a similar experiment to produce and publish a book in 40 seconds and I wanted to see what could be done in the slightly less frantic time of 2 hours. But why the soup? Well, just as there is no such thing as a free lunch, there is no such thing as a free story so I exchanged one for the other. The recipe can be found on the back cover if you want to try and replicate the experience. I would like to thank everyone who took part; I literally couldn’t have done it without them. Cally Gatehouse, February 2011< Less
The Kaci Bell Mysteries By John Gatehouse & Dave Windett
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Life is never quite normal in Bluewater Cove, California! When high school students turn into super-powered freaks and go on a crime spree, the authorities are powerless to stop them. But where... More > did these super teens come from? And how did they gain their god-like powers? Determined to solve the mystery, 16 years old Kaci Bell enters a dark world of science gone mad. With danger and death shadowing her every move, she may not live long enough to discover the shocking truth!< Less
Trick or Treat By John Gatehouse & Dave Windett
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Young Neela Nightshade dreams of becoming a famous reporter. Town gossip has it that creepy Monster Mansion on top of Gallows Hill is haunted. Investigating for herself, Neela discovers that the... More > stories are all true…! And when the terrifying Monsters in the Basement escape, nothing can stop them from destroying the town…! Aiiiiieeeee!< Less
The Green Helicopter By Ian McFarlane
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A stormy day in Gatehouse and Callum Finn sets off on a rescue mission with his friends.
The Red Jet - Callum Finn Goes Flying Again By Ian McFarlane
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After his first flying adventure in Scotland, Callum Finn bought himself another model airplane and came up with ideas for a new story. But there was a piece missing! See if he finds it and what... More > happens on the way in this colourful, fun-packed children's adventure.< Less
B1 - The Tumbled Towers By John Stater
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What secrets lie beneath the ancient gatehouse of the infamous Black Baron? Only the bravest dare find out. A Blood & Treasure adventure for characters levels 1 to 2. Compatible with most old... More > school fantasy games.< Less
Sturstone Hall By Elaine Chong
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Sturstone Hall. It sits on the brow of a low hill in a gently undulating Essex landscape, blackened and broken, stubbornly refusing to give way to nature, nursing its secrets, and waiting for the... More > one… But change is coming. Colchester hotelier Helen Whelan is restoring the gatehouse to the Hall, persuaded by her husband, Carl, that it will be a new home for them: a place to start a family and perhaps a different life. When she begins to experience strange, psychic visions, Helen decides to consult university parapsychologist, Doctor David Barton. The meeting sets in motion a sequence of events, which will change her life forever.< Less
A Face in the Mirror, a Hook on the Door: An Anthology of Urban Legends and Modern Folklore By Kate Garrett & Charlotte Aspin
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A Face in the Mirror, a Hook on the Door is made up of twenty-seven poems and flash fiction stories inspired by urban legends and modern folklore. They take you from Spring-heeled Jack in the 1890s,... More > to the mid-20th century's ghostly hitchhikers and alligators in sewers, to current internet memes about T-Rex's tiny arms, hitting every bump along the way. Featuring work by Neil Fulwood, Susan Castillo Street, Sarah Peploe, Megan Crosbie, Simon Williams, Emma Lee, Agnes Marton, Kathy Istace, Anush Ter-Khachatryan, Anne Milton, David Subacchi, Brent Royster, J.D. Smith, Maggie Mackay, Robert Kibble, Carys Crossen, Paul McMahon, Brian Kirk, Alexander Velky, David Rae, Victoria Gatehouse, Nina Lewis, Stephen Watt, Alexandra Carr-Malcolm, Angela Topping, Rosemary Badcoe, and Helen Ivory< Less
From Tent to Castle By Harley L. Sachs
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Setting off from Stockholm, Sweden on rebuilt one speed bicycles, Harley and Ulla embarked on an open-ended honeymoon with no fixed destination and equipped with a tent, a thin double sleeping bag, a... More > tiny gasoline stove, and $3000. After arriving in Britain, Ulla discovered she was pregnant. Tired of unrelenting rain, they advertised for a cheap place to spend the winter. They were offered the gatehouse to Borthwick Castle outside Edinburgh, Scotland for $25 a month by British author Theo Lang. Now a historical document from the mid 20th century, this memoir recaptures a time past that can be recovered only through reading books like this. (With preview of another memoir, "Chilly-Chilly-BANG! How we Freelanced Through Europe's Coldest Winter in a VW with a Kid.")< Less

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