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Glimmer By Patricia Bow
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No one now living can tell you what it was like to dance in the old Glimmer Lake pavilion. You will only hear what the survivors told their children: how on a warm summer evening it was a magical... More > place, lilting with music and laughter. But that was long ago, before the pavilion’s collapse took so many young lives. Now it stands derelict. Ice crusts its broken arches. On some clear nights (it’s said), you can see the faces of the dead beneath the ice of the lake, their eyes glimmering up at the moon. Stella, a sceptic to her core, laughs at such stories. Until she finds herself saddled with a mission: to free three souls trapped by the events of that solstice night in 1926, when a Faustian bargain went awry. It doesn’t help that her backup team are a beloved but impulsive sister and two new friends, brothers who may both be vulnerable to the effects of that Faustian bargain. And that her chief advisor only comes to her in dreams.< Less
Glimmer of Hope By Peter Hershey
eBook (ePub): $0.99
"A collection of poetry full of emotion, imagery, and observations about everyday life. With topics ranging from Hurricane Katrina to trips down memory lane, Glimmer of Hope highlights... More > struggles that we all face from time to time."< Less
A Glimmer In the Dark By Roger Why
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In a world many light years away, Vannood, a glimmerman who uses the source to conjure death and compel the innocent to his will, plots against his king. But justice is closing in and he is... More > desperate to escape retribution. He finds a way to communicate with Michael Donovan on Earth; an ex PIRA renegade and killer. Donovan and Vannood are doppelgangers identical in evil. The plan is to exchange worlds; modern weapons to horrify a mediaeval society and mastery of the glimmer to terrify the Earth. John Blacker, middle aged innocent, stumbles into the middle of an unholy exchange in the first volume of The Glimmer trilogy< Less
Glimmer Earth By Roger Why
eBook (ePub): $6.15
John Blacker returns to Earth to search for his daughter. But the world has been thrown into chaos by the discovery of glimmer. The United States of America is super power no longer, broken into... More > half a dozen feuding empires. Europe has resurrected its old divisions, the community of nations swept away as nationalism reasserts itself. Wars and rumours of wars spill over from the Balkans and into the west. While the Earth suffers, the prophesies of others are fulfilled and Calariel returns to claim both worlds as his own. A billion shock troops invade the planets in the terrifying climax to The Glimmer trilogy.< Less
A Glimpse of a Glimmer By Debra Collins
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A collection of spiritual devotionals that permit glimpses into God’s divine person, purpose, nature, intent, desires, love, and capacity to teach by parallel and/or comparative experiences.... More > Each "glimpse" brings forth a dynamic of understanding, revelation, illumination, enlightenment, a flash of Light … a glimmer. As such, each devotional is a glimpse that exposes a glimmer of God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son and/or the Holy Spirit. The book subdivides into seven different “glimpses”: 1. A Glimpse of Garden Reflections 2. Glimpse of Enduring Hope 3. Glimpse of the Progressions of Battle to Victories 4. Glimpsing Cataclysmic Parallels of Storms 5. A Glimpse of the Righteousness of Faith 6. Glimpse of the Awareness of Self and Self-Defining Paradigms 7. Glimpse into Knowing God< Less
A Glimmer of Hope By Roger Why
eBook (ePub): $4.65
The second volume of The Glimmer trilogy focuses on the world of Camborne; torn by war once steel jacketed bullets destroy the stability of a thousand years. As events move inexorably toward the... More > battle for Hamara City, Michael Donovan finds he has more in common with Calariel than just a similarity of features; Pauli takes on the mantle of the Lord Protector as he fights to hold together a fragile alliance of Indian tribes and city militia; and John Blacker discovers a new talent and an unexpected love. All come together in a cataclysmic confrontation in which old certainties are destroyed and new challenges develop as the war reaches its climax.< Less
Glimmers of Glory By Barbara Mayer
eBook (ePub): $4.99
Inspirational poems by Benedictine Sister Barbara Mayer of Mount St. Scholastica, Atchison, Ks. Selections include reflections on biblical women, nature, and personal memories.
Glimmers of Glory By barbara mayer
Paperback: $10.00
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Inspirational poems by Benedictine Sister Barbara Mayer of Mount St. Scholastica, Atchison, Ks. Selections include reflections on biblical women, nature, and personal memories.
The Distant Glimmer By Christopher Stokes
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Within the boundaries of an unpretentious, sequestered scientific research facility named The Krupto base, a team of advanced scientists happen upon a new planet during daily exploration of the... More > universe. To their surprise the newfound planet is homogenous of the planet Earth with its only dissimilarity being an unnatural brightness eradiating from its atmosphere. Upon hearing of the discovery, the commander of the initiative dispatches a team of scientists on an exploratory expedition to the unknown planet within the vast open endless entity of space. As the team lands on the planet they are met by Chiron, a centaur who invites them to stay with him for the night in Valosia: an ancient realm home to centaurs. However, dark forces are at work, and soon a devastating plan takes effect; a plan devised by a dark sorcerer who is readying himself for a triumphant return to a world that caused his downfall. Thus begins a quest of bravery and friendship, that if successful, will rid the world of its evil.< Less
A Glimmer of Hope By Paul Gruzalski
Paperback: $10.87
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A man has lost his memory after witnessing a murder. Police protect has been withdrawn since without a memory he is no use to them. The detective working on the case realizes this is foolish and... More > tries to protect Tony. Without any friends or family he is sent home to be cared for by a secretary in his office who has a six year old boy feels sorry to Tony. She has no idea how dangerous the situation is.< Less