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Mass Atrocity: Prevention and Response - A Mass Atrocity Response Operations (MARO) Workshop Report [Enlarged Edition] By Dwight Raymond & LGen the Hon. Roméo A. Dallaire, (Ret’d), Senator
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FOREWORD: LGen the Hon. Roméo A. Dallaire, (Ret’d), Senator Former Force Commander United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda - What the MARO Project proposes, and indeed explores in... More > considerable detail, is nothing short of a fundamental shift in thinking from the “whether” to the “how” of intervention. Mass atrocities are operationally unique; this important recognition has paved the path for MARO’s adoption into relevant military doctrine and its subsequent—and no less consequential— consideration at the top levels of policy-making. The Workshop convened in December 2010 was an essential step in addressing, among others, what Sarah Sewall called the “Inchoate Middle Ground” between mass atrocity prevention and response, a challenge being tackled presently at different levels and bureaus of the U.S. Government. While much progress has been made in addressing how to shore up this disconnect, much work remains.< Less
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My Story By Hagop Vartanian
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A Unique view of a Father's Struggle to reunite his family during the Armenian Genocide of 1915. This book is the actual Diary written by Hagop Vartanian translated into English.
Betrayal: The Promise Never Kept - Sample Edition By Shahan Natalie et al.
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Betrayal: The Promise Never Kept - A Hitherto Untold History of the Armenian Genocide - Sample Edition This is the sample edition with 6 complete chapters and related appendixes. The final... More > manuscript will have 30 chapters and over 700 pages. It can be pre-ordered at a discounted price at:< Less
In Search of a Soft Place By Shamaka Schumake
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This book was written at a time where I was finding softness an increasingly foreign concept. As a humanist, I found myself struggling to love my neighbor in truth, while I am experiencing genocide.... More > This book documents the journey I traveled to find love, compassion, and gentleness again, in snapshots of poetry and photography. The writing of In Search of a Soft Place renewed my faith in the liberating power of truth telling. I hope the reading of it, contributes to the healing of us all. Thank you for joining me on this journey.< Less
Never Ending Tomorrow - Extinction By Chris deGraaf
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Devastaded by the cruel realities of War I grieve for my lost friends and comrades. As I mourn I question myself and the fighting intensifies.What is it I am really fighting for and why?... More > Marik Delaney has gained political control of Second Wave , choosing to change the War from a violent conflict to a mass genocide. I must chose my side Before its too late to make a difference< Less
Hrant's Story By Sandra Aghababian
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Hrant's Story: A Journey to Survive is a true eyewitness account of one man's life and survival through the Armenian Genocide in Turkey during the early part of the 20th century. Traveling from... More > Kharpet to freedom, his journey symbolizes the courage and perseverance Armenians exhibited during this period. Hrant H. Russian recorded his story in Armenian on tapes during the last years of his life. Having defied death three times, he felt compelled to chronicle the events in vivid detail. His story has been translated and edited by his daughter.< Less
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What many of the authors in the book seem to have in common is the attention to the traumatic nature of certain places of the memory: theatres of wars (Janigro), or lines in the diary of a father,... More > who miraculously survived genocide (J. Altounian). In some cases, the victims of collective traumas, undergone in the home Mediterranean countries, take their dramas of migrants and refugees to analysts in the North of Europe (as in the case of Varvin and Papadopoulos). In other pieces (by Ritter and Halberstadt-Freud)the consulting rooms are places of the memory in which the analyst reflects on the subject of trans-generational transmission of collective guilt connected with Nazism and with the Shoah. In other contributions in this book, the places of the memory are those of the Middle East caught up in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. From different points of view, three authors, Gampel, Deutsch and Wirth, speak to us of places of the memory where the collective traumas unfortunately are still on-going .< Less
Black Moon: Dawn of a New Day By Jordan Shaw
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(Contains some language, prejudice, gore, heavy violence, and mentions drugs and breeding.) “Congratulations. You have just survived part one of the soon to be Great Amestus War.” ... More > “A war?” One of the lion anobi stepped forward. A quivering girl hung onto his arm and blood poured down from the left side of his face. “This is no war. This is genocide! War means resistance on both sides and we aren’t allowed to resist. Isn’t this what humans call murder?” “It isn’t to the humans,” Elienzerno responded calmly. “We ran and refused to die. They consider that to be resisting. The humans don’t believe it to be murder because murder is when humans kill each other. To them, we are lower than animals.” “But we have always been at peace with the humans,” a highly pregnant woman exclaimed. “Why would they start a killing spree with us?” “A human child was killed yesterday in the western side of Amestus,” Elienzerno answered. “He was killed by a rampaging bull anobi.”< Less

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My Wars My Wars By Richard Bushong
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Vein Book Vein Book By Eric Dohner
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