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The Cruel Goddess By Grant Holder
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In the future, a resurgent Romanov Monarchy has asserted its domination over the west and has expanded to a great Galactic Empire. The Rus have dominion over the ansaxe, the rebellious tribe of the... More > west, and the celt, whose blades are sold to the highest bidder. Cruel Goddess introduces Gordon MacInnes, one of two major characters of the arc, who will combine with Anna Garitsyn to struggle for the survival of the empire. Jilted in love by a Boiar's wife, he finds himself exiled to HMS Pechalnii, on the outer rim, caught between the Secret Services (Oodar Molnii) and privateers on the outer rim of the Tsar's dominion. Gordon and his friend, Aonghus, pursued on both sides of a struggle they cannot control, find themselves on opposite ends of a struggle to prevent a monstrous plot to inflict great madness from being inflicted on an unsuspecting people while Gordon tries to understand his place in the Universe...< Less
The Rose Goddess By Maggie Voysey Paun
Paperback: $11.38
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Why did Kitty Kirkpatrick’s English relations end all communication with her Indian family? Born Noor-un-Nissa in 1802 in Hyderabad, Kitty was sent to England at the age of three and never saw... More > or heard from her mother again. And she has never understood why. When she falls in love with the young writer Thomas Carlyle he is determined to find the answer but his attempts to do so help end their romance. Thirty years later Kitty is living in Devon with her husband and children when she receives a letter requesting her to visit ‘Mrs Bennett’, an old lady who was also born a Muslim in India and whose sister was a close friend of Kitty’s mother and with her at her early death. Will Kitty at last discover the truth? 'The Rose Goddess' is based on a true story and is in part a sequel to Maggie Voysey Paun’s previous novel 'The Black Princess.'< Less
The Goddess Book By Bilal Ahmed
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... I continued hearing the word ‘brahma vidya’​ ​in my ears. To me, this was a special time. One day of Brahma equals thousands of years, eternity for Brahman, according to... More > the vedic scriptures. Brahma is the third in the Hindu trilogy, Shiva being the first, the de- constructor, Vishnu being the second, the preserver and Brahma being the third, the creator. This was my guru Brahmananda Saraswati’s time, Saraswati being my soulmate, Heather, the goddess book​, my inner guru, and guru ji,​ my outer guru, from whom I received all the other gurus, like Sivananda, Satchidananda and Vishnudevananda, my Shiva and Vishnu vidyas or dreams, while closing this book, August 2018, my birthday, on brahmavidya, also defined in Upanishads, a gift to my soul-mates, teachers and students. This book is hence ‘the last upanishad’​, because Upanishads is a living document of the students and teachers of yoga...< Less
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Goddess Particle By Brandy Gaye
Paperback: $16.00
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Mandy Heart and Swithin Hook must fight ghosts, monsters, family, each other and even themselves while growing up in a world of supernatural hunting. Once Swithin Hook and his father Patrick take in... More > Mandy from the clutches of an evil agency their lives are forever changed. And as the Agency pursues Mandy, Mandy finds that she is more powerful than she ever thought....and it scares her. As her true self slowly unfolds, she must also contend with love, hunting and her cad partner Thomas Regal.< Less
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The Goddess' Son By Skott Holck
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When he opened his eyes his identity was gone. He did not know who he was or how he happened to find himself in a forest. He was utterly lost until he came across the Leshey, a strange spirit of the... More > woods as odd as he was wise. Things become more reality bending when the Leshey informs him that he has stepped out of time. Together they would reconstruct his past and in so doing, not only solve his own mystery, but delve into the deep past and reveal part of what it is to be human. A philosophic fantasy story of self discovery.< Less
The Goddess of Atvatabar By William R. Bradshaw
eBook (ePub): $5.07
A novel of the Haggard type. Lexington White, American, sails from New York in the Polar King, bound to discover the North Pole. He unwittingly descends through a passage in the ice, and finally... More > arrives in the Kingdom of Atvatabar, on an unknown continent. Here he witnesses some phenomena of physical science, notably an aerial voyage, with other wonders of art and nature supposed to have occurred in the interior of the earth. There is an additional interest in viewing in a new and strange light the achievements of occultism and the results of orthodox science. Theories of philosophy, love, marriage, art, etc., are ventilated.< Less

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