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"Giordano" es un drama tetral de inspiración histórica (Giordano Bruno), donde se escenifica el último día de este personaje, con su muerte en la hoguera.... More > Constituye una metáfora del poder ciego, que no se para en consideraciones cuando se siente atacado por la inteligencia.< Less
Who Mourns for Giordano? By Larry Ayres
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Humanist partisans try to preserve the last vestiges of free-thinking on Earth as the Church of the New Life becomes globally dominant. The only hope lies off-world in the colonies of the Trojan... More > asteroids, but that safety may be short-lived.< Less
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Storia di S. Giordano da Monteverde secondo abate di S. Maria di Pulsano
Amor ti Vieta (Intermezzo) for Trumpet & Piano. Sheet Music. By Umberto GIORDANO
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"Amor ti Vieta" (Love forbids you) from Fedora for Bb or D Trumpet & Piano or Organ. *** "Amor ti vieta" pour Trompette en Sib ou en Ré & Piano ou orgue.
The Heroic Frenzies By Giordano Bruno
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The Renaissance writers adapted the dialogue form to represent the culture they were creating, using it for numerous subjects: philosophy, ethics, politics, religion, the arts, the study of language,... More > and literature. The dialogue was an appropriate form for works which are at once serious, ironical, and critical. Giordano Bruno's Italian dialogues are a case in point. A discussion of the relationship between the human soul and the universal soul, concluding with the negation of the absolute individuality of the former. Bruno, making use of Neoplatonic imagery, treats the attainment of union with the infinite One by the human soul and exhorts man to the conquest of virtue and truth. Giordano Bruno was an Italian Dominican friar, philosopher, mathematician and astronomer. His cosmological theories went beyond the Copernican model in proposing that the Sun was essentially a star, and moreover, that the universe contained an infinite number of inhabited worlds populated by other intelligent beings.< Less
Age Doesn't Determine Wisdom By Samuel Giordano
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12 principles that will allow you to acquire wisdom and success beyond your years
Really, Come On America! By Anthony Giordano
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Really? Come On America! is a collection of photographs taken at an Auto Repair shop in the good ol' US of A. What started out as a Facebook post, turned into a game of "Guess The Vehicle"... More > where friends of Anthony attempted to decipher the Make/Model of the car on the customer information form. Initially, the responses to Anthony's posts consisted of, "That's impossible, no one spelled it that way!" Eventually everyone realized that Anthony wasn't just writing these cars himself, people really were spelling FORD incorrectly. The comments under each picture were influenced and shaped by the friends who responded and captures the Facebook comments perfectly (minus some of the language). The book is a glance at an American society that no longer reads as much as it used to and spends the majority of time abbreviating and using 'text' language to spell. Really, Come On America! is one of the best coffee table books created. Pick up a copy, sit back and share it with a friend.< Less
Keepers of the Conscience By David Giordano
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Explorers living centuries apart discover man received discreet knowledge from a hidden source. Tracing peculiar ships of unidentified origin and design, they make discoveries that influenced... More > civilization and threaten the future. From “The Golden Age of Piracy” to the mysterious Mayans and out to the stars, this is a savory sojourn of the mind. Chris Bates finds himself prisoner of Ned Lowe, a pirate with a disfigured face whose evil nature makes Blackbeard look angelic. Given the ultimatum “serve me or die,” Chris jumps ship to swim to freedom. Soon captured and beaten, Chris accepts his fate as new ship’s surgeon. Guided by a star that streaks across the heavens and then changes direction, Lowe sails into a savage storm dooming the ship to a watery grave. Survivors reach shore and discover a massive white object and soon disappear, holding the fate of our world. . .and others in the balance.< Less
Steps unto Heaven: A Historical and Personal Search By Jaime Giordano
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A narrative of my personal life-long search for knowledge about religions in general and its relation to our own Existenz. This seeking has been a collective undertaking by all humans since the... More > moment they were able to inquire about the nature surrounding them. This evolution is closely watched through the ages, but also as a personal experience of religious awakening since childhood.< Less
Photographs through the camera of a Science Photographer By Katherine Giordano
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Close up and photomicrography