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Journey of Discovery By Julie Longwell
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This is a sequel to Journey of Friendship, Casey and Julie's adventure overland on the Oregon Trail. Not only do the friends learn about mining gold, but they find themselves enmeshed in a mystery... More > of disappearances. Fearful for Casey's kin who registered claims along Deer Creek, the women take on the responsibility of solving the disappearances. However, true to their nature, they end up in trouble themselves. On this journey, Casey and Julie meet up with a friend they'd met along the Oregon Trail. They also make new friends in California, like the eccentric theater owner, the town sheriff, his rascally deputies, and some rowdy miners.< Less
Hell's-a-Poppin' on Halfaday Creek By James B. Hendryx
Hardcover: $29.95
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Limited edition hardcover, only 100 made. Altus Press is proud to present another new Halfaday Creek collection, containing eight previously-uncollected Black John & Halfaday Creek novelettes.... More > Part of the matching Halfaday Creek Library.< Less
The Martini By Leon Atkinson
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Martinez Cocktail — Martinez Special — Martini: the libation universally celebrated as the quintessential cocktail enjoys no documented nativity. Despite aspirations of adoptive... More > metropolises, the sensible historian recognizes a likely heritage that begins in Martinez, California. Yet, like the last swallow of gin, vermouth and olive brine swirling at the bottom of a glass, the veil of time obscures important details of this sought-after story. Now, inside this book, you will find clarity in a delightful martini tale, told twice. Illustrated prose encourages gathering close and reading aloud, while a second form provides a play in one act to be performed and enjoyed by a gathering of friends.< Less
Ghost Towns of California By Elroy Ecklar
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A ghost town is an abandoned village, town or city, usually one which contains substantial visible remains. A town often becomes a ghost town because the economic activity that supported it has... More > failed, or due to natural or human-caused disasters such as floods, government actions, uncontrolled lawlessness, war, or nuclear disasters.< Less
Suit Oh Hearts: A Biography of Joe Boyle By Daniel Deleanu
Paperback: $16.99
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The biography of one of the most enigmatic figures in Canadian, British, Russian, French, and Romanian history.
James Richmond's California Story By Nila Repard & James Richmond
Paperback: $15.99
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In the spring of 1860 James Richmond left his home in Phelps, NY to start an adventure to the gold fields of California. In these pages you will find his own entries from his diary and the stories... More > he told his friends and family about his travels, the sights he saw, and the people he met.< Less
A Jack and Three Queens By James Dedman
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In the late 1850s, tales of gold from the West beckon those whose life back East holds little promise. In Missouri, a poor girl from a trashy family looks to escape a life of misery while a... More > dissatisfied donkey breeder seeks a friend. In Indiana, a beautiful but pampered princess seeks a life with purpose while a crippled former soldier desires only a place to call his own. In Kansas, a captured Indian girl longs for a savior while a mountain man is unaware of what he really desires. It is only in the journey West that their dreams can come to fruition, with the help of guts, gold, and a little donkey named Trot.< Less
The Golden Orchid By James Moylan
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If only the criminals in the colony would just lift their game? After a fitful night spent tossing and turning Slikker provided his mate Eddie with an ear-bashing over breakfast. “Consider... More > the Sketland Mob. Now there was a fair-dinkum reign of terror. Evil bastards, through and through and violent. Mongrels, granted, but sly an’ difficult mongrels. Or the Gang o’ Five. That was a substantive campaign. Murder, corruption, intimidation, and theft. Even sly grogging. They had the whole of Charters Towers under their thumb. An’ again, while they was a bunch of utter bastards, at least they was interestin’ bastards, running a farsighted criminal enterprise. What we need is an outbreak of criminal cunning. An epidemic of sly reasoning. A sudden plague of moral turpitude. What North Queensland needs, mate, is some decent bloody crims!” Apparently Slikker had entirely forgotten about the old adage that ‘you need to be careful about what you wish for’. Sometimes wishes come true.< Less
Pioneer Women, Miners and Thieves By Cactus Kelli
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A vivid work based on a lifetime of learning about a remote mining area east of the Colorado River, Pioneer Women, Miners and Thieves is a collection of portraits of enterprising people whose stories... More > have never been told. In the late 1800s, prospectors and pioneers poured into this part of the Arizona Territory. When the ore was gone, the mining camps faded into ghost towns. All that remained was the exquisite desert and a handful of intractable people determined to live audacious lives in splendid isolation. Long before HBO’s Deadwood became America’s most popular mining camp, Cactus Kelli wrote about mining towns Harrisburg and Harqua Hala. With personal experience as her guide, she writes of people she knew or heard tales about while she was growing up in the McMullen Valley. Ms. Kelly has informed her work with extensive research. A poet at heart, she writes with an awareness that, sculpting memories is a natural phenomenon used to soften the realities that can sear our souls.< Less
D.C. Oakes - Family,Friends & Foe By LaVonne J. Perkins
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The adventures of Daniel Chessman Oakes begin with the California Gold Rush. D.C. Oakes, Aylett Cotton and others left DeWitt, Iowa, in 1849 as part of the Sacramento Mining Company. He returned to... More > Iowa, built a town called Pacific City and after the financial crash of 1857 was asked to check out rumors of gold in Colorado. He wrote a guidebook and was buried in effigy. D. C. was related to Hiram P. Bennet, Colorado’s first delegate, and Buffalo Bill Cody. His life intertwined with Kit Carson, Jim Baker, George Eayre, Silas Soule, William Byers, Charles Stobie, Lafayette Head, A. C. Hunt, Colonel Chivington, John Evans and others. He was a vigilante, a member of Denver’s first city council and a legislature. He was also the first postmaster of Douglas County and the first president of the pioneer society known as the 59’rs. As Indian agent for the northern Utes he maintained peace for five years. In his later years he surveyed much of Colorado including the much-disputed Sangre de Christo grant.< Less

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