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The Eldritch Tradition's Bardic WorkBook By Donna Rhose
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In her early 20s, Donna Lyon Rhose read a pivotal book for her by Robert Graves entitled ‘The White Goddess’, a poetical history about the Bards of the Ancient British Isles. In reading... More > this book Donna realized that she had many past life memories as a Bard. With that new awareness Donna began her pursuit of what actually made her a Bard and how did she become this way? In placing her footsteps on that road, she began her true journey, one that would take her over thirty years to complete. Mostly she recalled various exercises and especial training as a system formulated through her year by year. Influenced by both Wicca and Reiki in format, Donna finally put her system into a coherent form of Three Levels. It has been a long journey of study, memory and experimentation but the system now stands ready to open itself to others who may wish such development as she presents this Bardic WorkBook of the Eldritch Tradition.< Less
Luxor 13 By Rah Aish Mah
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What is Luxor 13? This book was written to unlock the keys to the meaning of the 12 Disciples, the 12 Khemetic Universal Principles called Gods/Goddesses and the 12 Spiritual Centers called Chakras... More > in the Body. RahAishMah is the real author of this book! He, RahAishMah, was first realized in 1993 after I, Brian, received 3 degrees of Reiki, 3 degrees of Seichem, 3 degrees of Sakkara and 333 degrees of Angelic Light initiation. RahAishMah is the title given to the Higher Self, which translated the first book in 1993. RahAishMah is back to unveil the second Tome entitled Luxor 13. He reveals KHMT as the true name for Egypt and WST for Luxor. In addition, he takes us on a journey with Schwaller de Lubicz through his book The Temple Of Man. Finally, RahAishMah shares with our inner Mind the Gnosis - the images of the 12 Disciples as colored spheres with complementary colored square backgrounds. RahAishMah makes it clear that these 12 powerful images are Doorways to our Inner Universe.< Less
The 9 Prime Paths - The Divine Golden Family House By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
eBook (PDF): $27.00
The divine golden family house, have been caring for the Prime Verse, the Quantum Verse, and the Multiverses, since ist birth within prime self loving love heart core source. The following Dokuments... More > will introduce you to key elements of the 9 Prime Pathos and with a chart, describe the organization of the Divine Golden Family House. The prime heart family house chart suggest a self organization model based on blood, social and spiritual relationship. The Prime Heart Family Kin, or unit of life, is cared in ist alignment and stability in the state of prime self union, by the gods and goddesses in prime self union. A non Hierarchie conscioussness and heart based, organic based system of self organization, applied into the 9 dimensions of human ascension. The information of this charts need to be used under advice of a 9 Path Trainer (Master), within the context of prime self union, by Prime Master Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken.< Less
Journal of Daoist Studies, Vol. 10 By JDS Editors
eBook (PDF): $15.00
The Journal of Daoist Studies (JDS) is an annual publication dedicated to the scholarly exploration of Daoism in all its different dimensions. Yumin Ao & Ulrich Steinvorth—Zhuangzi and... More > Wittgenstein on the Self; Thomas E. Smith—Xu Mi’s Network: A Different Perspective on Higher Clarity Daoism; Patricia Eichenbaum Karetzky—The Formation of a Daoist Pictorial Iconography in the Tang; Shih-Shan Susan Huang—Daoist Seals—Part One: Activation and Fashioning; Ekaterina Zavidovskaia—Daoist Ritual Manuals in Vietnam: Activating Stars; John Leonard—Daoist Literary Criticism; Esmaeil Radpour—Daoist Visions of the Dream State; Xiaoyang W ang and Yan Bao—Ways to Immortality: In Popular and Daoist Tales; Steve Jackowicz—Physics, Physicality, and Physiology; Ron Catabia—Daoism and Peace Psychology; Livia Kohn—The American Transformation of Daoist Cultivation; Yanli Wei—The Caishan Goddess Temple: Then and Now< Less
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FALLING FOR THE FACE By Dr. Alhasan Sisawo Ceesay, MD
Paperback: $30.48
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If beauty lies on the beholder’s eyes then one can easily say facial looks has seventy percent of reason why one becomes enamoured. The magnetism of facial looks is immeasurable AND is also... More > truism that not all that glitters is gold. This dame is queen of radiant queens whose looks melts the heart with heavenly rewards. It is hoped that these romantic ventures will sweep you off your feet as you unveil how these love birds came to their fondness in the most magnetic route imaginable. Characters depicted herein represent no real people or anyone in particular, even if these may coincidentally be identical to someone a reader many know or identify with. It is about love that made the lovebirds go head over heels sailing in the wide wild ocean of tantalizing romance. These hearts are the envy of Juno the Goddess of love. Without further ado, here is fantasia to set you sailing into memorable love lane that could as well remind you days gone by. I write to raise funds for building of Njawara village hospital.< Less
