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The German Armored Army By United States. Army
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MILITARY INTELLIGENCE SERVICE, WAR DEPARTMENT, Washington, DC SPECIAL SERIES No. 2, The German Armored Army, August 10, 1942 "The document here published is based upon a study made by the... More > French General Staff immediately after the armistice. A lost war never permits the leaders of a defeated Army to rest and demands insistent searching for the reason of the defeat, but victory breeds self- confidence and a disposition to rest content with precisely the tactics that once proved successful. The clarity and incisiveness of this document are evidences of its coming from a staff that has learned this lesson, though at tragic cost< Less
German Volkswagen By United States. Army
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TM E9-803 German Volkswagen 1944-06-06 "These instructions are published for the information and guidance of the personnel to whom this equipment is assigned. They contain information on the... More > operation and maintenance of the German Volkswagen as well as descriptions of the major units and their functions in relation to the other components of the vehicle.< Less
German Army Manuals of World War II By Charles Lemons
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This book is a listing, in English, of German Army Manuals which survived World War II and are available in libraries or Archives in the US and Europe. The manuals include Druckvorschriten, Heeres... More > Dienstvorschriften and Merkblatter. When possible, the repository of the manual is identified. The various printings of manuals is also noted, if known.< Less
Operations of Encircled Forces: German Experiences in Russia By U.S. Army
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Your units are surrounded: what next? This book was prepared by a committee of former German officers under the supervision of the U.S. Army's Historical Division. Among the contributors were former... More > corps commanders and general staff officers at corps, army, and army group level, who had extensive experience on the Russian front during the period 1941-45. In addition to discussing the tactical and logistical problems peculiar to operations of encircled forces, the authors take issue with Hitler's conviction that significant advantages can be gained by leaving isolated forces behind the advancing enemy lines. Rich in anecdotes, this volume was written by Germans from the German point of view and is presented without interpretation. Out of print since 1952, this edition is lavishly illustrated, including maps. This is not a facsimile reprint but newly typeset in a modern book design.< Less
German 88 mm Antiaircraft Gun Materiel By United States. Army
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There is included as much technical information required for identification, use, and care of the German 88-mm antiaircraft gun as can be ascertained from printed matter and the materiel on hand.... More > Corrections and additions to this manual will be published as the information becomes available< Less
A Little Garrison: A Realistic Novel of German Army Life of To-day By Fritz Oswald Bilse
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Fritz Oswald Bilse (31 March 1878 in Kirn, Rhine Province –... More > 1951) was a German novelist, playwright and a lieutenant in the Prussian Army. He also used the pseudonyms Fritz von der Kyrburg and Fritz Wernthal.Fritz Oswald Bilse was born in Kirn (present-day Rhineland-Palatinate, then Prussian Rhine Province), the son of a schoolteacher, and grew up in the towns of Kirn and Eisenach. He joined the Prussian army in 1896 and in 1900 was posted with the 16. Train-Bataillon at Forbach in Lorraine. He rose to instant notoriety with his novel Aus einer kleinen Garnison. Ein militärisches Zeitbild (1903). Excerpt from:< Less
Kriegshunden: Soldiers and Their Dogs in the Imperial German Army, 1914-1918 By Nicholas Efstathiou
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This is a short photo album containing 71 pictures of Imperial German soldiers and their dogs during the First World War. Kriegshunden also includes a very short introduction concerning dogs in war,... More > as well as a works cited page for that introduction.< Less
Headquarters Nights: A Record of Conversations and Experiences at the Headquarters of the German Army in France and Belgium By Vernon Kellogg
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In 1915, Kellogg was a pacifist and humanitarian working with relief organisations in war-torn Europe. By 1917, he wanted war with Germany, pursued to total victory. Headquarters Nights is the story... More > of his conversion. The Prussians told Kellogg how Darwinism justified war and offered the ultimate test for the ‘survival of the fittest’. Kellogg was shocked. This perverted Darwinism. It had to be resisted. Kellogg’s conversion was no easy journey. This offers an intimate study of one man’s transformation from an opponent of all wars into a firm advocate of one war. It will offer insight for modern thinkers about world events today.< Less
Army Zeppelins on the offensive By Leutnant Martin Lampel
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This short but important text was one of the very few contemporary works on German Army airships. It was first published in June 1918 under conditions of wartime censorship but with the apparent... More > approval of the Leutnant Lampel's superiors. Translated for the first time into English, it gives a good flavour of life on board a Zeppelin during flight, and the variety of theatres the German Army airships were deployed to. It includes brief descriptions of raids on Paris, London, Brest-Litovsk and Bucharest, as well as a transfer flight to the Balkan region.< Less
The German Campaign in Poland (1939) By Robert M. Kennedy
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Merriam Press Military Reprint MR30 (First Edition, 2015). Historical Study German Report Series, Dept. of the Army Pamphlet No. 20-255. The German attack on Poland precipitated World War II, making... More > the Polish campaign one of particular significance to the student of the 1939-45 conflict. The lessons learned by the German Army in its operations in Poland were put to use in the later campaigns against the western Allies, the Balkan states, and the Soviet Union. Poland also formed the testing ground for new theories on the use of armored forces and close air support of ground troops. The purpose of this campaign study was to provide the U.S. Army with a factual account of German military operations against Poland, based on source material from captured records then in the custody of The Adjutant General, Dept. of the Army; monographs prepared by a number of former German officers for the Historical Division, U.S. Army, Europe; and such Polish accounts as were available. 20 photos, 10 maps, 4 charts.< Less