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We're Only Human By Alyson King
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When Kennedy tries to start a new life by signing up for genetics testing that will give her super human powers, she encounters Mr. Jekell; the power hungry facility owner behind all genetics testing... More > for recruits. Soon enough she will find that the facility isn't what the TV commercials make it out to be. Join Kennedy and her friends as they discover their powers, uncover company secrets and try to find an escape from Mr. Jekell; that is, if they aren't tranquilized and captured by the man himself.< Less
A President 44 II By Jim White
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Barack Obama is not Barack Obama, he uses that name because he is the Bastard Son of Malcolm Little Aka El Shabazz Aka Malcolm-X had a Hex put on him Vex Effect Caught 15 Lead Angles of Mercy Not on... More > Him February 21, 1965 Audubon Ballroom Down Town Manhattan New York City, I Have Three Matching DNA PROOFS, Which will Withstand ALL Tests of integrity and proved his birth in Kenya WITH THOSE PROOFS, Coast Province General Hospital Mombasa Kenya, Three Copies from the Official Registrar in Kenya, and two Copies Same Document from England No COURT CAN IGNORE THE Evidence in Hand. I proved Barry Little Raped and Murdered No Less than FIVE YOUNG Women and disposed of the grisly Evidence. I proved the Liar Hypocrite Charlatan has a office DUE Caesar Holy Roman Emperor Before December 23, 2023, How, Global Financial Entity FORD Foundation Stanly Dunham worked for then managed by Peter Geitner father of Timothy Geitner Last Treasury Secretary – Murder by WIRE Neither Hire nor ever Failed Yet!!< Less
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GOD placed a book(s) inside of you call your DNA. This is your DIAKONIA REPORT. You must order your report today! In your genes is the codex or CODE. This code is a genetic code. INSIDE OF OUR... More > DIAKONIA REPORT you will discover that the conditions of your life are a direct reflection of your thinking, which iscreated by your name. As much as your name determines who you are, your birth date defines your innate purpose in life. It’s called your birth path—the route nature or GOD intends for you to take to cultivate your natural abilities and to develop your inner potential to the fullest. You will discover what you were meant to be, what to expect during the three phases of your life, and what careers you are ideally suited for, what environment or group you are more comfortable in and what type of relationship(s) suit you best.< Less
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Governance of Health Care Innovation By Maria Teresa Brancaccio
Paperback: $21.97
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This is the second collection of papers written by participants in the honours programme “Governance of Health Care Innovation” at Maastricht University. These papers cover a wide array... More > of research issues from the fresh perspective of recent graduates. Their narrative excursions introduce us to controversies and dilemmas in the governance of innovations in cardiac and orthopaedic surgery, neurorehabilitation, neuropsychiatric classification, genetic testing and manipulation, reproductive technologies, and the doctor-patient relationship.< Less
NutriGenomics - Personlized Medicine By Vasu. K Brown, MD
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We are at the dawn of a new age of personalized medicine. Just as Moore’s law transformed computing so, too, will the interpretation of the human genome transform medicine. We are moving from... More > the inefficient and experimental medicine of today towards the data-driven medicine of tomorrow. Soon, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, and most importantly, prevention will be tailored to individuals’ genetic and phenotypic information. It appears that nutrients and bioactive food components can influence epigenetic phenomena either by directly inhibiting enzymes that catalyze DNA methylation or histone modifications, or by altering the availability of substrates necessary for those enzymatic reactions. In this regard, nutritional epigenetics has been viewed as an attractive tool to prevent pediatric developmental diseases and cancer as well as to delay aging-associated processes. This book is meant as a guide for Health Care Professionals to implement Genetic SNP testing in their practice.< Less
The Luceros: Portrait of a Cebuano Family By Todd Cabrera Lucero
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A product of more than 20 years of interviews and archival research, this latest edition of the Lucero family history is the most complete documentation of the Lucero family of the Philippines.... More > Although meant to be a historical work, it is nevertheless written in an intimate and informal way to provide a more personal touch. A major change to this book are the new information on several of the members of the Lucero family especially those from the Spanish period. Also, this edition is the first to contain a discussion on the genetic genealogy of the Lucero line through the National Geographic genographic test that shows the male-line Lucero genetic ancestry. This history is still focused only on the life and times of the Lucero family from the municipality of Argao and the branches of the family scattered in most areas of Cebu and the Philippines. Though brief discussions are also made about the other Lucero families from Luzon and Samar, the focus of this book are the Argawanon Luceros.< Less
Beggar’s Choice By Patricia Wentworth
eBook (ePub): $6.00
A classic British mystery by the creator of the Miss Silver series. Recently fired, Car Fairfax is at the end of his rope when he lands an odd job. All he has to do is eat in stylish restaurants. His... More > dream job soon turns into a nightmare, however, as he sinks into a web of deceit. This novel isn't really a mystery at all, even less so than The Grey Mask. It is more or less a fairy tale of Depression-era London, with a disinherited and somewhat disoriented princeling as a hero, required by genetics and fate to go through various tests and trials, like Tamino in The Magic Flute, before he can regain his rightful place in the world.< Less
Squadron E.T. First Duty By Ryan Hague
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In 1996 the U.S. Government prohibited the creating of an anti extra terrestrial squadron being created. But the British and Japanese Governments disagreed and followed through with their plans. In... More > 1997 4 young infants were reported missing for a few weeks. This is believed to be the Squadron E.T. start. These young children were genetically modified and changed to become a human above all other humans. It is believed that these 4 children would not gain their powers and abilities fully until they reached the age of 18 and they had fully matured. Then they would be asked to come to Squadron E.T. unaware that they had been tested on many years before.< Less
Adam By William Conn
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…We are not born for ourselves alone…these are the words that compel a young Scottish boy in the cusp of adulthood to fend off an impending darkness that grows and threatens... More > humanity…a new species exists that yearns to end mans dominance on this planet…genetic manipulation has brought about the next stage in human evolution, but can one boy and his friends battle a supernatural force intent on reshaping humanity in its own image? ...Follow Adam on his journey as he faces his first great test in the battle against evil..< Less