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I Once Was Lost But Now Am Found: A story of faith from "Lost Boys of Sudan" survivor Joseph Lual Deng By Jeanne Tebo Pfeifer & Joseph Lual Deng
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Joseph Lual Deng recounts his horrific experience as one of the famous Lost Boys of Sudan. This book tells about his experience when, at around the age of 6, Joseph traveled hundreds of miles on foot... More > after seeing his village in Southern Sudan decimated by bombs dropped from Northern Sudan government. Only a few of the thousands of young boys who began this exodus survived - Joseph was one of the lucky who did live and was given a new life in the USA. He recounts his memorable story about the loss of his family, the horrific death (by crocodiles, gunfire and starvation) of fellow Lost Boys walking beside him, his kidnapping by enemy forces, the constant hunger, and his life for 14 years in two different refugee camps in Ethiopia and Kenya. He also recounts that his strong faith in God was what kept him walking day after day and that he knew he had a purpose and had to survive. Now an American citizen, we can read about his happy ending and his future plans as a citizen of America.< Less
America, The Obama Nation By Henry Hills
Paperback: $13.00
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GOD DOES NOT PUT UNIMPORTANT THINGS IN BIBLE PROPHECY! Who knew before Benedict resigned that he would not be pope in 2013? 8 times from Sept 2011 to Sept 2012 Twitters archives show: Henry Hills... More > forewarned Benedict won't be pope in 2013! Rightly understood: Daniel & Revelation revealed that truth about Pope Benedict! Henry's book: America, the Obama Nation, explains important prophecies in Daniel and Revelation that we need to understand before the crisis is here. When we're caught up in one crisis after another in rapid succession, it may be too late to get ready! Facts that you need to know to prepare for the final crisis are documented in: America, the Obama Nation. Don't plan you fire drill or try to up your home owners insurance when the house is on fire. Get ready and be ready now rather than wing it in the midst of a crisis. America, the Obama Nation has insights that will bless you far beyond your expectations. Don't delay. Read it today< Less
World Down By Dan McNeill & Kevin Morton
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Three years after the Rapture virus claimed most of humanity, a few brave survivors are taking their first steps into a world reborn. But reborn into what? Raymond and his brothers will have to... More > decide - if they can survive long enough that is. But survival in this new world means having a little faith - something Raymond never had enough of. But his older brother does. He has faith enough for all of them. More than that, Ray's brother Po, the one with Down Syndrome, he has a gift. When Raymond and his crew realize what that gift is, it will lead them into a journey of discovery where the stakes couldn't be higher. On one side are the Elected - five god-like warriors whose plans for global dominion seem next to certain. Opposing them is suicide. On the other side are the mythical 19 - quiet travelers with their own powers. They haven't been seen since the days of the plague - tales of their exploits are disappearing into myth. But with Po and his gifts, that may be about to change.< Less
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Mended Hearts Collection By B.M. Baker
Paperback: $12.50
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Jacob Manuel has longed for his father’s love and acceptance all his life; however, his blindness from birth has caused a rift between them that seems beyond repair. Jacob finds the healing he... More > needs from his Heavenly Father, but still longs to hear his earthly father say, “I love you.” - Jeremiah 29:11 /// Twin brother and sister, Rowland and Ribbon Ritchie, are longing to be loved, but Ribbon’s birthmark on her face and Rowland’s muteness have robbed them of the love of their parents and have cast them out of society. Ribbon devises a plan and she and Rowland set out to find a future for Rowland. - Isaiah 41:10 /// Brinley Bradshaw has had it! No longer will she stand up to her pa’s abuse. She hits the road to find freedom and some answers. The answers aren’t so simple in coming, however. Can Clayton Yates soften her poor, broken heart enough and gain her trust to be able to show her God’s everlasting love? - Jeremiah 31:3 /// This book is clean and appropriate for any audience.< Less
Chakra Psychology: The World Within By Stella Ralfini
Paperback: $9.28
