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In Love's Defense By Lorraine Britt
Hardcover: $32.00
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Wilson Jasper McLaglen IV inherits three things when he loses his parents…his father’s partnership in the law firm he helped build, the stately Southern home he grew up in and the... More > family’s distillery. To the outside world it seems like he has it all. Except someone to share it with. Elyse Gibbs inherits two things when she loses her parents…a mountain of debt and her little brother. To the first year law school student, both are overwhelming…and it’s a losing battle she is fighting alone. When Wil McLaglen literally knocks her off her feet, it seems he could be the answer to her prayers. Instead she’s too proud, too headstrong, and she pushes him away. Will she let her pride get in the way of her heart? Wil wants to give her a future, to make her dreams come true, to give her a family. Now if she could only realize she truly is his dream, that her dreams are his dreams…if she could only let him make those dreams a reality, for them all.< Less
Love’s Dazzling Glitter By May Agnes Fleming
eBook (ePub): $4.00
A sequel to "Carried by storm" by May Agnes Fleming, author of "Wedded, Yet no Wife," "A Wonderful Woman," "Silent and True," "Norine's Revenge,"... More > "Carried by Storm," and many other ideal romances of American life ' published in the New Eagle Series. Excerpt: WITH the rising of the morning's frosty sun, Joanna's new life in the city may be fairly said to begin. It was rather late when she descended to the room with cooking stove, which was the kitchen, parlor, dining room, and children's sleeping room inclusive. The little black stove so superheated it that the windows were open, and two or three pots of hardy rose geraniums flourished on the sills. They made a pleasant spot of color to the country girl's eyes, with their vivid green leaves and pink blossoms. Sunlight found the room as tidy as lamplight. Mrs. Gibbs stood over a tub in the corner, washing, a little boy and girl of five toddled about, each with a doll made out of a bottle. This was the home scene that greeted Joanna.< Less
Slow Burn By J J Massa
Paperback: $12.49
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SLOW BURN J.J. Massa-- Old Friends, Evie and Gibb have known each other for more than a decade. It’s about time for these two longtime friends to negotiate a new relationship—hopefully,... More > it won’t be at the cost of the rest of their old friends. -- Teacher, Teacher; Krayton Vance and Vivian Talon had several things in common. They both worked for the public education system, they both decided to spend their Spring Break in Spain, and they’re both looking for a fling. The question is, what happens to them when the break is over?-- Dinner for One; What could be lonelier than dinner by oneself? Many things, as it turns out. Join Maura for a memorable evening of dinner, drinks, and meeting new people. It’s a meal she will always remember. -- Anything; Intoxicated by a beautiful voice and a meaningful song, centuries old vampire Amedeo Di Calibria searches to find the singer. He finds beautiful but emotionally frozen Alexa. Can he melt the ice around her heart?< Less
EmergingChurches.NL By Johan ter Beek
Paperback: $10.52
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De Emerging Church (EC) is niet de volgende hype uit Amerika. Het is een complete herbezinning vanuit theologie en cultuur op de betekenis en de organisatie van de kerk. De Emerging Church maakt... More > gebruik van moderne theologische inzichten, alternatieve vormen van kerk-zijn en staat in een kritische dialoog met de cultuur. In Nederland is de Emerging Church een onbekend fenomeen. Daarom wil ik je kennis laten maken met de negen kenmerken van de Emerging Churches volgens Gibbs en Bolger. Daarnaast worden er theologische zaken verklaard en Nederlands voorbeelden toegevoegd. Ook geeft dit boek unieke uitdagingen voor de kerk in Nederland. Omdat Emerging Churches in Nederland nauwelijks bestaan is er niet gekozen voor een vertaling van het boek van Gibbs en Bolger. Dit boek wil een aanzet geven tot het stichten van Emerging Churches in Nederland. Daarom is er gekozen voor meer theologische en culturele verdieping om Nederlandse Emerging Churches te helpen ontstaan.< Less
Deseada por el peligro By Melissa Hall
Paperback: $17.49
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Alanna Gibbs ha conseguido huir de sus secuestradores, volver a casa y despedirse de su mejor amiga ante una tumba vacía. Llena de ira y de presión, acepta el trato que le ofrece su... More > padrastro Ronald; Encontrar a su padre y recuperar el dinero que éste le robó al verdadero Vikram. Pero ella no podrá llegar hasta Gael sola, necesitará la ayuda de las personas que la alejaron de su vida cotidiana durante meses. Bloody no asume tener que reunirse con la chica que lo volvió loco. Aún así, intentará acercarse a Alanna incluso cuando ella está junto a su nuevo novio, Raymond, el cual no tardó en aparecer en la vida de ambos. ¿Podrán admitir que se desean por encima de todos los problemas que causó Gael y Shana? O, ¿Alanna seguirá sintiéndose traicionada por la persona que la secuestró y la deseó sin darse cuenta?< Less

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