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Asante's Gullah Journey By S. A. Gibson
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Beneda loves tending the crops on her family’s farm, until they are attacked by armed strangers. She doesn’t understand how to stop it, as she embarks on a dangerous journey to find help.... More > She appeals to the all-powerful Libraries for help in stopping the land grabbers that threaten her family and village. Librarian-swordsman Asante joins her and helps her pull her community together. His sword and Beneda’s bow join forces to protect her birthright. Can Beneda become the leader her grandmother was years before and save her family?< Less
The Gullah Cosmic Genius from Cleveland: A History of Gullah Culture and How It Spread By Walter Rhett
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Opening Chapter--"The Gullah Cosmic Genius from Cleveland"
Journey to the Sea Islands: Gullah Geechee Good! By Angel Harriott
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For a very long time, Gullah people dwelling on the Sea Islands of Charleston, South Carolina went unknown and unnoticed. The little which was known did not paint them in a positive light. It... More > resulted in questions and comments that were often disparaging rather than those that could enlighten. This caused many Gullah people to change or deny who they were and to abandon some of our cultural traditions and language after enduring years of enslavement and inequity. This book shows how the Gullah people maintained African history through their memory, knowledge and practice of customs and traditions from Africa. These traditions were passed down from one generation to the next, both intentionally and unintentionally. Through the research and work of several individuals and organizations, many people are now coming to understand and appreciate the history that they held onto for decades. This book is about the Gullah people, my journey growing up Gullah and how I saw the world through that experience.< Less
E Dat Buckra Gal En'um Grunnuts By Gary Lott
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A coming of age novel about two people from the opposite sides of the track but closer to each other than anyone else. Seemingly to swap characters they were born to play. Set in the city of... More > Chucktown where most people speak Gullah/Geechee or some form of it. Filled with religion, love, good, and the bad of life they eventually come to find themselves.< Less
Gourmet Fishing’s Lowcountry and Island Flavors Season I - Limited Edition By David Murray
Hardcover: $29.95
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Limited Edition Gourmet Fishing Lowcountry and Island Flavor's Cookbook. This edition accompanies season 1 of Gourmet Fishing TV show which began to air Oct. 11, 2015.
The Other Side of the Skillet:Healthy and Alternative Eating in The Lowcountry By Sherman Pyatt
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This book focuses on the contributions that African Americans have made to what is commonly referred to as lowcountry cuisine. It also explores health related issues that have impacted the African... More > American community as it relates to the preparation of some of these dishes. Lastly, the author presents alternative ways to enjoy this type of cuisine by including healthy ingredients and keeping the recipes intact. The reader will find useful information about the health benefits of certain herbs and spices and foods that were brought from Africa by enslaved Africans that are an integral part of the American cuisine.< Less
Harvesting Black Gold By C.B. Maltbia
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True history has usually been distorted to favor the oppressive group in charge. This has no less been the case with the history of African and African descendants in America. From the great Egyptian... More > dynasties, kings and queens of Africa, American slavery, the Gullah Wars, KKK, Civil Rights Movement, Black Panthers, American prison system, Big pharma, police killings, solutions for Black progress, natural health cures, religion vs spirituality, and much more. This book contains a wealth of information and knowledge that should be available to all people of color. Knowledge is only power when it is shared, used, and applied to make a positive difference. This book was written for that purpose along with providing truths about many aspects of history and the present to set the record straight for all who read this 424 page hardcover textbook.< Less
Harvesting Black Gold By C.B. Maltbia
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Harvesting Black Gold gives a truthful account of the much distorted and inaccurate history of African Americans and people of color worldwide. Starting with Kemet (ancient Egypt) and working its way... More > to tell the stories of many great African kings and queens, its a true eye opener. The American Civil War, Gullah Wars, Jim Crow, KKK, Civil Rights Movement, and the Black Panther Party all have truths that have not been told. Issues currently faced such as the War on Drugs, the American prison and justice system, the media, police murders without repercussions, conspiracies against people of color worldwide, and great Black achievers are discussed. Big Pharma, harmful agents and natural remedies, religion and spirituality, and planned parenthood are covered. GMOs and dangers of vaccines are explained. In closing the book discusses slavery reparations and discusses proven and viable solutions to build a Black economic infrastructure and thriving Black communities. Self accountability is also examined.< Less
20 Historical Black Natives of Charleston, South Carolina: Volume One By Richard Warren
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Did you know that Charleston (South Carolina) is the birthplace to many legendary African-American/Gullah-Geechee figures? Such as the sixth president of Liberia and the first African-American woman... More > to publish a play in the United States? This first volume of “20 Historical Black Natives of Charleston, South Carolina” features these individuals and more! Including the first African-American president of a university in the United States and the “Grandmother” of the Civil Rights Movement. You will learn extraordinary and significant information in this beautiful compilation decorated with colorful portraits of each featured Black Charlestonian. May their accomplishments inspire us to emulate their great legacy, and may their efforts motivate us to build a greater future!< Less
Penny Postcards: Unique Greetings from Dick Reeves By Martha Lanier Cotten
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H.S. (Dick) Reeves was known throughout the Southeast as “The Gullah Man.” The preservation of the Gullah patois and the beauty of its people became a primary thrust of his life. It was... More > his custom to purchase one hundred penny postcards each Christmas, on which he would write a synopsis of what had occurred during that year. These he sent to his friends and acquaintances. His daughter, the author, has gathered together some of these precious mementos, in order to help perpetuate his cause and share more of his work with you.< Less

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