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Grandmaster By Dean Weber
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Set during the 1970s, on a campus of a major University on Long Island, the main character of this thrilling story is a martial arts expert, a doctoral student at the University, who is confronted by... More > a giant, super strong, crazed maniac. The book contains graphic and detailed descriptions of all aspects of karate and kung-fu, and is concerned with the relationship between martial arts, philosophy and the meaning of life. The book is based on some true experiences, and although a work of fiction, does give the reader a true insight into what it is like to be a martial arts grandmaster.< Less
WHFSC Grandmaster's Council: a compendium of the world's leading Grandmasters By Bram Frank
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This a compendium of the world's greatest council of Grandmasters. These Grandmasters both past and present represent an amazing history of the martial arts. It contains their bios told as they want... More > it heard and seen along with pictures past and present of these Grandmasters. The WHFSC World Head of Family Sokeship Council brings together Grandmasters and Sokes from every style of martial arts to a yearly meeting, with an awards dinner, Hall of Fame and seminars sessions given by the Grandmasters themselves. Included in the book are some of the upcoming masters in the martial arts.< Less
FMA Grandmasters and Masters By Bram Frank
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This book is about some the many Masters and Grandmasters of the FMA: Filipino Martial Arts. Some are well known others are relatively obscure, some are famous, others are known only by their skill... More > but they all have in common their love for the Filipino Martial Arts and their connection through training, friendship, heritage or lineage with GM Bram Frank. Some are the heroes of the Philippines and the spirit of Arnis like the late Professor Remy Presas, part of American martial art history with the FMA and JKD like Guro Dan Inosanto or like GM Bram Frank a faithful practitioner and instructor of the arts. Their stories are told in pictures and with a bio of who they are and what they’ve done! Regardless of gender these people give their lives, souls and energy to the Filipino Martial Arts. This is the first in a series of volumes of these wonderful people! This is the first book written by a non Filipino with a forward by a Filipino President: President Benigno Aquino III. Mabuhay< Less
Bruce Lee's Training Manual By Grandmaster William Cheung
eBook (PDF): $2.53
"...Bruce and I grew up together. We were friends since we were young boys. It was I who introduced Bruce Lee to Wing Chun School in the summer of 1954. In the old days, the master would never... More > teach the new students. It was up to the senior students to pass on the Wing Chun lessons to Bruce..." Preview this e-book for more info< Less
Tibetan Burning Palm By Grandmaster Lawrence Day
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In the movie Bloodsport, the Dux character, portrayed by Jean-Claude Van Damme, is seen crushing the bottom brick in a stack of five bricks. To achieve this feat, the movie says that he must be... More > capable of executing the Dim Mak, or death touch. A different, visually less extreme version of this feat was performed by the real Frank Dux on numerous TV shows and at various exhibitions. However, instead of crushing the bottom brick in a stack of five, causing it to visibly explode, the photo on the cover shows Frank breaking in half the bottom concrete slab in a stack of two concrete slabs alternated with two fragile and easily broken ceramic tiles that are left intact. The stunt offers proof that one can hit the outside of the body leaving no noticeable harm, while damaging an essential internal organ like the heart. Like in the movie, the strike is commonly referred to as the "death touch." -Martial Arts Illustrated Now you to can learn the secrets of the forbidden Delayed Death Touch...< Less
Secrets of the Ninja By Grandmaster Ashida Kim
eBook (ePub): $19.95
BIGGER AND BADDER THAN EVER! Ashida Kim is one of a handful of men in the world who have learned the true art of Ninjitsu, the Silent Way of stealth and assassination in feudal Japan. Initial... More > attempts to bring these secrets to the public were met with stiff resistance due to the brutal nature and terrifying effectiveness of the techniques. Now, some thirty years later, it has become a martial art classic. The Ninja can fight or disappear. Looked for, cannot be seen, listened for, cannot be heard, felt for, cannot be touched. Now, you too can become a master of invisibility with the ability to penetrate anywhere unseen and vanish without leaving a trace. 236 pages, photos and illustrations< Less
Tears Of A Dragon Brings Inspiration By Dr. Paul W Dyer Grandmaster
Hardcover: $17.43
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This book is to let you make a difference in your life. Use this book to see the tough question you have not yet answered with in yourself.
The Search for Grandmaster Svend (The Knights of St. Andrews) By LA Quill
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The Knights of St. Andrews are famous for their courage, valor, and honesty. They are known far and wide as defenders of the peace and prosperity St. Andrews has always displayed. Trained by the wise... More > and powerful Grandmaster Svend, the Knights of St. Andrews follow The Knights Code in every aspect of their lives. But now Grandmaster Svend is missing! With no clues as to his whereabouts, the Knights of St. Andrews must search the wilds of their realm and beyond to find their friend and mentor. Their journey will take them into the coldest parts of St. Andrews and have them facing off with an evil beyond imagining. Join Tristan, Payton, Jayden, and Kallum on their adventures in the first book of "The Knights of St. Andrews", a series about loyalty, courage, and the enduring nature of friendship. Assessed reading level: 4.9< Less
The Greatness of Kung Fu: A Dialog on Shaolin Kung Fu with Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit By Tim Johnson
eBook (ePub): $4.99
Grandmaster Wong is a 4th generation successor of the renowned Southern Shaolin monastery in Putian, China. Living in Malaysia, he travels the world spreading the "greatness of kung fu"... More > throughout the world through the Shaolin Wahnam institute. Learn about the masters Sifu Wong studied under and hear stories of how he trained and how he has been working to improve Kung Fu teaching methods to share his art with the world. In this book we talk about how Qi Gong can help to heal today's modern society and how "good health is natural", as well as how Kung Fu training has evolved in recent times and will continue to evolve in the future. “Good health is natural. Today, so many people are sick and weak. They mistakenly think that being sick and being weak is natural. That’s not true. Being healthy is natural.” - Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit< Less
The Greatest Chess Kings By Sylvia Lovina Chidi
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This books covers the lives and selected chess games of the following players; George Koltanowski, Ruy López de Segura, Wilhelm Steinitz, Paul Morphy, Emanuel Lasker, José... More > Raúl Capablanca, Bobby Fischer, Garry Kasparov, Anatoly Karpov, Carlsen Magnus, Kramnik, Vladimir, Aronian Levon, Radjabov Teimour, Karjakin Sergey, Anand Viswanathan, Topalov Veselin, Nakamura Hikaru, Mamedyarov Shakhriyar, Grischuk Alexander, Caruana Fabiano, Morozevich, Alexander, Ivanchuk Vassily, Svidler Peter, Leko Peter, Wang Hao, Kamsky Gata, Gelfand Boris, Gashimov Vugar, Jakovenko Dmitry, Maurice Ashley and Pontus Carlsson. 242 chess games of the current and past male chess players in the world. 8 fantastic games have been chosen from each of the modern chess Kings. The remaining 20 games are games that include previous and current male chess pioneers This book is full of history and an excellent book for studying openings, middle games, end games and solving problems.< Less