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Social Audit @ Messrs G Owen & Co By Gordon Owen
eBook (PDF): $1.53
Messrs G Owen & Co’s understanding of, and openness in presenting information on the social and ethical dimensions of its activities is to be commended. The social accounts provide a true... More > and fair view of key aspects of the social performance Messrs G Owen & Co in relation to its own aims and the aims of those stakeholders considered for the period in question - 2004-07.< Less
Guidance Notes and Standard Form of Agreement Between a Charity and a Consultant - [Messrs G Owen & Co] By Gordon Owen
eBook (PDF): $4.55
These Guidance Notes and Standard Forms of Agreement between a Fundraising Consultant or a Professional Fundraiser and a Charity have been produced to help safeguard the interests of both parties and... More > to comply with the Charities Act and the Charitable Institutions (Fundraising) Regulations. Consultancy is an important and growing source of expert advice and support to those engaged in raising funds for charities; it is essential that the relationship is mutually satisfactory and founded on clearly understood arrangements. This document aims to help that process. The guidance notes highlight practical questions which a Charity and a Fundraising Consultant/Professional Fundraiser will need to resolve before signing any formal agreement. The standard forms of agreement are as between a Charity and a Consultant /Professional Fundraiser, but could be used (appropriately adapted) by a charitable institution other than a charity.< Less
iGO eBooks Website By Gordon Owen
eBook (PDF): $1.52
Welcome to iGO eBooks Website pages by Gordon Owen purely designed to provide an offline overview of what is available. Our Fundraising Training & Voluntary Sector GovernanceMaterial Series of... More > publications are available in.pdf, eBook, iBooks, and Hardcopy. Other supporting material inPowerPoint Presentations are also available on request for interactive training please e-mail us for more information. The fundraising training material series provides a guide and reference to techniques, things to consider, and contacts with url links for new, small, and emerging groups/organisations in the charity sector seeking to improve their engagement with potential funders in the statutory, corporate, and charitable trusts/foundations sectors. An additional separate VS governance material seriesalso exists to support organisations, (particularly, new, small, and emerging groups), with their polices, procedures to develop 'best practice’ in striving to deliver effective services.< Less
Equal Opportunities Policy In Employment & Service Delivery By Gordon Owen
eBook (PDF): $3.00
An equal opportunities policy simply sets out how your organisation is going to make sure that your organisation is open and accessible and strives to treat people fairly. Your organisation needs to... More > comply with the Equalities Act. Your equal opportunities policy does not have to be long and fancy: a simply worded, one side of A4 paper would be fine. The most important thing is that you have thought about what you put in it, that it's useful for your organisation and that you will and can do what you have said. There is no point in having a policy that is written hastily, then put in a filing cabinet and forgotten about. This eBook serves to provide a model example to add, alter, or amend to suit your organisation and adopt after having shared and discussed with staff/volunteers so that there are aware and agree to work with the ethos of the policy.< Less
Mission Statement - Example By Gordon Owen
eBook (PDF): $3.00
‘Vision’ is linked to, but not the same as, ‘Mission’. There are various, differing views about the usefulness of either of these, and quite what they mean. A broad... More > interpretation could be that a vision for a voluntary organisation is about what they want to see change in their diverse community properly determined on evidence based need. ‘Mission’ is how the organisation will contribute and deliver towards that but also a statement of its current key roles in broad terms. Some organisations get terribly bogged down in trying to agree a common set of values. This could be seen as writing down the culture of the organisation in concrete terms, when in fact it is something that is 'lived and experienced', and is bound to change with people and changing needs + priorities over time.< Less
Memorandum & Articles of Association - Limited Company (Under Guarantee) - Model By Gordon Owen
eBook (PDF): $6.24
The model Memorandum & Articles of Association for a Limited Company (under Guarantee) serves for a voluntary organisation registering both under the Charities Act and Companies Acts. The author... More > prior to the current legislation originally wrote this model but modified. It is recommended that any voluntary organisation considering this process should view this template in terms of the specialist clauses, (particularly in the Articles of Association), that are also contained within, (used by the author for both a international youth hostel exchange project and adapted successfully for a eco-regeneration group), and take guidance from with a umbrella body geared to provide such specialist support or alternatively a company such as Jordans Limited who have decades of experience is helping voluntary organisations in this regard.< Less
Writing your Application | Fundraising By Gordon Owen
eBook (PDF): $6.15
Guidance and key pointers on writing a voluntary sector grant-aid application - things to consider and include from both an organisation applicant and potential grant-aid funder perspective be they a... More > Trust, Foundation, Statutory, or Private Sector. This e-book also gives help in how to mail merge letters, forms, labels, and contacts.< Less
Fundraising from Companies and Charitable Trusts, Foundations By Gordon Owen
eBook (ePub): $7.82
Guide and reference to fundraising techniques, things to consider, and contacts for new, small, and emerging Groups/ Organisations in the Charity/Third Sector seeking to improve their engagement with... More > potential funders in the Corporate and Charitable Trusts/Foundations Sectors. This fifth edition update also provides for more details examples, illustrations, and hundreds of URL hyperlinks to resources and points of contact saving hours/days of onerous work and research to discover on the web. Invaluable contextual material for inspiring ideas and positive way to deal with the whole issue of fundraising in this climate and good value for the price. This book is one of more than 30 e/books in the genre subject matters of fundraising, governance and organisational material series.< Less
Social Enterprise Strategy Business Plan By Gordon Owen
eBook (PDF): $8.02
Following iGO eBooks plenary presentation on the subject of things to consider in such a Plan this is an actual production template to tangibly demonstrate the content that should be considered for... More > inclusion in such a Business Strategy Plan for Authors & Publishers including those who choose to become a Social Enterprise. It takes into consideration the following subject headings and laid out contextually for cohesive presentation to readers, authors, publishers, sponsors, and other stakeholders. Writing / Before Publishing - Producing for an Audience / Creating for yourself? - Publishing Path & Road Map? / Writing & Vision - Traditional business strategy plans have components - Vital Plan / Selling Book - What Makes your book so Special? - Who will want to buy your work? - Competition - Format(s) of your Book - How do you plan to promote your product (Book/eBook) - Marketing Strategies? – Budgets/Projections- Timetable for writing, editing, book production, marketing etc?< Less
Confidentiality Policy | Example By Gordon Owen
eBook (PDF): $1.51
Why We Have A Policy? It will seem obvious that we should not breach confidences so why have a policy when the principles are obvious? The answer is that we have developed the guidelines that form... More > our policy to:- (A) Protect staff and volunteers
. (2) members and Service Users
. (3) Ensure consistent good practice. Confidentiality is important in order to build trust with persons using the [Insert name of Organisation], however it is not about keeping secrets, in your discussion with all stakeholders this should be made clear.< Less

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