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Rock the STAAR Middle School Expository Writing: Score 4 Writing Tips and Exercises By Charles Fears
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This text provides easy-to-use charts and short instruction activities that are designed to improve middle school student writing skills and ensure they Score a 4 on the STAAR Expository Writing... More > Composition. The instruction, activities, assessments and rubrics are aligned with Texas state standards and support the vertical alignment of English Language Arts writing instruction for grades 6-8. Repetition, short instruction, visual aids and correctly completed examples, accommodate both Special Education students and Limited English Profciency students, while providing challenges for the Gifted and Talented writer in the classroom with metacognative activities. This book is so easy to use that teachers across the content areas could incorporate it into their daily instruction as daily warm-up activities. The campus-wide implementation of this book will support higher levels of student performance on the STAAR Expository Writing Composition. Help all of your students Score a 4!< Less
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WRITING FOR MAGAZINES, by Allan Young. “He does not write at all whose writings no one reads.” Martial, A.D. 40-102. These words are just as true today as they were over 2000 years ago.... More > But what better way to assure that your writings are read than to have them appear in a regularly published periodical magazine with a guaranteed readership. This book will help you accomplish that. Allan Young is an experienced freelance writer who wrote his first published article while in sixth grade, and since then has written articles and short stories for many publications while serving in engineering and management positions in manufacturing and publishing companies. He has conducted seminars and made speeches on freelance writing for periodicals, sharing his knowledge fro both side of the fence about getting published, and in this book he makes that knowledge available to everyone.< Less
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This collection is designed to introduce all elements that are required to play the piano- learning where the notes are on the keyboard, how to read music and basic technique to control the fingers.... More > The book is divided up into sections that focus on each element in turn. The aim is to use each section as required, alternating between them, rather than working through the book from start to finish. Towards the back of the book there are pages of blank manuscript paper for either first experiments with composition, theory lessons or any other use to help with lessons. There are also some reference sheets, with note names, time values and score information in case you forget. Most students who have completed this course of study have successfully mastered the ABRSM grade one and two piano exams. To accompany this book, Scales and Arpeggios made Easy for the Piano is also available.< Less
A Likely Story By Kevin L McDaniel & Michell G Clark
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It's a problem most teachers have experienced. A family emergency or illness requires your immediate attention. Your mind is focused on your personal needs, but you still need to put together an... More > engaging lesson plan that will meet the core standard requirements and be simple enough for any substitute to easily step in and deliver to your students. A Likely Story was designed to ease the stress teachers encounter when unexpected events pull them away from the classroom. Each lesson is designed to stand alone, and they are aligned to the core standards for grades 6-9 ELA classes. This collection of fables and fairy tales covers a variety of reading and writing activities to help students develop critical thinking skills and connect the stories to real-life experiences.< Less
My Classical Copybook By Elizabeth Claggett
eBook (PDF): $7.50
This wide-ruled copybook for grades K5-3rd contains BLANK pages. You will write or paste in his copywork selection for the week. He will copywork the selection two days and write it from dictation... More > the third. There is even space to illustrate it! This version of My Classical Copybook includes EXTRA space between the wide-ruled lines. This is space for "descenders" or the tails on letters like "j" and "g". It will be especially helpful to younger students and those writing in cursive. The printed, spiral-bound book contains pages for 36 weeks of copywork and dictation, a total of 144 pages. If you would like it in a printable pdf, please see the ebook form. Please note that this copybook does NOT contain copywork selections. You can use copywork selections from materials you are already working on such as Scripture, poetry, the alphabet, quality literature, etc.< Less
Teaching is Not a Four Letter Word: How to Stop Worrying and Love the Job By Tom DeRosa
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Are you a new teacher wondering how you can make it through this year and the next? Are you a veteran who's on the verge of leaving the profession? Are you committed to the classroom, but... More > struggling and searching for guidance? Teaching can be a frustrating and difficult job. In Teaching is Not a Four Letter Word: How to Stop Worrying and Love the Job, you will find relevant advice for surviving and thriving no matter your situation. Drawing on experiences teaching in multiple grade levels, subjects and schools, Tom DeRosa offers simple lessons to help you overcome challenges in and out of the classroom. Tom DeRosa is the author of Ten Cheap Lessons: Easy, Engaging Ideas for Every Secondary Classroom (2008) and the teacher resource blog I Want to Teach Forever (< Less
Word Wise: Interactive Lessons to Develop Strong Word Attack & Spelling Skills By Debra Housel
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Word Wise is an innovative, effective program that strengthens students’ word attack and spelling skills. The method works best for students in grades 2 through 6. Word Wise includes 55... More > short, daily lessons to help your students become competent, confident decoders and spellers. It explains how to create a 30-week spelling program using the 120 most common word parts in the English language. This lets you teach spelling in a practical, vocabulary-building manner. When used in conjunction with the interactive word attack lessons, the students’ transfer of spelling knowledge to their written work is astounding. Word Wise has an appendix with an extensive word list correlated to the most commonly used word parts. Use this program to make your students word wise! Get the first five lessons free from my website:< Less
Letters Tracing By Brainy Kidz
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From taking their initial steps to figuring out the way to read, youngsters gain self-confidence as they grasp brand new abilities. It is a good idea for parents to schedule day-to-day handwriting... More > sessions in order to boost their little one's writing abilities. - This specific workbook is developed in order to help your young children in order to learn about the alphabet from A-Z. - Simple to follow workbook to get loads of letter tracing practice. - Adorable child-friendly images will certainly assist your little one always remembering the letters of the alphabet - Letter tracing manual for toddlers, preschool, and grade one - Practice vital school abilities - Handwriting practice in order to learn vital writing capabilities< Less
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HLT 540 GRAND CANYON WEEK 5 COMPLETE WORK Just Click on Below Link To Download This Course: URL= Contact... More > US HELP@TUTORIALSEXPERTS.US HLT 540 Grand Canyon Week 5 Complete Work HLT540 HLT 540 Grand Canyon Week 5 Discussion 1 Discuss the concept of the normal distribution, why it is important, and what you think it means. HLT 540 Grand Canyon Week 5 Discussion 2 When students talk about “grading on the curve,” how does that apply to the normal distribution? HLT 540 Grand Canyon Week 5 Assignment 1 Broyles Textbook Practice Exercise Details: Complete “Practice Exercise 1” (page 157) and “Practice Exercise 11” (page 180) in the textbook. For the data set listed,< Less
Exploring Careers in Art By Tracy Fortune
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You will want this book if you are a creative person researching possible careers in art, an art teacher looking for ways to help your students connect their art learning to art careers, a substitute... More > teacher looking for fun lessons to have “in your back pocket,” or a home-school parent looking for new ways to encourage your son or daughter in art. It is a great resource for anyone looking for a user-friendly guide to different art careers. The 60+ activities in Exploring Careers in Art are especially well suited for students in grades 4-10. The book also contains a short guide to selecting an art career that suits you based on your personality traits. Exploring Careers in Art was written by National Board Certified Art Educator Tracy Fortune.< Less

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