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Stella Ralfini is a psychologist who has been a healer, yoga/workshop teacher for many years. Chakra Psychology is the result Of Stella’s travels to China, Japan and India where she went to... More > study with spiritual masters in the fields of body, soul and healing arts. In this book she fuses East/West psychology and philosophy to offer a unique journey through seven chakras. Stella explains what she found easy – and not so easy –when she set out to conquer the seven inner worlds. She offers this guidance with meditations, healing/mind techniques and health tips for each chakra. She also includes Sufi tales of wisdom, healing symbols and healthy eating/detox plans. Chakra Psychology is a book that offers real solutions to erasing the past and starting over. It’s a book which allows you to love yourself and teaches you how to use your God given powers for and not against yourself.< Less
Not Enough to Count By Katrina McCaleb
Paperback: $14.99
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This book will take you through familiar life experiences. Back to that moment when you were at your lowest & no one was there. Through broken promises, lies, gossip, losses, etc. Just when you... More > thought you had a grip on life, you were hit with another devastating blow. For every two steps forward, there were four taken back. Questioning God's plan. Asking yourself is it worth it. If only you could catch a break. Then you realize, the help you sought was there all along. In silence is when you can hear the loudest. The moment you take responsibility for everything in your life is when you can change anything in your life. Doing nothing to avoid making a mistake, is a mistake in itself. Be willing to lose connection with everything that creates noise in your life to regain & maintain your peace. Life is about change. However, growth is optional. Don't be the person that avoids it by saying, " that's just how I am". Everyday brings about another opportunity to do and be better. Embrace it!< Less
A Widows Book of Prayer and Life Journal By Deborah Leoni
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A Widow's book of Prayer and Life Journal will help you explore the new world of being a widow. Often anger at God is our only outlet and this book will help you regain your relationship with the... More > Lord and give you strength, courage and most of all the will to continue living life to the fullest. Praying and releasing all of your deapest thoughts, worries and fears to the Lord is the best way to to regain your confidence in yourself and in the Lord. He has a plan and knows what he is doing. We may not understand it or like it, but we do not have to like it. We must honor the Lord with our correct and appropriate behavior in all things. In doing this we also honor our loved one who is gone. Our family and friends need us and we need them. Now is not the time to check out of life and give up. Open up and allow the emotions to be what they are. They are a reaction you have control over. Take a deep breath and dive in.< Less
Christian Soldiers (S.A.S) Unarmed Combat By Paul Dickinson
Paperback: $41.84
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Our Young Christian (S.A.S) Soldier is in hot pursuit of an escaped Terrorist. Paul seeks out all the relevant clues from this escapee, Danny, who is on the run from Police. In HONOUR to the Monarchy... More > (Good Luck) and In Order of the British Empire, Special Thanks To Queen Elizabeth 2nd. It was far from easy doing JUSTICE in a Country where carrying and using Weapons is Illegal, otherwise the Terrorist may have been SHOT. Justice was sought though as our Young Soldier trained in Unarmed Combat was held Hostage by him/it. Somehow Paul lived to tell the Tale. Abuse was evident but kept to a minimum due to an Attack on the Escapee by our young Soldier. Paul later planned his OWN escape route which Proved a Success. When GOD Shines His Light YOU Live. Special Thanks for the Carleton Clinic and the Police Authority for their Support. Paulie Dee (Peace and Prosperity) Buy NOW £24.95< Less
The Oxford Museum By Henry Acland
Paperback: $9.72
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A guided tour through key architectural and design philosophies underpinning this marvellous building. Henry Acland played a key role in the building of Oxford’s new science museum in the... More > 1850s. In this essay, he describes expectations for the building - its construction was nearing completion as he wrote. He also discusses its famous connection to the “Gothic style”. While guiding readers through some of the building’s chief features, Acland leaves no doubt this was a project meant to combine nature and God; reverence and rigour. It’s a vision of science that’s largely forgotten today. Acland appends two 1858/9 letters from John Ruskin. The great advocate of Gothic design elaborates core principles of this approach and relates them to Oxford’s museum. A superb summary of Gothic Revivalism. Acland also adds 1859 correspondence from John Phillips, describing plans to integrate geological materials into the building’s decorative features. ISBN 978-1-906267-19-3. Size: A5 (148x210mm)< Less

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