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Graves By David Brown
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One second. Two eyes watch. One life taken. Two chances. Endless possibilities. Do you ever wonder if an angel is listening? What if the angel hears you? What if the angel gets mad? Well you are... More > about to find out, the answers may shock you.< Less
The Grave By M. L. Bradley
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Here is the story of a couple of best friends and their friendship that spanned over ten years before one of them met a tragic death. Except it is not what you think until you yourself see The Grave.
Brandt Graves: Selected Works By Brandt Graves
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Pratt Masters of Architecture student portfolio.
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Martin Jackson is a boy who loves to explore. Life on the mainland was becoming to be a bore. He sailed all the oceans, he sailed all the seas. What a great adventure, to read before your teas!
Two Graves By Michael J. Marsh
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Centuries in the future, the spark of rebellion has caught on a planet far from Earth. After chafing under the rule of the autocratic dictators hundreds of light-years away, the colony Rigel has... More > decided to go its own way. When Earth resists the colonists' drive for self-determination, the struggle turns bloody. After outlaw Jason Morris's bloody rampage through space comes to an abrupt end over Rigel, he finds himself lost and wounded on an unfamiliar world. Desperate for revenge against the man who murdered his allies, Morris joins the rebellion's charismatic leader Adelle in her struggle for freedom. Matters become complicated, however, when the man who Jason will do anything to kill becomes the point man in the government's attempt to suppress the revolt. Under pressure to set aside his desire for revenge to assist the rebels, Jason must make a horrible choice: doom a planet to slavery, or let the man who destroyed everything he ever cared about go free.< Less
The Grave 2 By Anthony Charles Jenkins
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The sequel to 2005's THE GRAVE: The Return. A tragic accident transpired, binding five teenagers together to a vow of absolute secrecy. Now one of the five has been murdered--savagely taken away.... More > Enter F.B.I agent Marshal Kipp, hot on the trail of a brutal serial murderer. Will his investigation unlock the Secret between the four? Or will someone within the group unravel before then? With one of their own taken from their midst, and a shadowy nemesis at large, they have no choice but to wonder one hideous outcome: who will be the next to die!< Less
Grave of Sighs By Dexter Ruffio
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Completely broken down and obsessed with his long dead wife, a man desperately tries to work his way through winding catacombs - despite rumor of ritualistic happenings and the constant hindrance of... More > anxiety. Madness waits.< Less
Call of the Grave By Chris Poole
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A young woman going through the trials and tribulations of life finds herself in a lonely and desperate position that she can't get out of. Homeless and broken, she meets someone who would change... More > her life, change the way she thinks, and change the way she looks at her life's journey. After years of mediocrity and self pity, the young woman realizes that the key to her success has been inside of her all along. She begins to walk the long road to happiness and meets many tragic issues along the way. With a renewed spirit and outlook, she goes forward with courage and determination towards her new goal...Purpose.< Less
Cruel As The Grave By Emma Dorothy Eliza Nevitte Southworth
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Emma Dorothy Eliza Nevitte Southworth (December 26, 1819 –... More > June 30, 1899) was an American writer of more than 60 novels in the latter part of the 19th century. She was the most popular American novelist of her day.Raised in Washington, DC, Southworth studied in a school kept by her stepfather, Joshua L. Henshaw, and in 1840 married inventor Frederick H. Southworth, of Utica, New York. E.D.E.N. Southworth moved with her husband out to Wisconsin to become a teacher. After 1843, she returned to Washington, D.C. without her husband and with two young children.She began to write stories to support herself and her children when her husband deserted her in 1844. Her first story, "The Irish Refugee", was published in the Baltimore Saturday Visiter. Excerpt from:< Less
Grave Imagery By N. D. Hansen-Hill
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Book Three of The Grave Images Series EPPIE Award Finalist!    For the first time in months, Jarron Marshall is beginning to think of himself as gifted, rather than cursed. If he can... More > act on his visions, to stop disaster before it strikes, he can largely preclude his ghostly (and ghastly) manifestations. His success depends on finding the means to amend his dreams--and challenge their Grave Imagery. 187734365X ISBN< Less