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Foundations By Bermingham
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Colonel C. J. "Spike" Bermingham, himself a construction legend who commanded the bridging of the Rhine under fire in WWII, has here recounted stories of the larger than life men who worked... More > for and with Bermingham Construction from 1897 through 1939. Among the colourful characters brought to life are Spike's father, and his father's partner, "Big Bill" Forrest, a man of legendary stature, generosity and charisma - Ontario's Paul Bunyan. "Foundations" recounts their vital contributions to such massive works as the Crows Nest Pass for the CPR and the building of the Soo Locks. It tells of the ingenious engineering that solved the problem of how to protect Goderich Harbour from the fierce storms of Lake Huron. Light moments (such as the only known "tugboat tug-of-war" alternate with gripping tales of sea rescue and salvage on the Great Lakes. Spike's voice speaks authentically from the early 20th century of contests between men and the elements as they built Canada's infrastructure.< Less
Love Personified By Jill Ashby Woodward
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“Material blessings always come and are a great joy at the time they are received. In due time they grow old and tattered and are discarded. They are the source of temporary happiness, but... More > temporary only. True and lasting happiness is in our hearts. It is a peace of mind in the knowledge that we are doing God’s will and living the good life. Being happy is important to good health. Happiness can only be attained by a practice of good thoughts toward all mankind; good wishes for everyone and a true generosity with all our worldly possessions; for truly it is more blessed to give than to receive.” This is the true story of Dorothy Kelley Ashby, a devout Catholic, and her struggle for emotional peace, financial security and happiness for her Pearl Harbor-surviving husband and her family. Dorothy’s life was not a bed of roses! She had her challenges—some beyond her capacity to fix—yet she continued to endure and faced all things with charity, faith, and composed grace.< Less
(PEACE) WORDS By Roy Anthony Shabla
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Newly expanded edition. This is the most autobiographical book I have written thus far. It is a "portrait of the artist as a young vandal" complete with confessions of illegal... More > international activities. Updated with important, early blog entries on poets and poetry. It is also a moving story of finding one's artistic self in the world despite current trends and styles. The backdrop of the narrative is the peace, human rights, and ecology movements and it is a beautiful primer on the work of peace, protest, and public art. It is even more important and powerful during this time of lingering war. Karma yoga is selfless and benevolent activity ~ from personal acts of kindness, generosity, and hospitality to charity and activism in the world. This book documents a search for self through the personal journey of art and activism, graffiti and rebellion. (PEACE) WORDS is a highly engaging and motivational read. It will alter your perspective on the world.< Less
Camille Pissarro: Drawings By Daniel Coenn
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"Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing." Camille Pissarro Camille Pissarro was French artist, the only painter to show in all eight of... More > the Impressionist exhibitions between 1874 and 1886, and he is frequently considered as the "father" of the Impressionist movement. Throughout his life Pissarro remained as radical in artistic matters as he was in politics. The significance of Pissarro's work is in the sense of balance maintained between the conventional and the avant-garde. Pissarro's warmth and generosity made him an attractive to many French painters. He was especially favorites as teacher and friend to Gauguin, Cezanne, and Mary Cassatt. His son Lucien was also his pupil. This book represents Camille Pissarro in somewhat different from the traditional light - not as a painter with extraordinary sense of color, but as a draftsman with an incredible sense of forms and movement.< Less
I Still Miss You By Zouina Benhalla
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This book is dedicated to those who have had to endure the departure of a beloved one. I want to share my experience that death does not mean life is over. Love is generosity of heart and mind,... More > union of physical and spiritual harmony, the miracle of two in one. When my husband died, I ceased to function. I was lost, limbless, and lifeless. We had thirty three years of paradise on earth so it took two years and all of my strength to start living again. Through the unbearable pain of loss, I slowly came to remember that love, like art, never ends, both containing the seed of infinity. With will power, self discipline, altruism and faith, my love triumphed over death. Zouina Benhalla< Less
Icelandic Journals By William Morris
