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7 Vital keys for your successful marriage life. By Evg...Osazee Osifo
Paperback: $9.23
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Introduction. About this book. 7 Vital keys for your successful marriage life and his view point that is Preparation for your successful marriage, is a book that will help you to enjoy a happy and... More > successful marriage life in the present life and next future. Friends the ability of preparation is always advantage to those that have it, in every area of human activity and his ramification. Even Heaven that is God own dwelling place acknowledge and implement the factors of Preparation.Revelation 19:7:8)Friends If Heaven the divine being acknowledge preparation, I believe will humans needs it more. In this inspiration and prophetic book. The author gives out 7 vital keys of marriage preparation and the secrets of love that comes through preparation and the practical with Christian ethics and faith. That also means planning for your marriage dream, making up your mind for marriage, and also to get ready for submission in your matrimony home.Genesis 2:18:25) Proverbs 18:22) Isaiah 62:6:7)< Less
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Dealing with the death of your spouse/best friend is the most heart-wrenching, overwhelming experience of any person's life..EVER! After 30 years together, the author lost his wife, his best friend... More > and soul-mate. The process of dealing with this loss, pain, stress, agony, sorrow and bewilderment is chronicled, While wondering how to begin to start over, or whether to even try. It is brutally honest, and does not mince words or thoughts, even conversations with God, who is not the author's favorite deity based on past performance. Anyone who has gone through this tragedy will understand; those who have not, this may prepare you to deal with the process of picking up the pieces of your life again in your life after death. This is not easy nor simple but it can be done and this book may help. For one day you will have to deal with the death of someone you love as we all must. Nobody gets out of this alive.< Less
Over Power By Beverly Nickles
eBook (ePub): $8.99
America is in dire straits. Unemployment is high, food is scarce, and disease is widespread. Josh Victor is an MIT graduate headed to Godsfield, Ohio, on an adventure to help a woman he has never... More > met, hoping he will be useful in the battle to win back America. A believer for only a short time, Josh arrives at Joan Darcy’s door two days later, wondering if he is truly ready for his next challenge. Joan considers herself a failure, but is determined to follow the Lord’s direction. After Josh and Joan share their personal stories, she reluctantly agrees to lead a faithful band of believers to rally against the evil around them. From her small living room, Joan’s insights combine with Josh’s technical expertise to produce a synergistic force they can only hope will achieve positive turnaround in a country desperate for change. Over Power is the inspirational story of ordinary people determined to overcome darkness and rise in faith and victory as each attempts to discover God’s plan for them.< Less
Appear, I am that whirler By Muhammad Ajjamal
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I part you the journey from the least status of spirituality, to the most exciting status of seeing clearness. That is even it was for moment human feel clearness with their self even if it... More > originated of sadness, see with clear sight and realizer heart, more beautiful than thousands of moments go in material enjoyments. They are full abstraction texts as you are showing a pure woman in a sufic mantle to all humans to learn from her purity reaching the Sufism and the humanity from the vile materialism. I touch here four main overlapped items: the relation between the human and their self, and the relation between them and the god, and other humans, and trying to express the human benevolent substance, and their emotional essence. Now, I believe that nothing will change our situations except the spirituality which we look with to the universe, and the lenience between people and preceding others than our selves, like to love them as us. We need a help of our spirits hands to stand us up.< Less
The Digital Puritan - Vol.II, No.4 By Thomas Boston et al.
