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When the Gods Walked Among Us By Gaylon West
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Full colored illustrated book about the Trinity in the Old Testament. The unfolding plan of a caring God of creation who has not left us without witness nor without a teaching guide. The overall plan... More > of God is first revealed in God's naming of the pre-flood patriarchs. Although the witnesses tell of the glory that they see and hear of the trinity, a physical description is not given by them. Since the Godhead is Spirit without our created flesh and blood, the illustrator draws from visions given in Daniel and Revelation.< Less
Eleusis By Bruce Rimell
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A visionary and artistic exploration through the greatest of the Mystery traditions of Antiquity, 'Eleusis' follows the winding path that leads from the kidnap of Persephone and Demeter's grief at... More > her loss to the transformation of mankind through the Epiphany of an Ineffable Female Godhead. Drawing from several years of mythological, experiential and visionary research, and delightfully enfolded with 25 colour and monochrome art images, Bruce attempts to move beyond the Eleusinian veil of secrecy to enter into the very Heart of the Mystery. A final illustrated essay also explores the meaning of the Eleusinian Mysteries for the modern day.< Less
CENTURY-ORION VOLUME 5 CHRIST By Christopher Covington
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Christ who is God-past came forth upon the scene and was birthed forth. He is the 2nd of the Trinity and is apart of the God-head. This book is a look into the life if the deity Christ and his... More > humanity. Christ is the Word of God being the mouthpiece to command what Jehovah has created in his mind. This is the mystery and origin of Christ and the universal question of why?< Less
The Epistle of Paul To The Ephesians By Harley Howard
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This is the verse-by-verse expositional study of Paul's epistle to the Ephesian church. The central focus of this epistle is on the great spiritual blessings that the believer experiences because of... More > the salvation that the Godhead provided. God is to be glorified because of His great mercies to us all. Dr. Harley Howard - Foundation of Truth Bible Church -< Less
Revelation of Saint John the Theologian By Saint John Chrysostom
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After the taking up of our Lord Jesus Christ, I John was alone upon Mount Tabor, where also He showed us His undefiled Godhead; and as I was not able to stand, I fell upon the ground, and prayed to... More > the Lord, and said: O Lord my God, who hast deemed me worthy to be Thy servant, hear my voice, and teach me about Thy coming. When Thou shalt come to the earth, what will happen? The heaven and the earth, and the sun and the moon, what will happen to them in those times? Reveal to me all; for I am emboldened, because Thou listenest to Thy servant.< Less
Cornerstones of Truth - Instructor's Guide By Grace Bible College & Seminary
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As you have probably discovered, the teachings in the Bible are not presented according to topics. For example, the book of Genesis does not give us a complete explanation of the Godhead, nor does... More > any other single book. An important way to study the Bible is to find all the teachings related to a certain topic. Authors Floyd Woodworth, Jr. and David Duncan will follow this kind of systematic study to see what the Scriptures teach about the universe and its Ruler, about humankind and the structure God has chosen for human development. Students will also discover what the Bible has to say about the future.< Less
Testaments of the Patriarchs and Prophets By Zen Garcia
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The purpose of this book is to show historically that the Israelites, going all the way back to Adam and Eve, not only honored a Triune Godhead which included a feminine Holy Spirit, but also knew... More > without question that the Son of God as Savior Messiah, would be born at a certain time and certain place in fulfilling the prophecies given to their forefather Adam and passed down through their generations. This compilation includes The Gospel of Truth, Testament of Adam, The Book of Adam, Testament of Abraham, Testament of Isaac, Testament of Jacob, Ladder of Jacob, Testament of the Twelve Patriarchs, Joseph and Asenath, Testament of Job, Testament of Solomon, Psalms of Solomon, Odes of Solomon, Testament of Moses, Revelation of Moses, Tales of the Patriarchs, and The Ascension of Isaiah.< Less
Invisible Things Clearly Seen By Stephen Parker Combs
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In his letter to the Romans, the Apostle Paul wrote that God has made himself known through the world He created, and that we are without excuse for not understanding His eternal power and Godhead,... More > (Rom. 1:20). How did God reveal Himself in His creation, and what lessons can we learn by studying the natural world around us? This book explores the answer to those questions in a devotional form. Written as separate essays, each chapter concludes with challenging questions. "Take this book, sit beside a quiet stream, and contemplate the things of God".< Less
Thaumiel; The Dark Divided Ones By S. Ben Qayin
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"These fallen angels, these ‘Divided Ones’ will gladly work with the black magician to help pull them away from the Godhead and the singularity of true death that is to be... More > experienced by accepting the self-annihilating path of cosmic unity and absorption. Rather, the Thaumiel seek to scour the burrowing dogmatic maggots of religion and submission from off the proverbial skin of the black magician, freeing them of the chains that have bound their minds and hearts to a dying end. These fallen ones are of the mightiest of all Qliphothic demons, as they were the first to experience the ‘Otherness’ of the Sitra Ahra." ~ S Ben Qayin< Less
Perú- Part TWO: YEP: SIMEON IS STILL A DEMON! Volume 2 & 3 By kai stevenson
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Just Remember:...the search for reality was elusive... the search for the godhood, more so; ‘difficult’—then Mankind, having found reality, and... the perception of the world, and... More > ...thus concluding one's personal interpretation of reality constituted a fundamental fixed view of truth of natural phenomena, mankind had a preponderance to immediately set upon a quest to search for a godhead that in no way evidenced in trees, or rocks...but only in the beliefs generated by the man,- and the magician soul- this could likewise transform the universe "immortality achieved,-" Daniel said-- it was all in how one manipulated one's environment- Daniel said this, when they were still in Stratford-- teaching comparative religion.< Less

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