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IS THERE A GOD? By Eugene Fersen
Paperback: $21.82
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This book, dealing with the Greatest Question of All Times, is the Voice of the Young Generation. In its pages are embodied the doubts, the queries, the secret long­ings, the silent aspirations,... More > the undying hopes of that New Breed of Human Kind who are daring to think for themselves. Its action rides on the unflinching Determination of Youth today to burst the confining walls of Ancient Beliefs, to strike into the Open alone; to win their Life's Battle Here and Now, on Earth, instead of feeding their discontent on unsubstantial Prospects in the Hereafter. Written for the Enlightenment of Mankind and with the definite Aim to explode Age-old Superstitions which are still blocking Humanity's progress up the Path of its Evolution, the material here presented is built up of facts taken from Life Itself, as well as from the latest investigations and discoveries in the Fields of Science, History and Religion.< Less
God Is By Eric Fraser
Paperback: $10.00
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"God Is" is written by author Eric Fraser who has written two previous books about American culture. This latest work delves into his newfound journey into Christianity. It is intended as a... More > guide for others just starting out on the road to salvation.< Less
The Gods By Dave Jeanes
eBook (ePub): $9.66
Some people didn’t believe in Spaceships; until they saw a Spaceship. Some people didn’t believe in time-travel; until they travelled in time. Some people were prepared to believe in... More > anything – even parallel universes. Some people didn’t believe in anything. Some people believed in something they could only hear. Some people believed in something only they could see. Fortunately, the Gods believed in them all…< Less
God's Will By Scott Urban
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Scott Urban’s rare combination of macabre themes with everyday events has never ceased to intrigue me, yet this new collection provides unsettling stylistic twists with his inclusion of the... More > horrific details of real-time events. With God’s Will, Scott taps in not only to his audience’s subconscious fears, but to its obsession with the immediacy of life, its hunger for intimacy and voracious appetite for “reality.” The poet’s masterstroke comes with his realization that this need for closeness is largely artificial, touching lives, as it most often does, via a TV screen or through the further disconnect of a web page. Read bite for byte and try to come through the experience unscathed. - G. Warlock Vance, author of THE MISSING NARRATIVE OF NEPTUNE< Less
God? By Edward O'Toole
Paperback: $11.41
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(2 Ratings)
The most satanic screenplay ever written. Heretical Dark Fantasy Horror based on the Gnostic text 'Origin of the World'. It will definitely change the way you look at both the world and God. ISBN:... More > 1411678125< Less
GOD By Arsenia Joaquin
Paperback: $17.55
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This is a book proclaiming God and showing His characteristics, emotions, other attributes, etc. and most of all, it is God Himself who speaks so that we can hear directly from Him.
God Is By Elahna Sisson
Paperback: $8.00
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A 30 day devotional book that helps the reader to discover Who God really is on a personal level.
To God By Rossitsa Kopukova
Paperback: $7.00
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New York, September 11; Israel; Hear the poets; God's choice; Life is an autumn forest...; Debating with my fater; To my mother; Spring confession; Autumn - an analysis; Art and God; I never thought... More > in black; My poetry...< Less
God Is By Eric Fraser
eBook (ePub): $8.99
This work is the third of four written works of Eric Fraser. His writing technique makes you feel as if you are having a conversation with him. God Is, is his testimony and the journey to discovering... More > a relationship with Jesus Christ.< Less
there is a god By daniel joseph buist
eBook (PDF): $3.88
They say that life can change in a matter of seconds.Michael Webster is a cop and a womanizer.He is very competent in both.A near fatal incident altered his life.Yet through all the pain and ugliness... More > in the world,Mike discovered that just maybe...there is a god.< Less

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