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Monster Study Guide By Ana Verhar
Paperback: $19.90
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This study guide enables students to gain in-depth understanding of Walter Dean Myers' work Monster. The wide range of activities and exercises are designed to raise awareness of ethics and legal... More > systems, to further students' writing, speaking, critical and analytical thinking skills, as well as their imagination and creativity. Each study guide section provides vocabulary exercises, text comprehension, discussion questions, guided interpretation of passages, writing tasks featuring different text types with instructions for composition. Pre-reading tasks encourage students to anticipate developments, discuss legal and ethical issues, expand their vocabulary. Graphic organizers help to structure information visually, identify bias, distinguish fact from opinion, analyze elements of literature and style. Role-play activities challenge students to take a stand, to convince, to solve problems. Teachers have many opportunities for varied assessment. Intended for grades 9-11, native speakers or learners of English< Less
A Perfect Gentle Knight By Teacher Timesavers
eBook (PDF): $9.95
A Perfect Gentle Knight: A novel study for Grades 5-8...A game based on the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, helps the Bell children deal with the grief following the death... More > of their mother. Problems arise when Sebastian, the eldest is unable to distinguish between the game and reality. Each novel study contain an average of 65 pages and includes: Suggestions for teaching the unit...A vocabulary list...Comprehension questions...Activity cards for grammar...Creative writing...Word study...Research and integrated activities...Tracking and record sheets...Answer key. Please visit our website for more information and sample pages.< Less
EXAMINATION SURVIVALS: Effective Tips On How To Study And Score Big In An Exam By $2 Publishing House
eBook (PDF): $1.99
Everybody has got a different "learning style". Consequently, everybody has a different "studying style". But the way that you're studying right now might not be the best for you.... More > How would you know? Simple: If your grades are not what you would like them to be, then you probably have to modify how you study! Study skills hinge on one thing, and that's your willingness to want to improve and do well in school. If you genuinely do not want to make the effort and sacrifice, no amount of suggestions, tips, or outlines will be able assist much. You're the one who's responsible for your education, and effective study skills can help you. So utilize these techniques and always work smart, not hard!< Less
Learning About Cars and How to Take Care of Them Progressive Level By Cesar Da Silva
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This automotive maintenance workbook is a "next-step" book which builds upon the content of the Introductory Level Learning About Cars book. It is an excellent classroom resource for... More > students to build their skill set at the grade 11/12 level. Suitable for life skills and IEP audiences, Learning About Cars Progressive Level includes literacy and numeracy exercises that help prepare students for the OSSLT. This progressive level workbook contains twice the experiential learning exercises of the Introductory workbook and concludes with descriptions of various career opportunities for graduates into the transportation sector workforce. This workbook is presented in an easy-to-read format with larger font, in a smooth flowing structure. Please contact the author on his site if you have any questions or would like to see a video preview of the book:< Less
Word Wise: Interactive Lessons to Develop Strong Word Attack & Spelling Skills By Debra Housel
eBook (PDF): $6.30
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Word Wise is an innovative, effective program that strengthens students’ word attack and spelling skills. The method works best for students in grades 2 through 6. Word Wise includes 55... More > short, daily lessons to help your students become competent, confident decoders and spellers. It explains how to create a 30-week spelling program using the 120 most common word parts in the English language. This lets you teach spelling in a practical, vocabulary-building manner. When used in conjunction with the interactive word attack lessons, the students’ transfer of spelling knowledge to their written work is astounding. Word Wise has an appendix with an extensive word list correlated to the most commonly used word parts. Use this program to make your students word wise! Get the first five lessons free from my website:< Less
For Every Voice, a Different Truth By
Paperback: $13.00
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Advisories around the city—and most likely the country—are full of students and teachers who don’t necessarily have the resources to help them identify issues that are of true... More > importance to young people today. There is a need for this and the students, themselves, are in the perfect position to provide this resource. They know what they, and their peers, need and want to talk about. Their voices ought to be heard. This is the idea behind For Every Voice, A Different Truth. For an entire year, these 10th grade NYC public school students interviewed, researched and wrote a book for use in high school advisories. Call it a guide or call it a handbook, it is full of topics and issues that they determined to be relevant and, perhaps most importantly, ones that would generate much needed discussion. Their writing, as well as the questions they pose, is designed to provoke inquiry and empower individuals in classrooms to begin to talk about the issues that matter.< Less
Music For The Simple Man By Dexter Nelson
eBook (PDF): $5.00
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Looking for a fun but structured class to begin or rekindle your interest in music? This course will build a solid foundation of the theoretical elements of music, including sound, pitch, rhythm,... More > melody, harmony, and notation. Music for the Simple Man is a complete and progressive, music theory course. You begin with a solid foundation of the theoretical elements of music, then intermediate theory, core composition concepts, and songwriting. Next you move on advanced theory and methodology, and put it all into practice with graded exercises and real world examples. You will become one of my private students! I am always available to help you! Are you a beginner, a professional or somewhere in between? Music for the Simple Man is an invaluable book to add to your collection. You will reference it time and time again. Begin site reading and composing music in as little as two weeks!< Less
The Secret to College Success By Bruce Gibbs
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This book gives you a secret. It shares the secrets of college success from an instructor's point of view of how to be successful in college. The book gives you the secret on how to get a grade... More > changed, how to pick the best roommate, how to not get saddled with collegiate debt, how to get a job after graduation, how to maximize your safety on campus, how to pick the best major for you, how to pick the best classes, and many more. Professionals from Ivy League schools such as Duke, Cornell, and Yale recommend the book. The book give secrets every college student should know. The secrets in this book can help you to be a better student and can in fact, change your life. Unlock the secret for yourself.< Less
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LAS 432 WEEK 4 DQ LATEST-DEVRY Visit Below Link, To Download This Course: Or Email us on SUPPORT@TUTORIALSSERVICE.NET LAS... More > 432 Week 4 DQ Latest-DeVry LAS432 LAS 432 Week 4 DQ 1 Latest-DeVry Technology and Art (graded) We normally think of the arts as very different from technologies in spite of the fact that art (with perhaps a few exceptions) is practiced with the help of technology. This practice creates interdependence between technology and art. To what extent does art respond to, or is shaped by, the technology that enables it? To what extent have advanced and accessible digital technologies, such as websites, digital photography, and YouTube, changed the relationship between art and technology? Are these technologies reshaping our attitudes toward artists?< Less
Mth 010 H 030 H Math Honors By Susan Tatsui-D'Arcy
eBook (PDF): $49.99
This three-trimester Kindergarten honors math program will prepare students for Merit Academy’s 1st grade math. This course will use manipulatives to provide students with hands-on spatial... More > learning that builds a strong foundation in math. Looking at relationships between numbers and patterns in number sequences at an early age helps the students to enjoy the world of mathematics. In order to maximize the students’ exposure to each new concept, the students are required to complete all problems in each section of their workbooks. In addition to one-to-one instruction in math concepts, the students also do CoreBasixx or Kumon Math, which offer the students the opportunity to master mathematic areas where they may be weak to ensure success as they work their way through more advanced mathematics.< Less

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Birth Log Book Birth Log Book By Emily Rumsey
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