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Dream Your Dream By Deborah Brooks Langford
Paperback: $29.00
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FULL COLOR EDITION ... When I was in 5th grade my teacher introduced me to books. Jane Eyre Wuthering heights... etc... I fell in love with books... They took me on adventures and I would daydream...... More > And I started writing... I have been writing poems all my life. When I was in school I would write instead of listen and dream of different poems and stories. My passion is poetry. I love to write and if I don’t write I feel very depressed. Writing my poetry and stories helps me emotionally. I was born in North Carolina, I am a military brat. We lived in Germany and Spain and Turkey. My father's side of the family comes from Cherokee North Carolina and my mother's families are English. I dedicated everything I do in the memory of my wonderful sweet mother and to Jesus Christ My Lord and Savior.< Less
Dark Clouds Rising: A Marine's Life during the Persian Gulf War By Ernest L. Johnson III
eBook (PDF): $3.99
Fresh out of High School. Do I go to Junior College? Do I join the Military? Which branch should I join? I lacked the grades needed to obtain a scholarship. Beyond that, I needed to know if I had... More > what it takes to be one of The Few, The Proud, The Marines. So I enlisted in the Marine Corps. This is my story. During stressful times, I kept a journal to help deal with the situation. Now, 20 years after the Persian Gulf War aka Desert Shield/Desert Storm, Here is my story. From Boot Camp to my first deployment overseas to Okinawa and the Philippines, and finally to Saudi Arabia for Desert Shield/Desert Storm. Thanks to my Mother who kept all my letters I mailed home. They have been chronologically integrated into my journal so the reader may have a fuller experience of what seemed important to a young man finding his way in the world.< Less
Religions in My Neighborhood eBook By Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Our K-4 religious diversity curriculum fights prejudice and hatred by promoting respect for differences - and it's free for a limited time! It’s never too early for students to gain comfort... More > with the wide array of religious and cultural differences in the U.S. and to establish a foundation for responsible global citizenship. Tanenbaum’s creative and highly regarded curriculum helps educators teach about the world’s major religious and nonreligious belief systems in a respectful and inclusive manner (all while developing academic skills and meeting Common Core Learning Standards). Geared to grades K-4 but readily adaptable, Religions in My Neighborhood can supplement pre-existing curricula or stand on its own for short-term or after-school programs. Thanks to the Sy Syms Foundation, Tanenbaum can now offer this curriculum entirely free of charge ($34.95 value)! If you download it, we'd love to hear from you. You can reach out to us at< Less
Probationer's Textbook By CT Gnostica Society
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For the first time ever the essential Probationer documents and holy books has been compiled together into one volume! The Connecticut Gnostica Society has released this valuable collection for... More > anyone who has taken steps on the path toward initiation into the Thelemic Order A∴A∴ Easy to carry softcover edition is a MUST HAVE for any one who is ready to bring their magical development to the next level. We've even included end page notes to help you get started on your Magickal Diary! Part 1: Preliminary Materials - Organization - Grade details - Syllabus of the steps upon the path Part 2: Probationer Documents - Preliminary Lection - First volume of the Holy Books Part 3: Supporting Resources - The Law - Experiments - Rituals These essential texts are the cornerstone of the Probationer tasks for the A∴A∴ initiation system developed by Aleister Crowley. Begin your preliminary steps on the path of initiation and order the Probationer's Textbook today.< Less
SNAP By Eugene M. Gagliano
Paperback: $9.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Strange how a single sound, like a snap, can change your life. When 14-year-old Jace befriends a lone boy, his dream vacation turns into a nightmare. Jace suspects Cody has a dark secret and seeks to... More > help him—somehow. When the “secret” turns into a fight for their lives, the boys must use all their instincts to survive.... As the chase intensifies, they both worry. “What will happen next?” Cody carefully lowered himself down the ladder. When he reached the bottom, Jace started down. He stepped lightly, but as he neared the last step, his luck ran out. The ladder rung snapped and made a shattering sound that would change his life forever. He stumbled and fell. Cody’s dad woke with a start and stood up. Blinking, he pointed the pistol directly at Jace. A middle grade mystery suspense from Eugene M. Gagliano, poet laureate for the State of Wyoming and author of Wedge of Fear.< Less
Subnetting For Beginners By Chester Mckinney
