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Mind-blowing Gravitation: Gravitation Equals Expansion By Ruud Loeffen
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Not only the universe is expanding. All matter expands continuously. This expansion causes acceleration from objects on the surface of big objects. We experience this as gravitation. Connecting the... More > Lorentz-transformation with the fall acceleration (9,8 m/s) the speed of the visible part of our universe is calculated to be 12278 m/s related to a primary universal inertial reference frame. At this moment there is no alternative theory to gravitation that is broadly accepted as scientific valuable. Probably we need some elements of different theories to put together. Some parts to combine, some parts to throw away, some parts to change. There must be something that we overlooked until now. Let's rethink gravitation.< Less
Quinta Essentia - Part 4 (US Letter) By Riccardo Storti
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Principles of mass-energy distribution and similitude by ZPF equilibria are utilised to derive the values of the present Hubble constant "H_0" and CMBR temperature "T_0". It is... More > demonstrated that a mathematical relationship exists between the Hubble constant and CMBR temperature such that "T_0" is derived from "H_0". The values derived are "67.0843(km/s/Mpc)" and "2.7248(K)" respectively. We also derive improved estimates for the solar distance from the Galactic centre "R_0" and total Galactic mass "M_G" as being "8.1072(kpc)" and "6.3142 x10^11(solar-masses)" respectively. The construct herein implies that the observed "accelerated expansion" of the Universe is attributable to the determination of the ZPF energy density threshold "U_ZPF" being "< -2.52 x10^-13(Pa)". Moreover, it is graphically illustrated that the gradient of the Hubble constant in the time domain is presently positive.< Less
Pure Experimental Physics Without Theory B&W By James Carter
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This is a new and simple philosophy for physics and the measurement of matter and energy within a circlon shaped universe. Mass, space, time and gravity are combined into the single mechanical system... More > of Newton’s F=ma. This principle of measurement leads to a discovery of decreasing electron mass. By following the effects of this discovery back into our evolutionary past, a creation story of the universe is revealed that is illustrated by combining the Big Bang theory’s measurements with the electrodynamics of the circlon shaped electron, proton and photons. This creation model leads us first to the red shifted Hubble galaxies and then to the Dark Energy of supernovas. Eventually, we get to the time of the 2.7˚K Cosmic Blackbody Radiation and then to a Neutron Cloud era. Much earlier we reach the time when all of our electrons and protons were bifurcated from a single antineutron. This book is illustrated with many models, equations and charts that depict the evolution of the universe.< Less
Theory of almost everything By Vaibhav Jain
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Universe without dark matter or dark energy, gravitation without any constants, expansion of universe explained, a new tool of maths invented.
Einstein, the Aether & Variable Rest Mass By Jack Heighway
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The book examines misunderstandings on the part of Einstein and others that have persisted to the present day. Part I treats special relativity, proving the existence of the aether, in terms of which... More > seeming paradoxes are explained in a cause and effect manner. Part II deals with Einstein's theory of gravity. It is shown that gravitational rest mass reduction is inherent in the theory, being the very embodiment of gravitational potential energy, causing not only the gravitational red shift, but also an elongation of all objects, including measuring rods, indicating that the accepted geometry of a black hole is incorrect. Regarding cosmology, momentum conservation demands that rest masses are increasing in proportion to the function that is presently thought to describe the expansion of the universe. Thus the cosmological red shift is a consequence of the reduced rest masses of the era of emission, not the expansion of space itself.< Less
Quaternion Theory of Gravity By WARDELL LINDSAY
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Newton and Einstein's Theories of Gravity are based on Potential Energy and left out the Vector Energy of Motion. Gravitational Energy is Quaternion Energy and includes both Real (Potential) and... More > Vector Energy of motion. When this is included the Universe is in Equilibrium, Not Expanding. The "Dark Energy" is seen to be the Vector Energy that balances the Centripetal Gravitational Energy. The Redshift is the indicator of Equilibrium, not expansion. The Redshift is the cosine of the angle between the Normal vector and momentum vector.< Less