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Title: In the Land of Joys and Sorrows - Our Life in Burundi By Ivar Serejski
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This autobiography covers a period of eleven years of work and exciting experiences in Burundi as well as those that characterized subsequent visits made to this country. It also describes the... More > adventures that have marked the two trips made in East Africa during this eleven-year period at a time when travel to these distant African countries were not sanitized and provided thrilling challenges. These adventures cover the implementation of the first tea plantation of 1,250 acres in Burundi in the province of Muramvya near the Kibiru forest and the management of an experimental agronomic research plan in the plain of Imbo. They also include one of the rare witnessing of the terrible atrocities committed during the coup d'état of 1972.< Less
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A BULLY! Should I SPEW INK? by Susan Queue available at or ebay Category:Education & Language Description:An octopus, a hedgehog, and a chameleon examine alternative coping methods to... More > bullying. This book gives children a coping strategy or suggestions about how to handle a bully. It also reinforces the notion of reporting to the appropriate authorities, Insurance Agents, and Teachers. It is important to handle bullies as early as primary school to prevent crimes against Humanity as the bullies age into Terrorists. If there were no bullies at all there would be no oraganized crime or war. It is too late when we are asking the United Nations to examine war crimes.< Less
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Trazendo esperança e demonstrando perdāo, esta simples, porém profunda história, fala da sobrevivência notável de uma mulher durante o genocídio contra... More > os tutsis em Ruanda em 1994. Uma homenagem à coragem de muitos que enfrentaram tamanho mal, o livro Sob sua mão poderosa fala da fidelidade de Deus e nos oferece um profundo reflexo do mistério do imenso amor de Deus por todas as pessoas. Immaculée Hedden e seu marido Richard, trabalhavam com a JOCUM (Jovens Com Uma Missão), e tem ministrado o evangelho na Inglaterra e em outras nações.< Less
Orel: From Hell to Heaven By Hachik Alexanian & Charles Alexanian
Hardcover: $39.95
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This novel traces three generations of an ethnic Armenian family, the Alexanians, in their quest for freedom.
Es war einmal in Kalergistan By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $20.18
Astrology is white as Venice: take hold of your |:|::| 2018 continent!
Cry Wolf By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $201.80
As Chaos transits Kalergi's natal Moon in Auriga... XAOC #Chaos transits #Kalergi natal #Moon in #Auriga #Astrology #Refugees #NWO #Illuminati #EU
Srebrenica: A Survivor's Story By Samir Karic
eBook (PDF): $2.99
It is an original art form in which comic book fans are introduced to the story of Srebrenica, the largest war crime in recent european history, told trough the harrowing fate of civilians who manage... More > to complete their path to salvation, surviving the greatest horror of war. This is an essential work because it connects the two worlds - the one in which the artist is faced with the challenge of creation, and the other one is the world of the reader.Story by Samir karić, ilustrated by Admir Delić.< Less
Mujaffar nager India Anti Minority Riots 2013 Sept , done by BJP ,Hindu To provide 272 Winning seats to BJP In 2014 Lok Saba =Sansad main elections like BJP got in 1994 and 1999 , during these riots the Minority leader th By Ruhel Chisty FRACI CChem A ,MRSC CChem A
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Mujaffar nager India Anti Minority Riots 2013 Sept , done by BJP ,Hindu To provide 272 Winning seats to BJP In 2014 Lok Saba =Sansad main elections like BJP got in 1994 ... More > and 1999 , during these riots the Minority leader those ask there people to defense them, self from killer Hindu mobs , huge population Hindu having with them arms guns swords ,from these killer the defense to your self is also called crime by this nation =INDIA, UP !!?? for this self defense also the UP corrupt jury corrupt court ,Police captured leader of Minority , of some party , mean in this 1.48 Billions Hindu voters Hindu nation , India , Non Hindu minorities can not self defense , them self ,from killer Hindu mob, if they did it will termed crime by Corrupt Hindu court, Corrupt Hindu constitute and corrupt Police !!?? means in direct this Billions Hindu voters nation wants from you< Less
Wolf's Hook By Rodney Marshall
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It was a sunny Saturday lunchtime in June 1944. Most of the inhabitants of a sleepy village situated in the ‘Free Zone’ of war-ravaged France were sitting down to a leisurely meal.... More > Without warning, an attachment of Das Reich soldiers (the elite force of the Nazi’s Waffen-SS division) arrived. Hours later, 642 defenceless people had been massacred; their homes were smouldering ruins. From these embers emerged life-affirming stories of survival as individuals defied machine-guns, snipers, explosives and burning buildings to escape the clutches of the deadly Wolf’s Hook (the Das Reich emblem). Wolf’s Hook is a factionalised account of the Das Reich attack on a hillside village. It recaptures the essence of what happened that day, using four first-person narrative strands: a waiter, a young boy, an SS soldier and a grandmother. Through their eyes we see the terrifying day unravel. Not suitable for readers under 12.< Less
Fraud, Famine and Fascism By Douglas Tottle
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Although written over 30 years ago, this book exposes the myth that the famine in the Ukraine and some other parts of the Soviet Union was deliberately caused,or was the result of collectivization.... More > New data has only confirmed this.< Less

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