Paperback: $8.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Subnetting For Beginners - IP Subnetting And Binary Math For Beginners - Learn How To Easily Pass Your CCNA! (FREE BONUS INCLUDED) Do you want to master subnetting? Are you preparing for CCNA exam?... More > If the answer of both of the above questions is yes, then you are at the right place. This book will help you out in mastering the subnetting process as well as to get good grades in the exam. If you are a newbie, but still want to learn the subnetting process than this guide is here to serve you. This book will tell you about all the basic concepts of subnetting in an easy and concise way. After reading this book, you are ready to do subnetting or to appear in CCNA test. It will give you information about all the basic concepts of subnetting. Read this book and try subnetting. Here is a preview of what you'll learn: Fundamentals of Networking and Subnetting, Rules of IP addresses, Subnetting Basics and Advantages, What is Supernetting and Variable Length Subnet Mask? IPv6 for New Generation< Less
Teenage Dirtbag By Ronnie Bennett
Paperback: $15.79
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Renee Delilah Parker has always been an average girl. She had average grades, she was funny and a basic tomboy. Her mother sends her to spend the Summer in Mullingar, with her paranoiac grandmother,... More > her grumpy grandfather and her slutty cousin. She doesn’t want to do anything but stay inside all day on Tumblr. It all changes for her when she meets Niall Horan, the bad boy. Niall's tattoos, his attitude and his flirty ways annoy her, but she can’t help the attraction he feels towards him. They’re complete opposites: he’s the punk bad boy, while she’s the goody two-shoes. Soon, he shows her what his life is all about: skating, smoking, drinking, partying, drugs and sex. The normal life of a teenage dirtbag. Without either of them noticing, the start to fall in love. But what will happen when she’ll have to leave Mullingar, to go back to London? Is it just a fling for them, just a normal summer love? Find out in Teenage Dirtbag.< Less
Blank Anime Manga Comic Sketchbook By J. Hudson
Paperback: List Price: $11.99 $9.59 | You Save: 20%
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The Anime Manga Blank Comic Notebook: (Fun! Drawing Paper For Anime Manga)Draw your own Anime Manga Comics. This blank comic sketchbook has a variety of templates designed to simulate actual comic... More > book pages, to give you the feel of really creating your own professional grade graphic novel! No more plain, boring squares and rectangles just sitting in a row, leaving nothing to inspire the imagination. (-And much more work to be done to convert your drawings to a publishable comic book!) These pages are already laid out in style! - Variety of Templates - Original comic book page styles. - For Manga, Manhwa, Manhua, Anime & all International Comics. - 120 pages of comic panel drawing paper For Anime Manga Comic Books / Cartoon Animation. - Durable cover to protect your book - [Gloss-Finish]. - Printed on paper perfect for fine tip pens, colored pencils and markers. - Notebook Measures 8.5" x 11" (21.59 x 27.94 cm) - Large / Big - Format - Every purchase helps support Disabled Veterans!< Less
Sex On The Wrong Brain By Ard Falten
Paperback: $15.00
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In 'Sex On The Wrong Brain', Ard Falten wraps zany science fiction around the theory that humanity is doomed because we're sending impatient satisfaction-demanding sex energy to the mathematical,... More > logical parts of the brain, where it creates greed, fear, and authoritarianism. Within days of finding an alien supertool Lulu Lopez is on the run and up to her ears in sex zombies, alien hunters, and the king of talk radio, her nemesis since the third grade. He's convinced half the country Lulu's the witch who's causing the world-wide epidemic of nose and elbow mutations and it's time to bring back public exorcisms. Meanwhile, with global warming getting bad fast, an intergalactic maintenance man struggles to find the ancient alien 'transmitter' that will reestablish true human nature and end thousands of years of greed, patriarchy, and environmental destruction. He'll take any help he can get, from prairie dogs to the Pope, but he and Earth are running out of time. What he really needs is a date with Lulu.< Less
Nuclear Weapons Materials Gone Missing: What Does History Teach? By Strategic Studies Institute et al.
Paperback: $21.50
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In 2009, the President of the United States spotlighted nuclear terrorism as one of the top threats to international security and launched an international effort to identify, secure, and dispose of... More > global stocks of weapons-usable nuclear materials—namely highly enriched uranium and weapons-grade plutonium. Since that time, three nuclear security summits have been held, along with scores of studies and workshops (official and unofficial), drawing sustained high-level attention to the threat posed by these materials. However, little attention has been given to incidences where sensitive nuclear materials actually went missing. This volume seeks to correct this deficiency, examining incidences of material unaccounted for (MUF) arising from U.S. and South African nuclear weapons programs, plutonium gone missing from Japanese and British civilian production facilities, and a theft of highly enriched uranium from a U.S. military contractor in the 1960s that was used to help fuel Israel’s nuclear weapons program.< Less

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