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Governor George Wallace: The Man You Never Knew By George Wallace, Jr.
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This is a study of one of the most controversial, misunderstood and in many cases misrepresented men in American political history. His life’s journey was Shakespearean in a modern day drama... More > that was the life of George Wallace. His life included power, success, pain and sorrow, suffering, conflict, enlightenment, redemption, reconciliation, love and forgiveness. This book will take the reader inside, to learn about the real man from his family’s perspective. The intimate stories never before told, with rare family photographs of personal, as well as more public moments in the life of the Wallace Family, will take the reader inside the inner sanctuary of history being made, and to many will remind you of the George Wallace you knew and to many others reveal a man you never knew.< Less
The Status of Women in Islam By Dr. Sherif Abdel Azeem
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In the West, Islam is believed to be the symbol of the subordination of women par excellence. In order to understand how firm this belief is, it is enough to mention that the Minister of Education in... More > France, the land of Voltaire, has recently ordered the expulsion of all young Muslim women wearing the veil from French schools! A young Muslim student wearing a headscarf is denied her right of education in France, while a Catholic student wearing a cross or a Jewish student wearing a skullcap is not. The scene of French policemen preventing young Muslim women wearing headscarves from entering their high school is unforgettable. It inspires the memories of another equally disgraceful scene of Governor George Wallace of Alabama in 1962 standing in front of a school gate trying to block the entrance of black students in order to prevent the desegregation of Alabama's schools.< Less