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The Great Plains By Katie Van Sickel
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The beginning of the Great plains.
The Great Plains and Other Tales By Michael McKenna
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In The Great Plains, Katie Schmidt is quiet, humble and hard working. Horace O'Leary sees in Katie only greatness, the pride of the industrial, railroad yard-esque Southside of Chicago. Katie is... More > swept off her feet by a handsome pool hustler named Cam and alternately bored by him when he is out late and ignoring her. Katie allows Horace to tell her what Cam cannot and the ensuing love triangle threatens to mock them all. Meanwhile newcomer Betty makes Horace forget all the hard work of unrequited love. Katie finally sees Cam for what he is and becomes what she was always meant to be, perfect humility. In 9000 Miles to Swim is Nothing, Jonna goes for a swim one hot Autumn day in Lake Michigan and is whisked away inside a Russian sub to St. Petersburg and eventually Moscow. In 2021AD, the USA has become a complete police state. Terry has to decide between falling in love or becoming an outlaw.< Less
06 Great Plains By Dartmouth Atlas Group
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Medicine involves decisions. But for Medicare patients with conditions for which surgery is an option, whether they undergo elective surgery depends largely on where they live and the clinicians they... More > see. Research suggests that for many conditions -- especially those that can be treated with elective surgery -- the treatment a patient receives depends more on the physician's recommendations than the patient's preferences. When studying elective surgeries, the Dartmouth Atlas found remarkable variation in these "preference-sensitive" procedures for Medicare patients, even though they had similar conditions. This series, a collaborative project with the Informed Medical Decisions Foundation, looks at the variation in surgical rates in 306 hospital referral regions across the United States. Each report highlights one of nine regions and shows the variation that exists even across these smaller geographic areas.< Less
My Great Plains Journey, novel By Paul W. Cooper
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In the 1920's, a poor farm family with 7 children set out on a journey across the Great Plains in three tiny prairie schooners. They encountered twisters, flashfloods and blizzards, Indians,... More > barnstormers and bank robbers, injury, accident and runaway horses. It was a remarkable journey. But by the time it had ended, they were down to one wagon and had fallen 176 miles short of their destination. They would have all died but for a Christmas miracle.< Less
My Great Plains Journey, the script By Paul W. Cooper
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Screenplay for a major motion picture. The year is 1927. It's the Roaring Twenties. The age of flappers and bootleg gin. Lindbergh flew the Atlantic. Barnstormers and wingwalkers risked their... More > lives over Midwest prairies and fields. Talking movies were born. Girls bobbed their hair and rolled down their stockings. Boys wore raccoon coats, carried hip flasks and terrorized the roadways in galloping jalopies. But on a small, hardscrabble farmstead in Southeastern Oklahoma, the modern world was far away. A poor farm family with seven children had lost their farm and was forced to set out on a journey across the Great Plains in three tiny prairie schooners. They encountered twisters, flashfloods and blizzards, Indians, barnstormers and bank robbers, injury, accident and runaway horses. It was a remarkable journey. But by the time it ended, they were down to one wagon and had fallen 176 miles short of their destination. It took a Christmas miracle to save their lives.< Less
Across the Plains By Robert Louis Stevenson
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“…one child, who had lost her parents, screamed steadily and with increasing shrillness, as though verging towards a fit; an official kept her by him, but no one else seemed so much as... More > to remark her distress; and I am ashamed to say that I ran among the rest”. Across the plains describes Stevenson's arrival at New York as an immigrant, along with hundreds of other Europeans, and his train journey from New York to San Francisco in an immigrant train. Stevenson describes the train as having three sections: one for women and children, one for men, and one for Chinese. He notes that while the Europeans looked down on the Chinese for being dirty, in fact the Chinese carriages were the freshest and their passengers the cleanest.< Less
Across The Plains By Robert Louis Stevenson
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It was, if I remember rightly, five o'clock when we were all signalled to be present at the Ferry Depot of the railroad. An emigrant ship had arrived at New York on the Saturday night, another on the... More > Sunday morning, our own on Sunday afternoon, a fourth early on Monday; and as there is no emigrant train on Sunday a great part of the passengers from these four ships was concentrated on the train by which I was to travel. There was a babel of bewildered men, women, and children. Open carts full of bedding stood by the half-hour in the rain. The officials loaded each other with recriminations. A bearded, mildewed little man, whom I take to have been an emigrant agent, was all over the place, his mouth full of brimstone, blustering and interfering. It was plain that the whole system, if system there was, had utterly broken down under the strain of so many passengers.< Less
Snowflakes on the Plains By Golden Pens - Write Side Up
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If you are looking for diversity of style and content you are in the right place: we are as different as Snowflakes on the Plains: each with an exquisite pattern, a delicate crystal of the same... More > substance. Sometimes one could even think that we are as different as chalk and cheese! There is a love of nature: the country, the environment, the trees and animals, empathy for the soldiers and their loved ones: men and women who died during the Great War, excursions into fantasy. There is a fascination with the meaning of life and death and the universe itself. Exploring the past, present and the future: the hidden meanings behind it all, and there is even a good dose of larrikinism to stop us being too serious or over pompous about any of these things!< Less
At Home and at Large in the Great Plains: Essays and Memories By Paul Johnsgard
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These fourteen essays originally appeared in Prairie Fire, a monthly newspaper that for seven years has carried important messages of social, environmental, and economic issues to residents of... More > Nebraska, Iowa, Colorado, and South Dakota, and subscribers in the rest of the world. They discuss the North American east-west ecological boundaries, spring migration events, bird feeders, feathered survivors of a glacial past, the threatened sharp-tailed grouse, the effects of climate change, some “sacred places”—Aransas National Wildlife Refuge, the Ashfall Fossil Beds, Squaw Creek Refuge, the Hutton Niobrara Ranch Sanctuary, and Yellowstone National Park—, our troubles with mountain lions and grizzly bears, and crane season in Wyoming. There is also an expanded informal autobiography, “My Life in Biology” and a current and comprehensive list of all publications of a writer described as “probably the world’s most prolific living author of ornithological and natural history literature.”< Less
Mountains, Plains, Sea By Duncan Richardson
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A haiku journey through eastern Australia, illustrated with photos and sketches, taking in the wide open spaces behind the Great Divide, the alpine country of the Snowy Mountains and the great... More > expanses of beach, with many curiosities along the way.< Less