eBook (ePub): $3.99
"The Digital Puritan" is a digest of helpful Puritan works. This edition contains the following articles: 1. Pray for Everything - David Clarkson. Clarkson shows how by praying, our... More > weakness is made to draw upon his omnipotence. 2. How May We Attain to Love God With All Our Hearts, Souls, and Minds? - Samuel Annesley. Based on Matthew 22:37-38, this sermon introduced the Morning Exercises at Cripplegate. 3. How Ought We to Love Our Neighbours as Ourselves? - John Milward. One of only two sermons from this Puritan pastor that survived the passage of time. 4. How the Word is to be Read and Heard - Thomas Boston. A sermon on Luke 8:18, "Take heed therefore how ye hear." 5. A Penitent Heart, the Best New Year's Gift - George Whitefield. A passionate and compelling plea for all to come to new birth in Christ. 6. The Puritans in Verse: "My Song is Love Unknown" by Samuel Crossman. Includes over 500 ESV Scripture references and end-notes hyperlinked to the articles (no internet connection needed).< Less
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Roe's Challenge: Where is Brandy Welch By Carol L. Caudle
Paperback: $25.04
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Roe’s Challenge: Where is Brandy Welch? What happened to this unruly, fourteen year old girl that mysteriously vanished one night from Foster care? Will she be labeled and considered a runaway... More > or will the evidence prove that she was kidnapped? Is she alone or is she with someone? Is she still alive or is she now dead? Time is quickly running out… Because, not only does Brandy Welch have to struggle with the consequences of sins within herself and the haunting betrayal from her so-called friends, she has a much more difficult problem to battle - fighting Diabetes! Go beyond the front door of Mr. & Mrs. Carey’s foster home and travel through the many careless loop-holes in the search for an abandoned, abused, confused and neglected child, Brandy Welch. Can Prosecuting Attorneys, Roe Wilson and Alex Carter help the authorities locate the missing youth before times runs out? Can the prayers of the righteous avail much? Will seeking the word of God and His guidance save this young girls life?< Less
Roe's Determination: Triumph over Defeat By Carol L. Caudle
Paperback: $21.56
Prints in 3-5 business days
Roe’s Determination: Triumph over Defeat Destiny Lopez, a close childhood friend, tracks down Prosecuting Attorney, Roe Wilson hoping to seek her assistance with locating her missing, abusive... More > and alcoholic husband, Dave Lopez. Without hesitation, Roe Wilson, along with her partner, Alex Carter jump head first into another gripping, chill-driven case filled with tossing accusations and racing suspicions. After several unsuccessful attempts to interview Dave’s drinking buddies that are now suspects in Dave’s questionable disappearance, Roe realizes she must dig deeper. This heart-felt story will take you on a visionary journey of physical abuse, emotional disturbance, a mental breakdown, spiritual death and inside the lives of a broken home. Can the prayers of the righteous help to save the life of a missing man? Can Roe keep her faith and hope alive while her friend slowly crumbles in front of her? Will God and His unconditional love show up before it’s too late? Enjoy reading.< Less
OPERATION RESCUE By Robert Winston Burnett
eBook (PDF): $2.07
A rescue mission to save souls, has been unfolding for millions of years. We need help to adapt to changing Earth vibrations, as draw closer to a vital Universal light juncture or the year 2012.... More > Here's where the great central sun, stands to the middle of the four faces of mankind through the milky-way. Even Earth Scientists agree something big waits or as predicted by the Mayan's many years earlier. End of a fourth human cycle (3rd dimension), before ushering in a 5th Ether, more spiritual enlightened, balanced, vibrating realm. Judge for yourselves causes and effects, as virtually everythings blamed on yet another 'Act of God or Natural causes.' Mother Earth's vibrational Universal crystal-grids calibrated to original intergactic vibrations. Shifts away from highly distructive, manipulative vibrations of GREED. We're being prepared to again align with the Celestial Ancestors or Light Clans! Hard to believe? Stop, see the clear signs posted.< Less
Finding Peace Through Prayer By Lilleth and Neville Morgan
Paperback: $14.99
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Prayer is our safe place, our place of refuge. Abraham Lincoln once said “I am often times driven to my knees by the overwhelming convictions that I have nowhere else to go. The pressures and... More > troubles of life have a way of bringing us to the awareness of our need for the Father’s help, and once we express our needs to the Father, He takes action on our behalf." Prayer is our sure defense against the enemy. In Ephesians 6, Paul wrote, “finally my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities against powers against the rulers of darkness, of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Wherefore take unto you the whole amour of God that you may be able to withstand in the evil day and having done all to stand”. For those reason we need to equip and protect ourselves with the Lords armor. Amen, Praise the Lord.< Less

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