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The Innisfree Poetry Journal (Fall, 2012) By Greg McBride (editor)
Paperback: $7.20
Prints in 3-5 business days
GREG McBRIDE (editor), A Closer Look: Martin Galvin and Jenn Blair, Kim Bridgford, Lara Candland, Gayle Reed Carroll, Grace Cavalieri, Catherine Chandler, Jen Coleman, Barbara Westwood Diehl, Jean... More > Free, Monique Gagnon German, Kirsten Hampton, Maryanne Hannan, Adam Hanover , John Harn, Gretchen Hodgin, Deborah Howard, Charles Hughes, Rod Jellema on Martin Galvin, Jacqueline Jules, Maham Khan, Ann Knox, Len Krisak, Michael Lauchlan, Lyn Lifshin, Diane Lockward, Laura Manuelidis, David McAleavey, Amanda Jane McConnon, John McKernan, George Moore, Jean Nordhaus on Moshe Dor, Andrea O'Brien, Andrew H. Oerke, Anthony Opal, Laura Orem on Michele Wolf, Barbara J. Orton, William Page, Beth Paulson, John Perrault, Dan Pettee, Oliver Rice, Elisavietta Ritchie, W.M. Rivera, James Robison, Hilary Sideris, Janice D. Soderling, Terence Winch, Rosemary Winslow on Ann Knox, Kathi Wolfe, Katherine E. Young on Ann Knox< Less
The Innisfree Poetry Journal (September, 2011) By Greg McBride (editor)
Paperback: $7.52
Prints in 3-5 business days
GREG MCBRIDE, editor. Closer Look: Jean Nordhaus. Peggy Aylsworth, Bruce Bennett, Brad Bisio, Judith Bowles, Terri Brown-Davidson, Wendy Taylor Carlisle, Gayle Reed Carroll, Grace Cavalieri, Will... More > Cordeiro, Barbara Crooker, Philip Dacey, Dante DiStefano, Margot Farrington, Roger Fogelman, Taylor Graham, Will Greenway, Maryanne Hannan on Diane Lockward, Audrey Henderson, Laura Eleanor Holloway, Siham Karami, Peter Kline, Judy Kronenfeld, Michael Lauchlan, Lyn Lifshin, Laura Manuelidis, Judith McCombs, Nancy Fitz-Hugh Meneely, Joe Mills, Yvette Neisser Moreno, David D. Nolta, Andrew H. Oerke, Dean Olson, Laura Orem on Linda Pastan, Laura Orem on Terence Winch, Scott Owens, William Page, Beth Paulson, R.D. Parker, Eleanor Paynter, Joanna Pearson, Simon Perchik, Oliver Rice, W.M. Rivera, Michael Salcman, Mike Smetzer, Matthew Buckley Smith, Stephen Spencer, Rob Spiegel, Jack Stewart, Mark Thalman, Kathi Wolfe, Patrick Woodcock, Katherine E. Young< Less
The Space Between Our Danger And Delight By Dan Vera
Paperback: $15.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
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The poetry of Dan Vera is clear, strong, honest and funny. He’s the sharp-eyed observer in the corner who doesn’t say much, but makes every word count. He handles the political and the... More > personal with equal grace, even as the lines blur. Dan Vera is damn good company. You’ll see. Martín Espada This is what we first understood poetry to be, miraculous and humble. In the deepest part of the heart where we truly reside, there is always a wish that poetry will rinse off artifice. This is it. This is the most satisfying book of poems we can read if we want to witness language with a real poet as its servant. Grace Cavalieri Ranging through landscape and history, family legacy and gay life, Dan Vera’s poems are melodic, lucid, and concise examinations of “the limits of earthly loving.” They remind us of what blessings the world possesses and what flesh-hating forces endanger those delights. Jeff Mann< Less
LEGACY By Richard Harteis
Paperback: $16.95
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LEGACY is an extended elegy for the poet William Meredith, written by Meredith's partner of 36 years, Richard Harteis, after Meredith’s death in the spring of 2007. This group of poems is... More > spoken out of the silence of a great personal loss and a great literary loss. When Meredith, former U.S. Poet Laureate suffered a stroke, Richard - a health professional and writer - restored William through the courageous bond that compels poets to write. LEGACY sustains the author, and any of us who has experienced such pain. During the course of their days, William Meredith and Richard Harteis lived a dazzling poetry-making life in dual activities -- a luxury of mutual contemplation. Now, one is gone, and the other pilots his loss through the unanswerable questions showing why we love and why we write. These poems are how a poet speaks, transforming stillness into animation. Each poem leads to another poem, inviting the reader into the reward of trust and love. Grace Cavalieri< Less

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Genius Matters Genius Matters By Angela Maiers
Paperback: $22.00