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Deep In Thought By Monika Giza
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A collection of poems telling stories about life with religious undertones (religion unspecified). First Edition of poetry by this author. First of many more to come!
Paperback: $19.95
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Based upon the mathematical principles built into the base of the Great Pyramid at Giza, I now theorize that the proportions imply four prime universal constants functioning as one singularity.
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Sottoposte ad attenta analisi, le tre piramidi di Giza rivelano un sofisticato disegno che codifica molti chiari segnali: segnali che tradiscono una straordinaria padronanza delle tecniche... More > costruttive e profonde conoscenze geometriche e matematiche, ponendo agli studiosi d’oggi una seria sfida. Qual è lo scopo d’un progetto tanto sofisticato? Sappiamo davvero tutto sull’antica civiltà egizia e sulle sue origini?< Less
Three Secrets By Vladimir Merkulov
eBook (ePub): $4.30
1. What is a dream 2. Secrets of the Egyptian Pyramids 3. Opening chakras
The Spell Of Isis By Adrian Haiselden
Paperback: $17.79
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Heswold Tricklebank saw no reason why he should pay for an Oxford education; instead, he just borrowed a cap and gown and attended the lectures. But the new bursar has discovered his ruse and Heswold... More > is on the run. After one escape, he encounters Mr Figge, secretary to Lord Windrush of Cogges Hall. His Lordship’s daughter, Lady Evangeline, has been lying in a coma for several months and no one has been able to revive her. Lord Windrush’s last hope lies with the Crystal of Isis; but first its healing powers must be restored by returning it to its secret niche in the Great Pyramid of Giza. Heswold takes on the job to shake off his pursuers, but the night he embarks on his quest, a horrible murder is committed at Cogges Hall. Heswold is immediately implicated and accused of stealing the Crystal of Isis. Assisted by Flynn, a feisty gipsy girl seeking adventure and the enigmatic Pitkin, Heswold is determined to complete the task. However, there are a lot of people out to stop him.< Less
Wonderful Things: A Modern Trip Through Ancient Egypt By Jeffrey D. Narver
Hardcover: $65.00
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Wonderful Things: A Modern Trip Through Ancient Egypt is a memoir of the author’s experiences, reflections and historical investigations into modern and ancient Egypt. At times funny, this work... More > captures the sights, sounds and emotions of a traveler to Egypt today, while constructing the historical foundations of the ancient sites. This book is a valuable and important primer for any tourist planning a trip to Egypt.< Less
the Alpha Rogito By John Kinyanjui
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The evidence that God not only is, but also created and owns the earth is discernible by the accurate study of nature and the pure word of God. This was the original basis of knowledge, by which... More > civilizations excelled in times past. But this clear knowledge was lost and systematically discredited, and in its place was substituted what now is the heritage of man. In this heritage, there are more questions than answers, more problems than solutions. It is base knowledge. Man has to return to the high knowledge and wisdom of recognition of God. In re instituting the original knowledge, much is there to benefit by, as all the secrets of the world, hidden treasures and wealth without measure can be searched and found by this key. That the earth was crafted in the reflection of the heavens above to succinct detail. The science resultant to the pyramids of ancient times was in recognition of the same, that God is Creator/Owner of the all. God established all these secrets by His wisdom fro the beginning!< Less
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This Is The Next Step In Human Evolution Beyond 2012. It Is A Key To Achieving A State Of Human Consciousness That Is Unified, Which In Turn Takes Us (Those Who Are Ready) Into Pure States Of Oneness.
Egypt - Going back in Time By Dipanshu Aggarwal
Paperback: $10.00
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This book describes the journey of the author to ancient Temples and the ancient sites like the Pyramids in Egypt. Accompanied by pictures this book acts like a personal diary. My trip to Egypt was... More > beautiful and one of the best things that ever happened to me. The purpose of writing this book has been to give the readers a small picture of what to expect in Egypt and I hope you find at least one moment of joy while reading this. Luxor and Aswan constitute the ancient Egypt with all the temples. Dahab is famous all over the world for its beaches, scuba diving and the Blue Lagoon. Siwa is a famous desert camping spot. In short, Egypt has a lot to offer besides the Pyramids. You can cruise up the Nile from Luxor to Aswan. You can travel across Egypt from Cairo to Aswan in a bus and see indescribable scenes. The ancient wonder with the new grandeur lulls you slowly in its charm and before you know it you have fallen in love with the old sands of Egypt.< Less
Alexander Cory and the Secret of the Pharaoh's Tomb By Mary Jaycee
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Fourteen year old Alexander Cory has always wanted to be an Archaeologist. When given the opportunity of a lifetime to travel with his father to Egypt to the site of the Great Pyramids of Giza, Alex... More > thought this was just the thing he needed to jumpstart his future career as an archaeologist. But the pyramids held a secret that was not written in any history book or on any of the walls of the pyramids; and the secret involved Alex more than he could have ever thought possible. Alex inadvertently discovers that secret and he learns that he is the Chosen One to fulfill a prophecy spoken thousands of years before his birth. Alex is transported in time and is given a glimpse into the past at a time when Egypt and the Pharaohs were at their peak of glory. He experiences sites, sounds, creatures, and situations that are even beyond an unmitigated imagination. Will Alex be able to fulfill his destiny as the Chosen One? And if he does, how will he get back home?< Less

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