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Dead Generation By Ian Donnell Arbuckle
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Dead Generation and Others is a collection of stories by Saltboy founder Ian Donnell Arbuckle. Roughly half of the stories have been previously published in such fine journals as Bewildering Stories,... More > Full-Unit Hookup,, Kenoma, Lost in the Dark, Wanderings, and The Drabbler. Ian has had an illustrious career writing fiction such as this sentence. He started out as a child, narrating tales of vicious bears that tip over family vans when he was three. There is taped proof of this. The same year, he volunteered to play the bear at his church's nativity, possibly becoming Jesus' first and only ursine witness. Since then, Ian has removed his bear suit except for at parties and writes about vicious ghosts, zombies, dogs, gods, astronomical phenomena, fates, and parents, and just now realizes that he hasn't written about the family van in quite some time.< Less
The Next Generation By Ethan Sarem
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The story of Homo differentia… The Next Generation Who or what are Homo differentia? Are they human? Not quite… They are the first of their kind, a human subspecies born in a lab. They... More > are hybrids, human form with nonhuman abilities… Describes them in a nutshell. There is more to them than meets the eye… The lab where Homo differentia are born is somewhere humans rarely tread, if ever. Few know its whereabouts, fewer breach it… A secret to everyone, property of no one. The prototype is created here, and it is through his eyes the story unfolds. Outside the lab is a nature preserve, somewhere Homo differentia survive… even thrive! Like the lab, few know its location… Why? The fear of invaders prevalent, the threat of humans plausible. They are the villains, trying to exploit Homo differentia should they hear about him… They don’t know who they’re dealing with.< Less
Across Generations By Daria Sommers
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Across Generations: Modernism in 20th & 21st Century Southeast Asian Art accompanies the exhibition of the same name which features over twenty works from recognized post-World War II masters... More > like the Philippines' Hernando Ruiz Ocampo, Thailand's Chalood Nimsamer and Indonesia's Mochtar Apin as well as younger artists like Yoes Rizal, a protege of Mochtar Apin, and printmakers Kitikong Tilokwattanotai and Amarin Kantawong, from the collective Chiangmai Art on Paper (C.A.P.), who continue the innovative spirit of printmaking begun by Chalood Nimsamer. Also featured are selected works by American artist Joan Sommers who lived in Southeast Asia during the latter half of the 20th Century and worked with many of the artists in this exhibit.< Less
Generation Gap By Dada Bhagwan
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It is said that parenting is the most important role in life, as well as the one for which there is the least amount of preparation! It is only natural to wonder how to be a good parent, to seek... More > parenting advice, or to inquire into how to discipline children. Parenting teenagers requires the strongest parenting skills – and an almost endless supply of parenting tips. In the book “Generation gap”, Gnani Purush (embodiment of Self knowledge) Dada Bhagwan offers one of the most unique and best parenting books among the myriad of spiritual books available. Dadashri offers spiritual behavior modification techniques in support of good parenting and living for love in one’s family relationships. For anyone facing child behavior problems, undertaking teen parenting, or simply seeking a positive parenting program, this book will prove an invaluable resource.< Less
Pagan Generation By Luthaneal Adams
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A book presenting a detailed view of modern Paganism, featuring chapters on the different Pagan paths and how to follow them, including Wicca, Druidry, Heathenry, Shamanism and more. Pagan... More > Generation will also help you to construct a Pagan practice, relevant to the type of Paganism that calls to you. You'll find advise on how to construct your own rituals, create a shrine or altar, and the varied beliefs and practices of Paganism. You'll find information on how to honour the ancient Greek Gods, just like the ancient Greeks. You'll learn the ways of ancient Egyptian Paganism, as well as what the ancient Celts did and how you can do it, too. Plus, magic, how to use it and how it was used by the ancient Pagans. How to create sacred space and the ins and outs of group and solitary practice.< Less
Generations of Love By Amanda Johnson
Paperback: $7.00
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Family recipes
Generations Cookbook By Veronica Bonner
Hardcover: $30.90
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Just a simple cookbok that I made for my friends and family
Generations of Recipes By Valerie Schreiber
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family reminiscences in recipes.
Generation of cooking
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Most of the recipes are Italian and old southern cooking their bold flavors and easy ingredients make cooking fun with friends and family.I found that all of the recipes are simple and can also be... More > made elegant to prepare depending on how you want to make it your own.< Less
Generations of Love By Amanda Johnson
eBook (PDF): $0.99
Family recipes

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