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Camp Birchbark...1963 By Scott Stickney
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Jake Warren is a profoundly gifted, 11-year-old misfit who lives outside the Adirondack Park in Malone, New York. In the summer of 1963, after the sudden death of his father, Jake’s mother... More > sends him to camp in the heart of the Adirondack Park where he befriends three campers who are misfits in their own homes and schools as well. Penny Dausch, the 11-year-old daughter of an Adirondack Park Ranger and granddaughter of an Adirondack Guide, excels in art and history and has recently been inspired by Rachel Carson’s 1962 publication, Silent Spring, to save the environment for future generations while Ty Williams, the 11-year-old son of SUNY at Albany English professors, is gifted in English and speaks two other languages. Add 9-year-old Quinn Miller, who is already studying calculus and plays violin in local, regional and national competitions, and you have a quartet caught between childhood (age-wise) and adulthood (intellect-wise) that will make the typical summer camp experience anything but typical.< Less
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How Do You Live A Good, Quality, Positive Life? What is the Secret to a Joyful Life that Proceeds with Strength over the many Obstacles that we all must Face Every Day. A Life filled with... More > Meaning, Purpose and Satisfaction in which you Engage this Most Noble Journey of Self Discovery How do we Redirect Our Path and Redefine Our Priorities to Let the Light of Life Shine Inside of Us. Through a Lifestyle of Simplicity and Gratitude We Elevate Ourselves Above the Distracting Nonsense of Our Present Times to Gain a Fresh Perspective of What is Really Important. You Will Discover if you Expect Only the very Best that is What You are Going to Receive. You are a Miracle that will only once come to this Earth to Share Your Unique Gift… You are the Ultimate Inspiration!< Less
Caterpillar's Colour Quest By Tannis Calder
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Children, Parents and teachers alike will cherish this quest for colour and self discovery. In Caterpillar’s Colour Quest, a plain little caterpillar sets out on a quest of self-discovery. He... More > discovers the primary colours, but being a little cheeky, rejects the gifts of colours he is given and sets off to find ‘something different’. Eventually with the help of wise Ms. Rainbow, the little caterpillar comes to realize that the multitude of colours he seeks is already within him (the primary colours that he had already been given) and that he must take these gifts to create the new colours he seeks and become a beautiful butterfly. Caterpillar's Colour Quest is also a lesson on colour mixing and a great resource for any primary teacher. A lesson plan is available as a companion to the story.< Less
Happy Birthday Samantha By Anneka Jordan
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We all have gifts and talents whether we acknowledge them or not. All gifts and talents are significant and can come in many different forms. This story is about a little girl who helps her friends... More > realise their gifts all the while not even realising her own gift which is simply being a good friend and being there for others. Sometimes it’s the simplest of gifts that are the more special.< Less
Nulli Sekundus - 2nd to None (issue10) By Jackie Hill
eBook (PDF): $8.98
Monthly Ezine on Self-Growth. October 2011. Soul Connection. Inside: How important are your values? Get to know yourselves... Do you know what your natural gifts and talents are?
"Get the Picture?" The Advent Calendar Murders By AGT de Stafford
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A series of murders in a typical secondary school baffle the police who race against time, chasing clues left by email. Can they crack the clues before more students are killed? A short novel... More > written by pupils at de Stafford school as part of an Able, Gifted & Talented programme.< Less
Mindgames By Laura Parsons
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Fun and challenging activities for gifted children.
Confessions of a Middle School Nerd By Gabriella Webster
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In this fresh and relatable, "laugh-out-loud" novel, thirteen year old Kylie Wattson exposes herself as a klutzy, nerdy, awkward teenage girl with stories to tell and lessons to learn.... More > Through a series of quirky retellings, Kylie relates her goal of making nerdy an accessory, learning--in the end--that we're all a little nerdy, and that's okay. With witty intelligence, Kylie shares what she's learned about self-worth, acceptance, and individuality. "This is hilarious and fresh! I was literally laughing out loud!"-Christina Baker. "An easy and relatable read for kids of all ages. Anybody can find a little bit of themselves in this novel."-Robin Zaruba.< Less
The Way The Bee Sees By Rebecca Hyman
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This book is about a gifted bee whose differences set him apart from his peers. Before his classmates are able to see and appreciate his gifts, they think of him as lesser and tease him for being a... More > different kind of learner. He has to work hard to get others to see his gifts, and is able to do so with support from his father, Baba and the Queen bee. The gifted bee, Hongse finds himself on an unexpected journey which leads him to discover new, creative ways to develop his gifts and talents. Hongse and his classmates learn an important lesson about celebrating differences and accepting one another's unique abilities.< Less
Tumbleweeds Don't Sing By Anne Forester
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Tumbleweed loves to sing rock 'n' roll songs. Sharing his musical gift with others makes him happy. As he rolls along in the desert singing his tune, the desert animals he meets along the way tell... More > him, "Tumbleweeds don't sing." Tumbleweed begins to lose confidence in his talent. With the help of a wise owl, Tumbleweed learns the courage to share his gift with others. Join Tumbleweed on his journey in the desert as he becomes the best singer he can be!< Less

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