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Jordyn's Trip, Part 2 By Roberta Guess
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This is part two of the story about Jordyn and Trip. The siblings visited Grandma and Papaw in the countryside. In part two, they are in grade school. As in the first story, Trip allows us to... More > discover another valuable lesson. The story shed light on healthy fear, or good fear versus bad fear. Unknowingly, Trip reveals the difference between the two boundaries. In the story Trip: 1. Shows that courage and fear are part of life. 2. Reveals the correct use of courage. 3. Reveals wisdom in understanding fear of a toy car versus a real car. 4. Finally, Trip shows us that courage is a correct response in context of a toy car, which is harmless. The spiritual individual reading to a child may find a deeper meaning in the story.< Less
The Berry Big Hug By J.R. Poulter & Joyeeta Neogi
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What to do when you are told NOT to, but those big, juicy, sweet mulberries are dangling right in front of your nose! What if you just have one… A humorous picture book for preschool to... More > primary age children, about making choices and dealing with the results! REVIEW: "The Berry Big Hug is delightfully humorous tale about solving a very sticky problem using words of wisdom from Grandma. Knowledge passed down through generations, which is respected and remembered, is the soul of this story." A. T. Crick, teacher, B.A., Grad. Dip. Ed., taught children from indigenous outback to multicultural city classrooms. A collaboration between Joyeeta Neogi, illustrator, India, J.R.Poulter, multi-awarded author, Australia, and Muza Ulaswoski, multi-awarded book designer/illustrator, Australia.< Less
Silent Muzic for Ebony Spirits By olufemi osokoya
eBook (PDF): $11.98
‘Ah … Cush … sweet Cush … cradle of life! … Let me dip my hands into your basket and bless mankind with your delicious sweet fruit!’ ... More > (Silent Muzic) ‘Straight from the heart of Africa comes this delicious helping of ‘Ebony Broth’ guaranteed to warm a fire in the deepest chambers of your royal soul. Wander into the unforgettable ‘Grandma’s Kitchen’ and experience a hilarious blend of ancient wisdom, cultural delights and theatrics as Grandma reveals her secrets for good living. Feel the dynamic beats of ‘The Wisdom Song’, packed with an explosive brand of ‘Ebony muse’. Or simply just relax and unwind, once you’ve climb up the ‘Seven steps to Freedom’ on your way through this Silent Muzic … for Ebony Spirits’.< Less
"A Look Through Granny's Window 1" By Marylee Smithwick
Paperback: $20.00
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When Granny comes to live with the Thaxton's her stories and total truths help her family and friends to unite and grow through laughter and pathos of getting old. There is nothing like grandma hands... More > and wisdom. Granny said once,"How are you gonna know where you goin if you don't know something about where you been." "HISTORY IS AN EVERYDAY OCCURANCE; TODAY IS TOMORROW'S HISTORY..< Less
The Adventures of Reddy Fox By Thornton W. Burgess
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Reddy Fox, the young hero is sent to stay with his grandma. Grandmother Fox is the “wisest, slyest and smartest fox in all the country around” and she takes it upon herself to educate... More > Reddy in the things that every fox should know! Thus begins a battle of wits between Farmer Brown, Farmer Brown's Boy, Reddy and Grandmother Fox. Interspersed with each story are tiny nuggets of valuable lessons on life—the dangers of pride and boastfulness, the value of friendship and loyalty, the perils of disobedience, nature's laws, kindness to others even though they may be our enemies and other such wonderful bits of folksy wisdom...< Less
Immortal Longings of Oz By Paul Dana
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There’s big trouble in the Land of Ev – and Ojo and Button-Bright have blundered right into the thick of it! All the two boys want is a new home for their friends Jandilay and Onna Val,... More > perhaps at the wonderful Royal Puppet Theater of Ev – but first they must deal with an enchanted King, a vain Queen Regent who hungers for immortality, and the threat of a Wheeler revolt. Tempers are also fraying back in Oz, where Grandma Natch is stuck with an unwelcome visitor. Does the solution lie in Ev or An or Noland? Should our heroes trust the wisdom of an ancient phoenix or the mysterious schemes of a Red Jinn? The one thing they know for certain is that they’re in over their heads!< Less
Let Me Tell You A Story By Alice Telle
Paperback: $5.00
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Let Me Tell You A Story is a collection of the wit and wisdom of a woman who skillfully weaves her love for God and her joy for life into delightful stories. You will laugh uncontrollably as you read... More > about the day Grandma fell into a dicey situation at the cemetery. You will be charmed by a mouse family that learns what a true gift really is, and you will smile when you hear the truth about what really makes a dog's tail wag. Your heart will be warmed when you discover how the gift of a red dress effected a town that desperately needed a name change. Alice wrote these stories and more as a gift of love for her family and grandchildren, but it will be felt keenly by any reader!< Less
Battered Butterflies Still Fly By Dechenet Shalene
Paperback: $14.95
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Grow through the pain of your situation…… So you can learn to take flight above it After a soul shaking breakup Sapphire Washington is left to pick up the pieces of her already damaged... More > heart. As a successful psychologist she must now find a way to deal with her insecurities of being obese and feeling undesirable. She depends on her big brother DJ and best friends Alexis Prince, a once successful accountant battling her own childhood trauma, and Chantey Jackson a single mother of 3 fleeing an abusive relationship. Together they travel through the pain of abandonment, abuse, depression and rape seeking support from father figure Damian Washington, wisdom from Grandma Mae and answers from a God they don’t personally know yet they seek to understand. Take the journey of flight with this family as they learn to find purpose in their pain and heal from the consequences of their choices. A butterfly even bruised and battered is still capable of beautiful flight.< Less

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