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Ghost Hunters Anthology 04 By J. R. Kruze & S. H. Marpel
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The adventures of the Ghost Hunters continue - with more exotic locations and hair-raising paranormal adventures than ever before: - A three-part serial which starts by attempting to solve the... More > mystery of a ghost who has been haunting several hundred feet underwater, for 12,000 years or so. And then involves an immortal being who was turned half-human and beaten nearly unconscious. Only to reveal she has a twin sister who she has fought with constantly over the ages - but now has to work with her to regain her own powers and defeat an immortal enemy who has worked out how to exploit the Internet and social media to enslave all of humankind. - Plus, two additional mysteries involving an angel and an immortal goddess who need the human mystery writer John Earl Stark to solve their unsolvable problems... All in short reads that fit into the time you have to read. Delicious mental snacks that will leave you with new ideas to consider long after the entertainment is over. Get Your Copy Now.< Less
Sagas of Imagination: A Medieval Icelandic Reader By Ben Waggoner
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The Norse men and women who sailed to Iceland brought stories with them—stories of their lives and their ancestors, passed down for centuries, going back in time to great Vikings, legendary... More > heroes, and even the ancient gods and goddesses. A new wave of stories entered with Christianity—stories of exotic lands and beasts, of saints and holy men facing demons and monsters. A third wave of stories came to Iceland via Norway, whose king had commissioned translations of tales of chivalry—of the courtly love of gallant knights and beautiful ladies. And all of these blended together in Iceland, creating swashbuckling sagas unlike any other medieval literature. This book presents eleven sagas and six shorter texts tracing the growth of these sagas of adventure, from Norse legends of King Half and Asmund Champion’s Bane, to the life of the Apostle Bartholomew, to tales of Parceval and King Arthur, to the sagas of heroes like Vilmund the Outsider and Yngvar the Far-Traveler and Samson the Fair.< Less
A Double Shot of Ha Ha By Scott Cherney
eBook (PDF): $2.99
DOUBLE YOUR PLEASURE-DOUBLE YOUR FUN! (chewing gum not included) Two complete comedy melodrama play scripts in one volume. LEGEND OF THE ROGUE or MASK ME NO QUESTIONS Brian Ryan, the... More > mild-mannered sheriff of Parched Throat, Arizona is summoned to rescue the Clayfoot Indian tribe from the clutches of an ex-Confederate general out to steal their gold by adopting the guise of the mysterious masked avenger known as ...The Rogue. A comedy western that's more fun than a barrel full of lizards on a tequila bender. and ROXANNE OF THE ISLANDS or THEY'RE PLAYING OUR SARONG tells the story of the brave and beautiful Roxanne who must contend with a lovesick witch doctor, a 1000 year old goddess with daddy issues and a volcano that just won't give a girl a break. This tropical adventure comedy is jam-packed with action, laughs and optional musical numbers. Both scripts are perfect for professional and amateur theater productions. Performance rights are available.< Less
Hidden Magic By Paul Weightman
Paperback: $12.50
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Using the Weapon of Magical Destruction might not have been Molly's smartest idea, but what choice did she have? Now she's slowly dying from the effects of the magic absorbing hieroglyph embedded in... More > her hand. If that weren't enough to ruin her day, news of Molly Angela Birleson's criminal misconduct has spread like wildfire landing her on top of the Magical Most Wanted list. Whoops…Can't a girl catch a break? Being hunted by the necromancers and cut off from T.E.S.S (Tactical Elimination of Supernatural Sources) Molly is forced to go deep under cover, on a quest to collect the elements and people needed invoke the magic of the Mother Goddess (Angela Birleson Hurley) to destroy the hieroglyph once and for all. Not an easy task when every shadow is a potential enemy. If she fails, it's game over. If she succeeds, she's still a wanted criminal for using forbidden magic. But at least then she might live long enough to clear her name.< Less
Magical Moments By Dorit Dornier
eBook (PDF): $7.00