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William Morris was plump, unfit and relatively untravelled but his enthusiasm, grit and phenomenal eye for detail sustained him for six weeks in 1871 and a further two in 1873 through ‘the most... More > romantic of all deserts’. He kept very few diaries and the Icelandic Journals are the most complete. Written daily, in pencil, in small black-covered notebooks, they are unguarded, spontaneous and by turn discouraged and excited. He records wild flowers and wilder landscapes, spectacular sunsets, vast expanses of lava, magnificent waterfalls, dangerous tracks and rivers. He grew to love his indomitable ponies, bringing one back to England for his daughters. And he loved the Icelanders: priests, farmers, scholars and children. Their kindness, generosity and hospitality – despite their poverty – moved him greatly and had a profound effect on his political thinking. His journey included visits to many of the main Saga sites – a route that is still followed by lovers of Iceland and William Morris.< Less
Arrows from Wenzhou By David Lewis Paget
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If you'd like to know what it's like, living and working in China for twelve months, this is the book for you. Join the author on his forays into an alien culture, with no initial knowledge of the... More > language, and trying to deal in the most part with people who didn't speak his. Experience the frustration, the joys, the annoyances, the laugh out loud situations that arose on a regular basis, and by the time you've finished you'll want to go there yourself. Enjoy with him the downright good nature and generosity of the Chinese people, so little commented on in the west. Laugh along as you read student essays, in their desperate attempts to convert their 'Chinglish' into understandable English. There's much to recommend this book, even if it only helps to bridge the gap of misunderstanding between east and west. The book also contains the poetry that was inspired during the visit - you won't be disappointed.< Less
Secrets of The Bending Grove By N. Maria Kwami
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SHIKA AMENYO, a sensitive, inhibited woman from a respectable family, discovers that her cousin, SEFA GAMELI, has been keeping a terrible secret that is killing him. She embarks with him on a journey... More > that is replete with shocking family scandals, betrayal and deep loss, but also restitution. Shika's friends — MIYO, a fragile, unreachable soul, and SWEETIE, a shrewd spitfire on a mission — buttress her with much-needed support. The resilience of these three women comes from mastering the survival traits of the grove. They are bound by painful secrets from childhood that drive their relationships with the men in their lives: a pragmatist whose generosity will touch many women; a traitor hiding behind a priest's collar; an ambitious man living a lie in order to secure his career; and a green-eyed wanderer who must allow himself to be tamed if he is to obtain the one thing he desires from this foreign land.< Less
Intro to the Mystical Life By Abbot P. Lejeune
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IN order to avoid a misunderstanding to which the very title of this work might lead, it cannot be too forcibly stated that the Mystical Life is not with any infallible certainty the outcome of our... More > own personal effort, however rightly that effort may have been made. Let us suppose that a soul has realized all the proper conditions of recollection and generosity which we are about to describe, is it certain that the Mystical Life will result from such effort, as effect from cause? Certainly not, we shall presently hear the greatest mystical writers themselves declare that this life is the gift of God a gift which He makes to whom He pleases, and when He pleases; we shall hear them affirm that it is absurd to suppose that we can ever hope to win this grace for ourselves by our personal industry.< Less
Christ in the Home: Part III - Training By Raoul Plus
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A HOME ruled by the spirit of Christ is a happy home. It is also a school of virtue directed to spiritual transformation in Christ. It is the wise family who lets Him know they want Him always... More > present by striving to put on His mind and establish their family according to His principles. In such a home, husband and wife and children will enjoy gladness of heart, happiness in the fulfillment of duty, and intense union of souls. The strength and honor of the family come from union with Christ which gives power to manifest in daily living the beautiful family virtues of patience, energy, generosity, forbearance, cheerfulness, and mutual reverence with their consequent effect of peace and contentment. This book is an invitation to become worthy transmitters of Christ's life to their family. It is an invitation to fulfill the high purpose of their marriage: to help each other to sanctity and to rear saints for heaven; to possess Christ themselves as much as possible and to give Him to their children.< Less