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Traders of the Golden Triangle By Andrew Forbes, David Henley
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During the latter half of the twentieth century the little-known and often lawless region where Laos, Burma, Thailand and China meet has become known and widely romanticised as ‘The Golden... More > Triangle’. Originally a Western designation applied to the region because of its wealth in jade, silver, rubies, lumber, rare animal products and, above all, opium, the name has stuck and is today accepted both in Chinese and in Thai. By reputation, by very definition, the area is off the beaten track. The home of drug warlords, arms dealers, insurgent armies, latter-day slave traders and plain, old-fashioned bandits, it is also the home of an extraordinarily wide range of colourful ethnic minorities, many still only partly known and understood, and a veritable Tower of Babel linguistically. 36,500 words, 70 historical images, 46 contemporary images, 5 maps, Bibliography< Less
The Golden Triangle - A Tale of Three Countries By Narain Appasawmy
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This novel is exceptional in its kind. It is a bold attempt to bring to light with all frankness the existing remnants of prejudices.
Golden Rectangles and Triangles: Variations on a Theme By Ko Hayashi
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An original and elegant set of digital images based on the golden ratio. Color illustrations made using The Geometer's Sketchpad®.
The Golden Triangle: The Return of Arsène Lupin By Maurice Leblanc
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In this dramatic story M. Leblanc is chiefly concerned with the mystery that surrounds the "Little Mother Coralie," a volunteer nurse working in a military hospital in Paris, and Captain... More > Belval, one of her patients who has lost a leg in the war.< Less
Chasing the Golden Triangle: Triumph Over Cancer By Tamara Christine Green
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Discovery with breast cancer.
India - 10 Days along the Golden Triangle By tobias nagel
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a photographic journey along india`s most popular tourist trail - watching the street rather than monuments.
Dead Girl Hands: The Other Side By Rose Golden
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How many horrible things can happen to a person, before they finally crack, and their soul ultimately becomes torn? At sixteen years old, where most girls would be worrying about failing their... More > drivers test, or passing school, she had more troublesome matters to deal with. It was because she wasn't like ordinary girls. She was dead. With a deadly secret boiling to the surface, her best friend Amber is the only living soul that may have a chance to help her. With her own agenda being pursued, will she make the right choice? Or will both Amber and Mark, be sent to limbo, due to a unseen danger, they thought had been long put to rest?< Less
Bangkok Slip By Bruce Woolman
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When the beautiful and willful Terry Parks goes missing in Thailand her old friend Ted Oldfield has serious doubts about the reasons for her disappearance. Is she in trouble? Or has she simply fallen... More > prey to her past crimes and addictions? Ted, an old Asia hand, must battle his own demons in his quest to find Terry. To find her he heads straight into the heart of the Golden Triangle, where warlords and bent politicians vie for supremacy over the barbaric trade in heroin and human beings. What Ted and Terry encounter upcountry propels the two lovers into a storm of war, espionage and intrigue that spans two continents. And, ultimately, their journey puts them on a collison course with the nightmarish secret at the heart of Terry's dreadful past.< Less
Perfumed Skies Silken Women By John Chalmers
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Disillusioned with Australia, a wounded spirit travels to Asia looking for wisdom. Jaded with love he wanders through the bars in Bangkok and meets a woman who confronts and awakens him. He... More > continues his wandering and receives a series of blessings that eventually lead him back to where he began. There he finds illumination.< Less
The Pleasures of Thailand & Cambodia and the Horrors of a Tsunami By Gary Brown
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This travelogue will first take you through the hectic and exciting streets of Bangkok. From there you will travel into Siem Reap, Cambodia to walk the mystical ruins of Angkor Wat and to experience... More > the endearing Khmer culture. Flying back into Thailand, you will travel from Chiang Mai into the magical hills of the Golden Triangle, feeding elephants, driving the isolated hills of this former (?) opium-producing corner of the world, and slipping briefly into Myanmar and Laos. Finally, after of few days of bliss in lovely southern Thailand, near Phuket, you will be swept into the horrors of the shocking tragedy of the infamous 2004 tsunami, a disaster that barely spares the author and his wife, but in a just a few hours’ time takes the lives of a quarter of a million others.< Less

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