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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight By The Gawain Poet
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This edition of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is translated into modern English by Jessie L. Weston and includes annotations on the text as well as an essay on Alliterative Style by Mark Lord.... More > Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is one of the greatest poems written in Middle English, comparable with Chaucer, but from a different tradition and written in a different verse style and dialect of Middle English. This narrative poem concerns the bravest of Arthur's knights, Sir Gawain, who is challenged by the mysterious Green Knight.< Less
Strange Country: Sir Gawain in the moorlands of North Staffordshire, an investigation By David Haden
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This book makes a clear case that one of the most famous works of English literature, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, belongs to North Staffordshire. Obvious new candidates for both the... More > Gawain-poet’s patron and Bertilak's castle are suggested, and these are found to fit naturally and almost exactly when compared with the expected dates of the poem, the features of the castle, the known dialect locations, and the patron's likely social status and life-story. A wealth of surrounding detail is also explored, such as: the history and role of the King’s Champion at the royal coronation; English contacts with full-blooded paganism during the Prussian crusades; the two lavish medieval courts at Tutbury; and the rich history and poetry of the Manifold Valley and the Peak. This 220-page book is lavishly illustrated and copiously referenced with footnotes. There is a bibliography and index.< Less
The Pearl By Sophie Jewett
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The "Pearl Poet", or the "Gawain Poet", is the name given to the author of Pearl, an alliterative poem written in 14th-century Middle English. Its author appears also to have... More > written the poems Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Patience, and Cleanness; some scholars suggest the author may also have composed Saint Erkenwald. Save for the latter (found in BL-MS Harley 2250), all these works are known from a single surviving manuscript, the British Library holding Cotton Nero A.x. This body of work includes some of the greatest poetry written in Middle English. The Pearl Poet remains unidentified. Some scholarship has argued to assign the poem to one John Massey, a member of the landed gentry from Cheshire. This attribution of the poems of Cotton Nero A.x is not widely accepted, however, reflected in the ongoing use of the labels "Pearl Poet" or "Gawain Poet."< Less
Pearl (Full Colour Version) By Giles Watson
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A new translation of the fourteenth century Middle English poem, with colour photographic illustrations by the translator.
Pearl By Giles Watson
Paperback: $9.29
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A new translation of the fourteenth century Middle English poem. (Please note: although the illustrations are in colour in the preview, they are black and white in the printed copy.)
Knight with Lion By Oscar Bernal
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INTRODUCTION Chretien De Troyes has had the peculiar fortune of becoming the best known of the old French poets to students of mediaeval literature, and of remaining practically unknown to any one... More > else. The acquaintance of students with the work of Chretien has been made possible in academic circles by the admirable critical editions of his romances undertaken and carried to completion during the past thirty years by Professor Wendelin Foerster of Bonn. At the same time the want of public familiarity with Chretien's work is due to the almost complete lack of translations of his romances into the modern tongues. The man who, so far as we know, first recounted the romantic adventures of Arthur's knights, Gawain. Yvain, Erec, Lancelot, and Perceval, has been forgotten; whereas posterity has been kinder to his debtors, Wolfram yon Eschenbach, Malory, Lord Tennyson, and Richard Wagner.< Less
Making Peace in Our Time (Deluxe Edition) By Mary-Anne Vetterling & Joan F. Hallisey
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Brief Contents: H.R.ANDRETTA. The “Salt” of Peace* P.ANDERS. George Eliot* B.BAKER. Ian McEwan & Seamus Heaney* R.W.BELAIR. C.S. Lewis* B.BRADY,OP. The Gawain Poet* M.BUCK. James... More > Renwick* M.D.CORNELL,RDC. Evolving a 21st Century Image of God* C.D.DENNY. Browning* M.G.DITMORE. Crèvecoeur* P.ELLIOTT. Samuel Butler* C.FAHY. Wendell Berry* A.GRASSO,CSC. O’Connor & Levertov* D.K.HOLLENBERG. Levertov & Avison* D.KENNEDY. Dorothy Day* E.LUX. Shusaku Endo & Hosseini* M.MANGLITZ. Eliot & Snyder* K.K.MARKS. Odyssey 14* R.McPARLAND. Thomas Merton* C.MEADE,CSJ. Catherine of Siena* M.C.MEANEY. Brideshead Revisited* I.RENFRO. Ostrovsky & Chekhov* M.SMITH. Guillevic (1907-1997* J.SYVERSON-STORK. Cervantes* J.THOMAS. Toni Morrison* T.VERRONE. Frank McGuinness* C.WARRINGTON. Hawthorne* L.L.WILKINS. C. S. Lewis* C.A.WILLETT&A.GRADY,CSJ. Tomorrow Survives*< Less
Making Peace in Our Time By Mary-Anne Vetterling & Joan F. Hallisey
Paperback: $12.58
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Brief Contents: H.R.ANDRETTA. The “Salt” of Peace P.ANDERS. George Eliot B.BAKER. Ian McEwan & Seamus Heaney R.W.BELAIR. C.S. Lewis B.BRADY,OP. The Gawain Poet. M.BUCK. James... More > Renwick M.D.CORNELL,RDC. Evolving a 21st Century Image of God C.D.DENNY. Browning M.G.DITMORE. Crèvecoeur P.ELLIOTT. Samuel Butler C.FAHY. Wendell Berry A.GRASSO,CSC. O’Connor & Levertov D.K.HOLLENBERG. Levertov & Avison D.KENNEDY. Dorothy Day E.LUX. Shusaku Endo & Hosseini M.MANGLITZ. Eliot & Snyder K.K.MARKS. Odyssey 14 R.McPARLAND. Thomas Merton C.MEADE,CSJ. Catherine of Siena M.C.MEANEY. Brideshead Revisited I.RENFRO. Ostrovsky & Chekhov M.SMITH. Guillevic (1907-1997) J.SYVERSON-STORK. Cervantes J.THOMAS. Toni Morrison T.VERRONE. Frank McGuinness C.WARRINGTON. Hawthorne L.L.WILKINS. C. S. Lewis C.A.WILLETT&A.GRADY,CSJ. Tomorrow Survives< Less

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