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Contemporary artist Dorit Dornier evokes a world of celebration and mystery, through poetical and dynamic images and sculptures, rendered in stylized and bold lines. Dorit Dornier’s characters,... More > depicted in dreamy and meditative poses are often goddess representations or powerful symbolical figures. Weather you are discovering or re-visiting Dorit Dornier’s fascinating universe, her work is bound to captivate you with its textures, shapes, and unique sensitivity. *****Les tableaux et les sculptures de l’artiste contemporaine Dorit Dornier évoquent la célébration et le mystère, à travers des images et sculptures poétiques et dynamiques, aux lignes sûres et stylisées. L’œuvre de Dorit Dornier est parsemée de représentations de déesses, de puissants symboles, et de personnages qui ont souvent des airs rêveurs et des poses méditatives. C’est un univers à découvrir ou redécouvrir, qui saura vous ravir par ses textures, formes, et sensibilité uniques.< Less
The First Free King of The North By David Beaver
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Dabuse Foxington has grown up all his life in the prosperous and powerful empire of Gabriel. His family, true patriots of the empire, have done the best they can to raise him to love the nation he... More > calls home, and the governing powers therein, who shelter them from perceived enemies. All Dabuse sees however, is the evil and hypocrisy of the empire ands her overindulgent king. It only gets worse for him when he is drafted into the armed forces and watches even as his own hands slay the innocent in the name of the empire. Such horrors lead him to abandon his post as an esteemed lieutennant and pursue a life of his own choosing. All does not go well, however. Dabuse's destiny is to be a soldier, and he must wrestle with the ugly goddess of fate herself and face every challenge and enemy she puts in his path, if he is to become...The First Free King of The North. For the paperback:< Less
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Songs for Prophets, Poems for Ghost By Edward Kelley
eBook (PDF): $3.98
Finally, after four years of trial and error, three editors and sevral near death expierences, this book has been edited and polished into an near acceptable bookstore quality. A work I am now proud... More > to say that I created for the world to enjoy as I clawed my way up and out of a hellish dark night of the soul. For those who prayed for me, I thank you. This anthology of poetry and song is not only dedicated to the hermit within, but to the human quest for the ascension of spirit. Within these pages are some of my tributes to the worlds spiritual masters, free thinkers and messengers of peace and unity. From the Zen Master T.D Suzuki to the Goddess of mercy Kuan Yin, from the Native American Prophet Black Elk Speaks to John Lennon, each one of these people have had something to offer the world in the name of Love, peace and life. They have done so, selflessly in the light for the only purpose of leading humanity to a higher level of conscious awareness.< Less
BOOTY & THE BEAST By mick mercer
Paperback: $28.18
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A book about Jon Beast’s Timebox and HYPE clubs (1986-1989) this contains photos taken by myself, including: Laughing Mothers, Diskord Datkord, Ashes, Brian, Jim Jiminee, Junior Manson Slags,... More > Josi Without Colours, Sex Bitch Goddess, Kitsch, Soho, Millions Of Brazilians, Maryen, And All Because…, Tragic Venus, Black Cillas, Fat Lady Sings, Anonymes, Romeo Suspect, Mute Drivers, The Contenders, Icebox Julian, Baby Trio, Matt & Pete, Big Sur, Hotalacio, 2 Lost Sons, Wigs, The Popinjays, Wood Children, Thrilled Skinny, Anno Lucis, Mega City Four, Parachute Men, Melaroony Daddies/Yellow Pigs, Galley Slaves, The Arguments, Destroy The Boy, Shout, BC, Cathal Coughlan, Shoot The Joker, Trashcan Soul, Ryecatchers, The Wish, Shoot!, Jesus Jones, Snuff, P.A.R.A., Mossbacks, Poke It With A Stick, Fra, Bedrock Trio, Crowd Scene, Edith Strategy, Faith Over Reason and Dune Buggy Attack. It also includes flyers and venue-related press releases from Jon, plus 122 photos of the great man himself.< Less
Beauties of the Silent Screen Age - Vintage Photo Portraits By Ben Acton
eBook (PDF): $3.49
A digital collection of old photos, postcards & publicity portraits of some of the most famous and beautiful actresses of the early days of cinema, the age of 1920s silent movies and the early... More > talkies and musicals. Legends of the film industry, American and European screen goddesses, iconic stars including Greta Garbo, Pola Negri, Marlene Dietrich, Lilian Harvey, Norma and Constance Talmadge, Norma Shearer, Gloria Swanson, Billie Dove, Brigette Helm, Clara Bow, Ruth Taylor, Anita Page, Lee Parry, Eva May, Gladys Cooper, Dolores Del Rio, Lilly Damita, Mary Pickford, Gaby Deslys, Vilma Banky, Lillian Gish and many more timeless, photogenic Hollywood and Braodway divas... Over 100 leading ladies in all, plus tasters from some of our other recent Performing Arts titles. Album features mottled "parchment paper" background effect for an authentic vintage scrapbook look-and-feel. This ebook edition is downloadable in PDF format for Acrobat Reader.< Less

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