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The Maxims and Reflections (Illustrated) By Goethe
eBook (ePub): $1.99
This is a collection of Goethe’s reflections and philosophical ideas about human nature, universal goals and our mission in this life. This is an illustrated version of the original work by... More > Goethe.< Less
Conversations with Eckermann By GOETHE
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Conversations with Eckermann The outstanding feature of the remarkable "Conversations with Eckermann" is this, that the compilation furnishes an altogether unique record of the working of... More > Goethe's mature mind. For Goethe's age at the period when the "Conversations" begin is seventy-three, and eighty-two when they end. John Peter Eckermann published his work in 1836. In 1848 appeared an additional portion. Eckermann, born at Winsen, in Hanover, was the son of a woollen draper. He received an excellent education, and studied art, under Ramber, in Hanover, but soon became enamoured of poetry through the influence of Körner and of Goethe. He became the intimate friend of Goethe, and lived with him for several years. In describing the friendship, Eckermann says, "My relation to him was peculiar, and of a very intimate kind. It was that of the scholar to the master, of the son to the father, of the poor in culture to the rich in culture.< Less
Autobiography of Goethe By Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
eBook (ePub): $3.99
In the work of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 - 1832) one can find the seed of most German thought, literature, science and theology. A hugely influential man, not only on Germany but on the rest... More > of Europe, Goethe's best known work is the two-part play Faust. Goethe was a privy-councilor to the Duchy of Weimar and his interest in foreign literature helped birth the concept of the world literature. George Eliot called Goethe "Germany's greatest man of letters…and the last true polymath to walk the earth."< Less
Goethe By Albert von Trentini
Paperback: $26.80
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Der Roman von seiner Erweckung
Goethe By Dr.D. Selzer-McKenzie
eBook (PDF): $11.16
Goethe Buch von Selzer_McKenzie SelMcKenzie „Goethe“ von D.Selzer_McKenzie mit kompletten Notenbuch der Operette „Der Dichter und Denker“ komponiert von... More > D.Selzer-McKenzie Ein Titelsatz für diese Publikation ist bei der Deutschen Staatsbibliothek hinterlegt. Originalausgabe ®Goethe ® 2015 by D.Selzer_McKenzie (Dr.of Molekularbiology and Genetics) published by SelMcKenzie Media Publishing auch als Hörbuch und eBook (ePUB) ISBN 978_1_326_20758_8 €uro 9,80 mit 935 Seiten Alle Rechte, insbesondere das Recht der Vervielfältigung und Verbreitung vorbehalten. Kein Teil des Werkes darf in irgendeiner Form (durch Fotokopie,Microfilm oder ein anderes Verfahren) ohne Genehmigung des Authors und Verlages reproduziert oder unter Verwendung elektronischer Systeme gespeichert,verarbeitet, vervielfältigt oder verbreitet werden.< Less
Colección Goethe By Goethe
eBook (PDF): $4.11
El libro Colección Goethe ofrece una visión completa del trabajo narrativo de, Poeta, novelista, dramaturgo y científico y una de las figuras señeras de la literatura... More > alemana Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832). En este volumen: Fausto. Werther. El cuento de la serpiente verde. La Novia de Corinto. Poemas.< Less
Goethe: Proverbs By Robert B. Sowby
Paperback: $8.75
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He was one of the last great Renaissance men, a polymath whose reputations as statesman, artist, philosopher, and naturalist almost equaled his mastery of every literary genre. His shadow has fallen... More > on every German writer since. But it is in poetry where Johann Wolfgang von Goethe is at his best. Yet while the several translations of his major works testify of their literary significance, most of his poetry remains inaccessible to English speakers. This volume of his so-called proverbs—brief rhyming maxims—introduces Goethe’s poetic wisdom and craft into the English language. Includes original German text, English translation, preface, and bibliography.< Less
Goethe Pocketbook By Sharon L. Butler
Paperback: $30.00
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A readable version of Goethe's Theory of Colors, published in 2015 to use for research purposes. This is an artists proof. All proceeds support independent blogging at Two Coats of Paint.
Falsely Goethe By Mark Young
Paperback: $12.45
Prints in 3-5 business days
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Mark Young has Faustian daydreams, but they keep on being interrupted by the postman.
Falsely Goethe By Mark Young
eBook (PDF): $5.00
(1 Ratings)
Mark Young has Faustian daydreams, but they keep on being interrupted by the postman.

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Our World Our World By Deleah Payne
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