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Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson By G.I. Gurdjieff
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Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson written by the mystic G. I. Gurdjieff. Because the book was intended to be the main study tool for his teachings, and because the idea of work is central to those... More > teachings, Gurdjieff went to great lengths in order to increase the effort needed to read and understand it. Gurdjieff himself once said, “I bury the bone so deep that the dogs have to scratch for it." The book treats of an enormous number of subjects and questions. It is a vast allegorical myth structure in a literary form all its own. The plot of Beelzebub's Tales primarily revolves around the ruminations of an extraterrestrial known as "Beelzebub" to his grandson Hassein, as they travel through space towards Beelzebub's home planet "Karatas" on the spaceship Karnak. It mainly recounts the adventures and travails of Beelzebub amongst the 'three-brained beings' (humans) of the planet Earth. Beelzebub covers the entire history of the strange behaviors and customs of these beings.< Less
Teachings of Gurdjieff: A Pupil's Journal By C. S. Nott
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This is a first hand account of a disillusioned young man who, having travelled round the world studying various ways and religions, finally meets Gurdjieff in New York, and is convinced by seeing... More > the demonstrations of sacred dances that at last he has found the Way he is looking for. The book, compiled from hundreds of pages of notes and diaries, is a record of sayings and doings of Gurdjieff and their impact on the young pupil at that time. It has also a description of life at the Château de Prieuré as experienced by the pupil. The journal is not an exposition of the theory of the Gurdjieff system; it is rather an account of the cumulative effect on one person of practical work in an authentic esoteric school.< Less
Gurdjieff and the Sarmoung Brotherhood By Robert Bruce Baird
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Frank Lloyd Wright said Gurdjieff was the greatest man of his century. FDR appointed Wright and Baruch to re-construct Europe and start a real New World Order. Baruch was a student of Gurdjieff too -... More > and this means a lot if you want to know who runs things.< Less
Gurdjieff and the Sarmoung Brotherhood By Robert Bruce Baird
eBook (PDF): $6.25
In 2014 the discovery of over 500,000 year old art in Indonesia makes my work in this book seem prophetic but those who know Churchward will say he knew it. Hopefully the content on the Harmonic was... More > not used for bad intent by the people Futurescape shows have and are developing machines to manipulate the World Mind. My e-mail now allows access to me so we can discuss how to bring light to the issues now facing humanity. Frank Lloyd Wright said Gurdjieff was the greatest man of his century. FDR appointed Wright and Baruch to re-construct Europe and start a real New World Order. Baruch was a student of Gurdjieff too - and this means a lot if you want to know who runs things.< Less
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This book is a record of one and a half years of workdays at the Group’s Loft workspace in lower Manhattan during the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. It is documentation of the way... More > Jerry worked with his groups during that time. Every generation must find a new way of working. What woke up one generation will not necessarily wake up the next. When we came to the work these ideas were new and fresh - now the ideas are taught in psychology classes in universities. But there is a process to waking up and rules that govern it. Gurdjieff says "Many alarm clocks are necessary and always new ones." This book is a testament to the practice of these rules. The fourth way requires working together, working on yourself, and making the ideas your own.< Less
Gurdjieff Was Wrong But His Teaching Works By Orest Stocco
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Gurdjieff was wrong but his teaching works…is the story of one man’s remarkable journey of self-discovery which dispels the Gurdjieffian premise that man is not born with an immortal... More > soul. With his own quest, Orest Stocco illustrates that we are all born with a spark of divine consciousness; but not until we take evolution into our own hands, which Gurdjieff’s teaching helped him to do, will we realize our true self.< Less
Master Disaster: The Inner Lives of Gurdjieff, Meher Baba, Idries Shah, Omar Ali-Shah and Mother Meera By Alan Wrightson
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The spiritual biographies of George Gurdjieff, Meher Baba, Idries Shah, Omar Ali-Shah, Upasni Maharaj, Mother Meera and Alfredo Offidani with background studies of Nietzsche, Crowley, Bennett,... More > Schopenhauer, Kant, Swedenborg, Icke, Sathya Sai Baba and Amma. Written by a realized Daoist - a Vedic Brahman and Sufi Polestar - who continues to help all of them. These are not speculative or scholastic chronologies of their activities. Rather they are in-depth experiential analyses of their spiritual struggles personal motivations and techniques by the person best-placed to know these things. Many of their secret transmission indicators are given for the first time anywhere and the unknown spiritual situation they were all working within is described, also for the first time anywhere. Concluding with a general analysis of mastership itself, and essays on Daoism to contrast its approach as regards the problem of teaching spirituality. Note: This edition contains the full text of the book “Mother Meera´s Home”< Less
Spiritual Physics By Jerry Brewster
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Jerry Brewster was a group leader of the Gurdjieff Work in New York City. He studied personally with Mrs. Sutta, Christopher Fremantle, Mme, de Hartmann, Mme. de Salzmann, Henri Tracol and Michel de... More > Salzmann. He followed the teachings of G. I. Gurdjieff; better known today as “The Fourth Way.” He devoted over 50 years of his life to the practice and teaching of what has become known as the ’Work’ and made great efforts to expand the understanding of it. Jerry’s view of the work was very scientific, hence the name Spiritual Physics which he suggested before his death in 2009. There is a chapter in this book that introduces Jerry’s personal search to understand the Enneagram.< Less
En busca de lo milagroso. Fragmentos de una Enseñanza Desconocida By Pedro Ouspensky
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Facsímil de la edición de México, 1952. La exposición más completa sobre el sistema de Gurdjieff, realizada por Ouspensky, el más importante de sus... More > discípulos. Son detallados la teoría y los métodos de Gurdjieff para el despertar del hombre y su liberación definitiva. Hay referencias a las drogas, sexualidad, kundalini, alquimia, ejercicios físicos y respiratorios, etc.< Less
Gurdjieffian exercises By Alexandru Eugen Cristea
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This is THE book on Gurdjieff exercises. After more twenty years of searching through different "ways" and types of exercises and more than ten years in one of the groups from the... More > Gurdjieff Institute, the author brings you a book which contain most of the exercises practiced in the Gurdjieff teaching along with new insights. A must have for any true seeker of truth. “The Force of Gurdjieff” collection reunites various rare, important and sometimes unknown texts written by people who were influenced by the remarkable force of the Gurdjieff’s teaching.< Less

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