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In Part 2 of the PRELUDE TO THE APOCALYPSE Series, Tony and Evo journey out to the coast to catch one last glimpse of the ocean. It's not what they expect. They encounter anarchy along PCH as... More > families hock all they own to survive. One guy holds up a GUNS FOR GOLD sign. A Tent City has sprouted up on the marshes beyond the lagoon and the beaches are overrun with the starving. The coast is lined with fishing poles. There is a rumor some are eating jellyfish and seaweed. A fisherman gives them sardines, which they hold on sticks over the flames of a fire ring. Gunfire breaks out at the Oceanside Pier. Tony and Evo flee for Crestline, but not before meeting a very dangerous duo at the Temecula Checkpoint and then discovering that the I-15 freeway is a mess of barricades and cop cars trying to ebb the flow of the fleeing. Where to go? How about deep into the desert, into the Land Between Interstates.< Less
The Land of the Sun Goddess By Paul Michael Barlow
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Fantasy with a new twist - a Japanese empire occupies the west coast of North America when the Conquistadors arrive. The year is 1516… the sun has risen on the Shin Nippon, the new Japanese... More > Empire. The Sun Goddess, Amaterasu watches over the Empire. The Land of the Sun Goddess follows the lives of Duke Isami Fujiwara, his wife WeNoNah and their son Ishe as they try to protect the empire while fighting demons from the Spirit World. Further down the western coast of North America, Montezuma and his nephew Cuauhtémoc strive to keep the Aztec nation from tumbling back into its bloody past. Unusual allies, the Shin Nippon and the Aztecs prepare for the onslaught of the Spanish conquerors. One of the conquistadors, Miguel Ruiz came to America seeking gold, but finds a different kind of treasure. The Land of the Sun Goddess has all the ingredients–mystery, legend, omens, romance, spirits — an amalgam of heroic warriors fighting earthly enemies and ethereal demons.< Less
The Route to Prester John By Ed Tilston
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It’s the middle of the fifteenth century. A flat earth has become round and the new ability to establish latitude at sea persuades a few intrepid mariners to venture ever farther into unknown... More > waters. The fearful cape at Bojador has been conquered, opening the way for the great age of exploration. Impatient to find a route to the Spice Islands and join forces with Prester John, Prince Henry the Navigator sends one little ship after another to explore the uncharted West Coast of Africa. Carlos Melo embarks on the Mariagalante as second mate and puts to sea to carry out Prince Henry’s commands. Explore the African coast with him, meet alien peoples, witness bizarre customs, and trade for gold. Join him in his battle with mutineers, his odyssey in the open ocean in a longboat, his contest with Berber pirates.< Less
Panama By John Boyd
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Denver Noles and his team decide to search for the Spanish treasures from map won by his deceased uncle during a World War II poker game. While searching the seabed off the coast of Panama an... More > explosion rocks the Panama Canal. A huge cargo ship inside one of the canal locks system is pushed out from the canal during the explosion. Two men tumble into the water from their ship while Denver and his crew are nearby searching for Spanish gold. They pull the men from the water surprised they are U.S. Military and further surprised by learning what cargo is on the ship. Noles and the others try to look for more survivors as the ship sinks, from sabotage and find more than they bargain for. The hunt for gold is delayed as they have to hunt for the missing cargo and fight for their survival from a most deadly enemy. A fight that even their SEAL training might not have prepared them for.< Less
Thin Ice By Alixandra Bamford
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It's September, the beginning of a new school year, but our heroine, Mai Gold, has ditched medical school for a solo roadtrip to the east coast in her VW Vanagon, the weight of an eating disorder in... More > tow. At the same time, a retired couple from British Columbia are gearing up to drive clean across Canada in their beautifully restored 1974 Westfalia, though their marriage itself is in ill-repair. As both journeys progress, the sightseers share their interpretations with the world on their travelblogs, though the truth is not always on the surface. Thin Ice rebuilds the fairy tale of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves" as a modern day story of exploration in Canada; Snow White's struggles with vanity and femininity, beauty and deathliness, live on in Mai Gold.< Less
Complete 443 page guide to Treasure hunting in the US! By Patrick Babby