ALL THINGS LOVE By Dr. Alhasan Sisawo Ceesay, MD
Paperback: $21.57
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Loving is root of life. Its taproot, stems, branches and leafs mesmerize US. The taproot relies in honesty and trust while the branches interlink the relationship. The leafs are relationship's... More > oxygen. Leaf love like infatuation lasts a short season. They are weak and leave when circumstances change. They cannot handle challenge and know only one way of relating. The branch love is stronger but is opportunist. It strikes for gain before running away. These lovers stick around once kept fed but breakaway in difficulty when needed them most. Finally, taproot love is yearnings all likes for lurks deep in the heart. It helps us thrive challenging circumstances. Such lovers remain in bad times and shy away from any artificial or monetary relationship. They only needed tender loving care. They are job there so life would be kinder to you. Grandma Amina Kassa warns, “One should hold taproot lovers are rare cherished relationship envied by the Goddess of love.” I write to raise funds for building Njawara hospital.< Less
To Liberate the Body’s Prison By Fatma Topak & Sonya Lena Yilmaz
eBook (ePub): $3.99
There is no life of faith cannot open the door. When you believe that you'll certainly find the right key to door. There is no single solution to life's problems. To liberate your soul and move in... More > the direction of your immediate goals. You check your beliefs. Your standards, you can increase the extent of vision created by your imagination as you want. If you can control your thoughts and beliefs, then you took over the reins in your own life. We came to the world world, why? Our evolution from nothingness to nothingness from authority authority .. pure love from all of us (NIR) were created; but our ancestors, our teachers, our religion teaches us not only concept of fear and punishment (Crime and Punishment) taught. Why? The first human Prophet we called Adam thought, Eve give birth to her first child when her admiration feed, "just as Eve was created a man who looked like me think that she described as her goddess" and so matriarchal society have occurred.< Less
Mirror Mirror On the Wall: The Evolution of Beauty That Connects Us All By Leresa Hollins
eBook (ePub): $9.99
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Explicit beauty memoirs of an unidentified goddess breaking free from the standard of beauty prison. The author Leresa Hollins shares her raw tell all journey with overcoming suicide and unacceptance... More > with mainstream society and from within because of altered appearance caused by alopecia at seventeen years old. Leresa includes research on what the standard of beauty is for a woman and who defines the beauty box that the majority of women conform to fit into. Mirror Mirror On the Wall: The Evolution of Beauty That Connects Us All, is ultimately about awakening to self celebration and applying the answers that Leresa has found so that each woman can find their true beauty. This book is especially for teenagers, young and mature women who have lost their way to loving their unique beauty. Also inside book are proven principles, tips and self empowered mantra to help women break free from the beauty prison. Leresa has truely evoked the feminine principle back to her royal throne with freedom to know thy beauty.< Less
Only the Scans, My Wiccan Book of Shadows By Boucca Wicca
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Scan of handwritten Boucca Wicca Book of Shadows. An initiate to one of the last High Priestess' of Alex Sanders. Usual contents such as: Keeping Book of Shadows, Purification for a Higher Degree,... More > Measures, Ancient Prayer, Consecrating Tools, the Meeting Dance, Properly Prepared, Ceremony of Cakes & Wine(+ notes), Power, the Charges, the Old Laws, Witches Rune, Eight Paths of Wicce, Drawing Down the Moon, Goddess parts 1&2, Invocation to Cernunnos, the Pantacle, the Athame, To Gain Sight, Cone of Power, Working Tools, All the Sabbats ceremonies (with comprehensive additional notes) Several diagrams are also included & methods used by this initiates coven workings. BOS contains materials not found within Public Domain versions. Lesser known materials: Revised working regarding homosexuality (per Alex Sanders instruction): Mother, Journey to Dread Lord, An alternative cord bind for the 2nd degree scourging; as well the lesser known Invocation for Two and the adept 'Grade of Rejoicing' ceremony is also included.< Less

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