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The Gospel of Gamaliel By Apostle Arne Horn
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The Gospel of Gamaliel 'Lament of the Virgin,' In the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, we will write a discourse composed by Cyriacus, bishop of the town of Bahnasa, on the... More > merits of the pure Virgin our Lady Mary, and her affectionate weeping on the day of the crucifixion of our Lord, when on the day of His holy resurrection she went to the door of the sepulchre of her Son and did not find His body, because He had risen up from the dead. May his blessing be with us.< Less
The Gospel of Gamaliel: Lament of the Virgin and the Martyrdom of Pilate By Zen Garcia
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The brother of Nicodemus, like him Gamaliel was part of the Pharisee leadership which ruled over the Jewish people during the time of Christ. But unlike Ananias and the high priest Caiaphas which... More > conspired to murder of Yahushua, he and his brother believed that Christ was the son of God. This manuscript reveals in detail the story of Yahushua’s ministry, persecution, crucifixion, and resurrection as witnessed by the apostles and Virgin Mary. It follows up with the story of Pontius Pilate’s martyrdom for allowing the Pharisees to incite him to murder what was obvious even to the Emperor Tiberius and his wife whose son was resurrected by Christ that He was indeed God incarnate. This text will help those that are interested in the passion of Christ to a more elaborate understanding of what occurred surrounding the events of those days.< Less
The Hidden Life of Gamaliel Rabbi of Apostle Paul By Antony Michael Hylton
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One of the most interesting themes in the Christian literature of the late second temple period and late antiquity onwards is the treatment of well-respected Jewish leaders. These characters are... More > depicted as secret converts to the faith of Christ Jesus. In this category of tradition is included Saint Epiphanius of Salamis' Panarion where in the section on the Ebionites he relates the death bed conversion of Hillel II and his assistant Joseph another is Severus of Minorca's record of the conversion of all the Jews on the island of Minorca in the 4th century due to the reception of the bones of St Stephen the first Christian martyr . There is also the listing among the secret believers of Joseph Caiaphas he who tried Jesus Christ in The Teaching of the Apostles. One of the more enduring traditions of this kind is that relating to the first century Jewish sage known in Jewish tradition a Rabbi Gamaliel. We look him.< Less
The Apostle Paul: "The Biggest Convert Ever" By Steven James Fredrick Jr.
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Saul was a Pharisee, a teacher of the law. He was devious and was a great persecutor of Christians. He was zealous in legalistic righteousness. Then one day, Jesus Christ confronted him on the road... More > to Damascus. Saul, would now become The Apostle Paul, he was God's chosen instrument to deliver the gospel to the Gentiles. Paul has nearly written 1/4th of the Bible (14 of 66 Books)< Less
The War Against The House Of David Under Jesus Of Nazareth By Antony Michael Hylton
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Jesus of Nazareth arrived to a first century Judea as a claimant to the throne of David. He came in the name of Yahuwah. He was initiated into his Messianic calling by the prophet priest John the... More > Baptist of the sons of Zadok. When he arrived the authorities in power felt threatened and opposed his claims. They were an alliance between the Edomite Herod the Great and his house and the non Zadokite priests in the House of Hanan ben Sethi or Annas and his son in law Caiaphas. The battle ensued from the arrest of Jesus until Luke 6 where it is recorded that many priests were obedient to the faith. Jesus and his Church won the war. The Saducee Priests disappeared from history and the house of David went on to conquer the Roman Empire not with the sword but with the Word of God. This word was called the Gospel.< Less
Revelation of the Holy Apostle Paul By Sir James Donaldson et al.
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Paul the Apostle, also known as Saul of Tarsus, is perhaps the most influential early Christian missionary. St. Paul traveled to Jerusalem to study theology and law under the famous rabbi, Gamaliel.... More > When St. Paul was traveling to Damascus to capture Christians in the city, Jesus appeared to him in a vision and said, "I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting. It is hard for you to kick against the goads". After this vision, the Apostle was blinded until he was healed in Damascus by St. Ananias. St. Paul was then baptized, and began to preach about Christ throughout Damascus. The writings ascribed to him by the church form a considerable portion of the New Testament. The influence on Christian thinking of the epistles ascribed to him has been significant, due in part to his association as a prominent apostle of Christianity during the spreading of the Gospel through early Christian communities across Asia Mnor and the Roman Empire.< Less

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