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If you are a gold prospector, treasure hunter or metal detecting enthusiast this guide is a must have. Why spend hours upon hours of researching, when you get the information from one place. This is... More > a comprehensive guide to finding treasure in the Unites States. This is a collection of stories, legends, locations and myths to finding lost treasures in your state. Today treasure hunting is more popular than ever before. More and more people join this hobby everyday! But the one thing you need today to find anything of value is knowledge. This guide will help you get a jump start on all the other treasure hunters.......You will read about the legend of Black Beard and where he possibly stashed his treasure on the Delaware Coast! There are stories and locations of gold and silver coins lost by civil war soldiers. Possible locations of buried stolen loot from the stage coach days and much, much more!< Less
The Incredibly Adventurous Island of the Blue Booted Bobbies By Christopher Beattie
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George Stanley was an English gentleman who left the quiet town of Penzance England for the western coast of the United States, along with his buddies, in search of their fortune in the California... More > Gold Rush. Tierney Butler was an Irishman who sailed to the United States. Through the aid of the political machine known as Tammany Hall, Tierney was able to attend a prestigious institute of higher learning. He left for California with a degree in civil engineering. Together they forged a company to pan for gold using advanced engineering methods. When George Stanley’s wife died in childbirth, George and Tierney founded an orphanage for young girls on a remote desert island in the Pacific Ocean, near South America (known as the Galapagos). Years later the orphanage would be visited by pirates who would become noblemen of a new nation state, where constables wear bright blue boots!< Less
PAX By Richard Smith
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Justin Harris had no idea what it was, he had never seen another sea creature like it. Even though the captain of his own salvage vessel, and familiar with a multitude of various animals of the sea,... More > the picture in front of him looked like something from a science fiction movie. "Lyrarapax,"his friend, Dr. Bill Lowman had called it. "One of the deadliest creatures to ever swim below the seas of this earth." The Lyrarapax was a prehistoric legend that would eventually lead Dr. Lowman and Captain Harris to a fortune in sunken gold just off the coast of Honduras. A Folklore monster was not about to stop these two men from their quest. A billion dollars worth of gold was at stake as the two friends began a voyage that would either make them very wealthy or make them very dead.< Less
Augusta, Mother of Salt (Transparent Ones Book 3) By Chang Terhune
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AUGUSTA REYES WAS DOING JUST FINE, THANK YOU. She worked hard supporting her kids and mother-in-law by working salvage on the Gold Coast of old Connecticut. It was no picnic. There were things in... More > the water that most people would be scared to hear about, let alone see. And that was just her fellow salvage queens. The same day Ernesto her deadbeat ex-husband shows up on the yacht of Horacio, a handsome gangster, a salvage crew goes missing after reports of strange black boats seen crossing the barrier between the Gold Coast and the quarantined Strong Island. Ernesto showing up was one thing. But the ghostly harpies of Strong Island taking prisoners made her tough job flat out dangerous. But just as Augusta’s life seems to be coming together, she’s pulled into a weapons heist for the Free Mars Republic. If she doesn’t go along with it she may never see her kids again. And worse, the thieves will reveal her secret past to those who’ve been hunting her for the last twenty-five years.< Less
A Season in New South Wales By George Perkins
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In 1989 we visited Australia, where we taught American Literature at the University of Newcastle on a Fulbright Grant. We read Australian literature, and were very much impressed by Australian... More > writers and the picture they gave of their country. We traveled within the country from the coast to the Outback, saw koalas and kangaroos and wombats in the wlld, fossicked for gold, and flew to China, where we also lectured and visited the Summer Palace and the Great Wall during a time of great stress within that country. A later return to Australia showed a country much changed from the one we had first seen, but still a wonderful place.< Less

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Our World Our World By Deleah Payne
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