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The Great Ocean Road By Wolfram Steinke
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Short book of photographs by Wolfram Steinke (Melbourne, Australia) on parts of the The Great Ocean Road in Victoria Australia
Australia in Photos By Kevin Crowder
Paperback: $30.50
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Beauty of Melbourne Australia By V. T.
eBook (ePub): $3.99
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Melbourne is voted one of the best city in the world. It's beautiful, mixture of modern and historical buildings. You can go back to understand the history of Australia from this city, and travel to... More > view the magnificent scenery of Great Ocean Road. If you decided to travel to Melbourne, you can bring this ebook along. Inside contains tons of information that you need to know, such as the best hotels, places of interest, car rental, great ocean road, and more. Everything you want to know about Melbourne is recorded inside. Give yourself a break. Plan your trip to Melbourne today!< Less
Australia 2010 By stefano sanvito
Paperback: $17.72
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photo gallery dall'australia meridionale, stati di victoria e south australia e la costa dell' oceano del sud
Ayibobo: Beginning Vodou By Manbo Paula Wedo
Paperback: $14.92
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This booklet, like a drop of water in the ocean, is but a tiny segment in comparison with Haitian Vodou. Vodou is vast, wondrous and totally diverse. The Lwa are glorious Beings whose capacities to... More > love and care for us are enormous. The Lwa walk with us and through faith and service relationships of great Force (power) develop with them. It is this desire to know the Lwa that brings us to the Cross-Roads and Papa Legba who opens the Gate for us. Once on the other side we find ourselves standing at the Great Cosmic Mirror. Here, in a dimension where everything is possible, we sing, dance and converse with Angels.< Less
Tides of Blood By Mario Barbati
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The calm waters of the vast sheltered harbor of the Great City’s Docks Ward have long been a clarion call for sailors, merchants, whores and adventures. Here names are made, crusades are... More > launched, and fickle fortunes are raised amidst filth and squalor. With the fights clubs shut down, many fear that the violence that was once contained shall soon spills into the streets. It is said that whomever shall control the docks of the Great City shall control the ocean of coin that laps up against its shore – and that surely is a prize worth fighting for. Tides of Blood is the third adventure of the series, written by Adam Daigle, Tim Hitchcock and Greg Oppedisano. This 42 pages adventure will take you through the Dock Ward of the Great City. You can play this adventure alone or as part of the Road to Revolution campaign arc. Tides of Blood is a mid-level urban adventure appropriate for four characters of 7th – 9th level..< Less
Driven, A Brief History of Driving the Savages Out By Brent White
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When my great grandfather moved into the Kansas Territory, he went where wise men dared not tread –Comanche Territory. What the Comanche did not know was that at the vanguard of white men... More > moving across the United States came a breed of man just as tough, and dangerous, and savage as the Comanche: the Scots-Irish. When they came to Pennsylvania in the early 1700s, Benjamin Franklin commented that they were the last savages in Europe. They moved along the Wilderness Road of Appalachia, settling in the backcountry, because several colonies offered them religious freedom if they would form a buffer between the savage aborigines and the colonies North America. In the first 100 years of American settlement, civilization advanced only 50 miles from the coast, and it was believed that whites would never settle west of the Appalachians. Then came the Scots- Irish, and within another 100 years, white settlement reached the Pacific Ocean.< Less
Erlebnis Australien Band 1 By Gerhard Lehmann
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Im Laufe einer dreimonatigen Reise mit Bushcamper und Campervan ging es rund um den östlichen Teil Australiens. Die Reise begann im August 2009 in Darwin. Im Anschluss an einen kurzen Abstecher... More > nach Westaustralien wurde der Kontinent von Nord nach Süd durchquert und kaum eine der vielen Sehenswürdigkeiten ausgelassen. Nach der Hitze des Nordens und der Kühle des Südens ging es an der Ostküste wieder zurück in die Regenwälder des tropischen Nordens von Queensland. Über die einsamen Straßen des Outback führte die Reise kurz vor Beginn der Regenzeit im November wieder zurück nach Darwin.< Less