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Global Warming By shamalka wijethunga
eBook (PDF): $2.99
Global warming has become a major environmental issue regardless of nations all over the world during past few decades. As the name implies it’s a gradual increase of earth’s surface and... More > atmosphere temperature. The fact that infrared radiation comes from the sun traps in the earth’s atmosphere. Even though this is a natural phenomenon, the rate of temperature rise has accelerated by the human activities such as deforestation, burn of fossil fuel etc. Looming natural disasters like rise of the sea level, climate changes are alarming the adverse effect of global warming. This report clearly presents what is global warming, how it happens, how human being involves for this, what are the adverse impacts and what we can do to reduce this. The world has witnessed changes in the weather patterns, such as rise in temperature, unusual heavy rains, and droughts over the past few decades. Not a single country is spared< Less
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The Truth of Global Warming By Adel Alwagdani
eBook (ePub): $8.99
The author attributes global warming to increasing the earth's rotation speed around itself and increasing the strength of the magnetic field as a result of the steel industry. The researcher linked... More > the global warming with the civilization of the world, pointing out that modern industries have an impact on the electromagnetic field, which increases the rotation speed of the earth around itself, pointing out that the reason for global warming is to increase the speed of rotation of the earth around itself.< Less
Charles And Mitch Global warming By Casey Parkey
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Global warming was predicted by millions and thousands but this book is about global warming read the book and you will find out about this book.
How to Stop Global Warming By Peter Spurgeon
eBook (PDF): $0.00
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This offers over 60 solutions to global warming and climate change. It is my claim to copyright. I have priced it to discourage readers until I have researched and filled out the text. Do not buy it,... More > it is not value for money. Well done Australia for their idea 'use low power lightbulbs' I've entered it as number 68 in my draft for next edition.< Less
Global Warming Temperatures and Projections By William T. Lynch
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Global Warming Temperatures and Projections clarifies the roles of both carbon dioxide and atmospheric water in global warming and climate change. In particular, it addresses the fear-cum-belief... More > claims that further CO2 increases threaten to create runaway climate effects. The examination is devoid of politics and rhetoric and relies on a mathematical and scientific analysis of a slice-by-slice modeling of the atmosphere.< Less
A Layman's Guide To Global Warming By Dale Rowe
Paperback: $9.95
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This book is a layman's analysis of man-caused global climate change. Two years of research and analysis of the data used by climatologists shows that there is too much uncertainty in climate data... More > and the cause-effect relationship between man and climate to know if there is any man-caused change in earth's climate. Volume I uses new evidence to provide a convincing argument that the jury is still out on man-induced global warming. Since the jury is still out, the book proposes a trial so the evidence can be judged on its merits. A draft Congressional bill is provided authorizing the conduct of the trial. This book is a must read for laymen who want to know the facts of man-caused global warming. It is an interesting read for climatologists wanting to know why the majority of laymen aren't buying the man-caused global warming hypothesis. It is a convincing read for politicians who want to gain reelection support from both "believers" and "deniers" of man-caused global warming.< Less
Always Never Global Warming By Michael J Cooke
Paperback: $16.87
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The Elder spoke, "If the belief is of one universe, then we are not aware of a beginning or an end. Wherever it begins, wherever it ends, Earth as we call it is not in the middle. It is of no... More > consequence. If the belief is of more than one universe, to us that is intelligent logic. Why should there only be one universe? It is only our feeble minds that restrict that comprehension. If more than one universe exists, then logically an ‘existence’ could travel between them. If more than one universe, why not many? If you believe that this universe has many dimensions, how many dimensions? Our limited thinking powers fail to suggest other dimensions. It is almost impossible to comprehend that George, in your space, other dimensions could exist. How could you not feel something, not touch, no – an inner feeling of another presence?< Less
Global Warming - The Final Solution By Ian Brockwell
eBook (PDF): $6.25
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“Global Warming - The Final Solution’ was written after many years of research into the possible cause of Global Warming and its most likely outcome, and recent scientific reports tend to... More > support the theories provided in it. Whilst the cause of Global Warming is still debatable, there is little doubt that its effects will create catastrophic changes. This may not produce a total extinction, but our population is likely to be reduced to such a level that the result will almost be the same. As the sea levels and temperatures rise to alarming rates, mankind will face its toughest battle to date, as every person on the planet fight for their survival. But should we fail to adapt to the increasingly hostile conditions, maybe the “Final Solution” suggested in the book is not as unlikely as it may seem at first glance. Whilst this may be the first time humans have encountered such extreme changes on our planet, history has revealed that these events are nothing new to the Earth.< Less

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