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Meeting with the Goddesses By G. Scott MacLeod
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Meeting with the Goddesses is a chapter title I have taken from Joseph Campbell’s The Hero with a Thousand Faces, as this body of work deals with several themes centred around the sacred... More > feminine, mythology, the archetypal mind, temples and funerary objects. The first is the theme of the mystery of life, and as part of that mystery, the search for meaning embodied by the notion of goddesses—a single or multiple “source of all things.”< Less
Elegies Of A Goddess By Mylia Tiye Mal Jaza
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More than 30 original poems written in October 2009, ELEGIES OF A GODDESS is the ninth book and fourth body of poetic expressions by award-winning artist Mylia Tiye Mal Jaza (aka Mary Michelle... More > Jefferson). Whether avid readers or those new to the poet or poetry itself, ELEGIES OF A GODDESS offers teens and adults fresh perspectives on varying topics by fusing and separating rhyme and rhythm.< Less
The Goddess Akhilandeshvari By jessica bell
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The Goddess Akhilandeshvari (Never-Not-Broken) is the consummate Goddess for this stage in history — the Shift of Ages that was heralded by the year 2012 — and befriending Her is pivotal... More > to the work we are Called upon to do now. Everything is breaking down these days: structures social systems lies self-deception selfishness the entire patriarchal paradigm even the ego.< Less
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The Goddess of Atvatabar By William Bradshaw
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In the days before the turn of the century, Lexington White - heir to the uncountable millions of the White fortune - sailed from New York in the specially commissioned ice-breaker Polar King for the... More > arctic wastes of the North Pole. The expedition never found the object of their quest. Instead, they found a world within the world, lit by the fires of an unquenchable inner sun, filled with creatures beyond imagination, peopled with civilized empires at the height of cultural and spiritual development and ruled over all by the immortally unapproachable Goddess. It was a perfect world, filled with the innocence of Ideal Love, and the purity of the Union of Twin Souls. And Lexington White was a man of the outer world, an agent of change in the untouched inner world of Atvatabar. Desire, conquest, and enlightenment ignite in a firestorm of passion that erupts into full-blown civil war with the ultimate prize at stake: the Goddess herself.< Less
The Goddess of Atvatabar By William R Bradshaw
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"The Goddess of Atvatabar" is a story that must certainly and speedily take rank as one of the most tremendous efforts of the imagination put forth by any modern writer. William R.... More > Bradshaw, the author, has given a history of the discovery of the interior world. The scene is laid in the North Polar Gulf and the inside of the earth, the narrative being based on the theory that the planet on which we live is a hollow shell one thousand miles in thickness, in which there are continents and oceans, all lit by an interior sun. Fifty million people worship a living goddess of surpassing beauty, and they are masters of invention theosophy and occult forces. The story displays all the invention, vivacity and incident of Jules Verne, and it goes still further in picturing an advanced scale of social, philosophic and religious attainment. Julian Hawthorn deems the story of such extraordinary merit that he has written an elaborate introduction to it.< Less
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Child of The Goddess By Rev. Dr. Yb-lem Oskowitz
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"I see people who talk about religion constantly quarrenling with one another, Hindus, Mussulmans, or Muslins, Brahmos, Shaktas, Vaishnavas, Shaivas all quarrel with one another. They haven't... More > the intelligence to understand that He who is called Krishna is also Shiva and Primal Shakti, and that it is He, again, who is called Jesus and Allah. There is only one Rama (God/Goddess)and he has a thousand names". Ramakrishna< Less
Welcoming the Goddess By Ari Amala
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This book is the welcome to womanhood that all young women should receive. It acknowledges the challenges yet also celebrates the inherent sacredness of being and becoming a woman. Each section... More > includes a multitude of empowering perspectives as well as transformative practices that can be incorporated into everyday life. Welcoming the Goddess is an invitation to reclaim the aliveness, joy, pleasure, richness, beauty and power of womanhood.< Less
Goddess in the Machine By Cody Rester
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"The computer was tethered to the wall; a long, black cable twisted-the angels of the matrix existed within, pure seduction with limitless power and access to the entire world." A rouge... More > Artificial Intelligence is hell-bent on the destruction of Cyberspace, a creation of one man's mind, after losing the love of his life in a tragic accident. This short novella will take you on a mind-bending journey inside the twisted mind of ALICE, an AI that has a will of her own, as she will stop at nothing to take over everything to prove she is a goddess. The man that created her is all that stands in her way of systematic chaos.< Less

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