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Guardian By Holly Wolfe
eBook (ePub): $3.00
In loving memory of Holly (10-8-1997 to 3-24-2012) and Ashley. This is the story of Holly, a golden retriever border collie mix, told through her eyes. She takes the reader from her birth to her... More > death and even to the clouds beyond.< Less
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Guardian Eye Bully Awareness Protocol By Jermaine Andre
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Team Andre's Guardian Eye Bully Awareness educates youth about bullies and the effect they can have on their lives as well as how to identify and not become a bully themselves. Techniques from World... More > Champion Jermaine Andre's Modern Defense are also included in this book with instructional pictures, that allow youth a way to defend themselves against the physical attack of a bully. An additional section is added on Abduction Resistance that is also illustrated with instructional photos to direct youth on what to do if faced with an attempted abduction. After reading this book youth will be armed with the know-how and confidence to stand courageous and safe in today's world.< Less
Angel Eyes: Bedtime with an Inquisitive Child, Her Mother, and Her Guardian Angel By Lynne Guimond Findlay
Paperback: $10.92
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"Does God wear underpants?" Amanda loves to ask questions like these... especially when it's past bedtime and she doesn't want her guardian angel "staring" at her while she... More > sleeps. Mommy's responses show respect for Amanda's feelings and for her daughter's inquisitive nature. She encourages Amanda to think freely, nurtures her spiritual curiosity, and helps her develop answers of her own. Written for anyone who's ever been a child, Angel Eyes is just the right length for a bedtime story and "cuddle time."< Less
The Reaper of the Reaper - The Guardian's Storm By Eli Vladimir
Paperback: $15.99
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Todd Goodwill's life is getting complicated, dangerous, and downright stark-raving mad! When a mysterious man begins to wreak havoc in both the magic and mortal worlds, Todd is called upon to set... More > things right. However, the world's newest Reaper might not be able to stack up against his newest adversary and his legion of Foot-Soldiers. With nearing the truth of his parents' past, his constant night terrors, and his overly-complicated love life, it's enough to drive anyone insane! Join the Mediterraneans in a journey down the Rabbit-Hole that goes beyond logic, transcends fairy tales, and quite frankly goes over the (Big) Top! Colorful characters and mysteries are in tow behind Todd's quest to take down The Shoemaker. So, enjoy this adventure! Enjoy this book! Enjoy this Wonderland! For as long as you can...< Less
Butterflies, Buses, and a Guardian Angel By Alexa Sue Hooser
Paperback: $25.00
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A teacher's memories of childhood poverty, heartbreak, and loneliness were mirrored in the eyes of her students. This begins a story of teaching, tragedy, and triumph. Inspired by euphoric dreams... More > with loved ones on the other side, a mysterious “go ahead” voice, and her mother’s caring nature, she began a program to provide faith, hope and love for the children. She called it Suspreno. Likened to a butterfly by the children, the teacher suffers the loss of her mother and adorns her resting place with one final lavender rose. The teacher and the kids stick together and survive a myriad of adventures. Although there were dangers on their fifteen-year odyssey, it’s clear this group was guided and protected by guardian angels. Together, they also experience exhilaration when they crowd onto buses headed for “one more taste of heaven” at Suspreno meetings. This book will make you want to examine your place in life and look deeper into the eyes of every little child you see.< Less
Enter the Guardians Kyl By W. Shane Wilson
eBook (ePub): $4.99
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Brigand Sawyer a regular Earth boy,he gets killed saving his model Girlfreind Jillian. A Powerful race called the Kylr take him and Jillian back to Kyl and place a G-jen (Gauntlet of power) on his... More > arm, it bring him back to life as one of the Universal Guardians (Police)Brig is now on an alien planet where meets a the mysterious Korin who is very playful and dangerous and Oru a Lasomorph (shape changer)He is a Wira monkey very rare and powerful, Brig bonds with the strange creature and the adventure begins as the powerful Grot and Pirz threaten to start a galactic war. Jillian is also drawn to the sexy Korin and Brig fights his growing affection for the green eyed Korin, who has a very odd and painful past. Brig shows the aliens what it is to live and what is is to be willing to die for your principles< Less
Guardians of Hydia - Facing the Past By Alysha Stroud
Paperback: $16.23
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Their ship was sitting stranded on the shore of Desalian land, according to what she'd been told. Enemy territory. At this time of night she could see only a blurred shadow of the island and tiny... More > specks of lantern lights. The churning waves and blowing storm drowned out any chance of hearing approaching footsteps. She walked closer to the edge of the ship. Was there movement? Alexria couldn't be sure if she really saw it or not. The wind blew in strong gusts at a time. But, in the breath of time between them when the wind was still and the rain was streaming down instead of misting across, her view became a little clearer. The outline of the rocks became definite shapes instead of blurred shadows. Alexria strained her eyes. There it was again. Slow movement in and out of her view. Something. Or - as the shape became clearer - someone. A Desalian. Alexria adjusted her grip on the bow and brushed her thumb over the arch of the arrow's tail. The scout was coming closer.< Less
Innocent Eyes By Don Edmundson
eBook (PDF): $3.00
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The Neltray Dov have been covertly excavating salt from sea water from Earth and other planets for over 2,000 years. Their lives closely matched those living in communist China, except the people of... More > Neltray Dov and aboard the galaxy-traveling Mother Ships experienced a life that was comfortable, their needs were met and freedom of choice. Or so one individual named Gan thought when his breather malfunctioned and he was forced to surface near a beach. He was surprise to see people that looked like him; swimming and playing freely on the sandy beach. He cautiously walked upon the beach where he found a blanket containing unusual looking items. He reached down, picked up an electronic device and ran with it; hiding it in his wetsuit. The Guardians rescued him and he was taken back to his Excavator. He wasn't aware that the device he stole was a miniature television, but through it, and some years later, he and his brother learned to speak English and learn that they were not as free as they thought.< Less
Interviewing Guardian Angels with Comments from God and Archangels By Lee Anthony Looby PhD
Paperback: $26.75
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Hello readers, this book contains personal messages from seventy two guardian angels, three archangels and includes important words directly from God. Also included are two photos of the eye of God,... More > one of Jesus and one of the angel Luhian. In the book you will find an explanation of how the angels operate, what their duties are and some information on the nine celestial houses in which they reside. There is a dedication and also a foreword from God in the front pages of the book and He gives an introduction to each of the Nine Houses of Angels. In the chapter called ‘The Last Pages,’ God personally explains the reason why you are alive today and His ultimate plans for you. You will find a comprehensive explanation of all the spiritual realms including the names of the five different levels in the light that your soul may ascend to in spirit where you will remain until your next reincarnation or your final Judgment.Truly enlightening, this book will let you into secrets only known to God's messengers.< Less