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Hillary's Globalism or Trump's America By Kimberly Bratton
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Globalism or Nationalism? The question of the day. Many have heard these words, but few understand what they really mean. It is time you found out. Globalism has been around for centuries, however,... More > in 2016 we are faced with the real possibility of Globalism for the first time. In past decades, Globalists have quietly but systematically chipped away at our nationalism, patriotism, religion and self-worth. They’ve been re-writing our nation's history to turn America into something it never has been; unexceptional, unpatriotic, unscrupulous, even going so far as to imply that America is undeserving of existence. We can't let this continue. Today, our country is standing at the proverbial fork in the road. We have Hillary Clinton and her fellow globalists who bully, threaten and use all forms of intimidation to force Americans to walk the path to globalism. They have been plotting this for 30 years and this is their last chance. Our choice: Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump The Globalist or the Nationalist< Less
Superwoman - Hillary is Super By Christopher Jansen
eBook (PDF): $12.50
This is a funny and sarcastic fake book, which consists of an irreverent cover and 128 blank pages for entertainment purposes, and is politically incorrect (depending on your opinion). More... More > information and more fake books inquire at:< Less
Superwoman - Hillary is Super By Christopher Jansen
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This is a funny and sarcastic fake book, which consists of an irreverent cover and 128 blank pages for entertainment purposes, and is politically incorrect (depending on your opinion). More... More > information and more fake books inquire at:< Less
What Happened (Really) To Hillary Rodham Clinton - The Actual Evidence Supporting Her 34 Reasons For Losing the 2016 Election By Richard Saunders
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Fate? Kismet? Karma? Bad Luck? Hillary says none of these are the reason she lost. Instead, she has given a list of 34 reasons (as compiled by Fox News): - The FBI - James Comey - The Russians -... More > Vladimir Putin - Anti-American forces - Low information voters - Everyone who assumed she'd win - Bad polling numbers - Obama for winning two terms - People wanting change - Misogynists - Suburban women - The New York Times - Television executives - Cable news - Netflix - Democrats not making the right documentaries - Facebook - Twitter - Wikileaks - Fake news - Content farms in macedonia - The Republican Party - The Democratic Party After years of research following this election cycle from its beginning, here is the complete documentation that supports these reasons above. With this reference, you can confidently weigh in on discussions of how she was robbed of her office due to factors beyond her control (even though she won the popular vote by millions*) Get Your Copy Now.< Less
Too Much Power: The Hillary Edition By Bret W. Meanor
Paperback: $11.99
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The 2016 election will go down as a rough and tumble campaign. Very intense and very unpredictable! Donald Trump threw away the traditional campaign book the day he announced he was running for... More > president. Hillary and Bill have been around power and scandal for decades. Each candidate sees America in a different way and each one's policies will take America in a different direction. This book exposes all of that and will also take you back to the 1990's when the Clinton's were the First family in the White House. You will enjoy this book a whole lot. I am a Trump supporter but everyone will walk away from reading this book and have their eyes opened wide.< Less
Clinton Scandals 1977-2016 By Joseph Hawranek Ph.D
eBook (PDF): $9.82
Home / Book 1 ABSTRACT Book 1 ABSTRACT 39 YEARS. CLINTON SCANDALS AND CORRUPTION BOOK 1 OF 3 – 1977 TO 2016 The 39 year time-period of scandals is broken into two parts. In Period one, we... More > have Clinton as Attorney General of Arkansas, Governor of Arkansas and moving on to the Presidency of the United States. Hillary and Bill consistently and constantly seem to be creating situations that end up as scandals from the time of Bill being Attorney General. One can dismiss Cattle Gate as nothing of substance. However, Whitewater and Madison Guarantee and Savings involved federal guarantees of loans. Millions of dollars of taxpayer money was used to bail out these fraudulent loans. Everyone went to jail except Hillary and Bill Clinton. Yet, they were principals in the con game. Read and find out how they hid evidence to get off indictments. The scandals followed them to the White House and 5 investigatory committees were working full time to figure out what happened.< Less
Clinton, Sanders, Trump: Election 2016 By Pamela Lillian Valemont
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A numerological analysis of the three protagonists for the 45th Presidency of the United States of America in the 58th Quadrennial election of 2016. An analysis of Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders,... More > Donald Trump, Seth Rich and Shawn Lucas, who were two of several people whose mysterious deaths prompted an outpouring of suspicion and outrage among the millions of social democratic revolutionaries following Bernie Sanders. Unquestionably, the most contentious, bitterly and deviously fought election in modern history. What did it take to stop a democratic socialist entering the White House? Would the privileged stop at nothing to prevent a collapse of the oligarchy that now rules America? Julian Assange, his connection with Seth Rich, and the murders happening in the circumference of the DNC; nothing like it had been witnessed before in the history of an election in the USA. Clearly, cages were rattled. A conspiracy to prevent the truth being known: Trump accused of allowing Russia to sabotage the election...< Less
Thy Clintons' Thy Grand Master's By David Wilke
eBook (ePub): $8.99
A revealing look into the Why we are in the State of Affairs we are in at present time. Looking at Black Lives Matter issue as a whole to the disparity of society! Having legal documents showing HRC... More > being director after signing the FS for Presidency in two States and hiding another corporation through Corporate Spreading and Layering. Clinton's involved with infecting the international populace with HIV/AIDS while at Arkansas, through Canada.< Less
Too Much Power:The Hillary Edition By Bret W Meanor
eBook (ePub): $10.99
Hillary and Bill have way too much bad history going back to the 1990's. In fact, too much power! My book reminds us all of that and brings you to the scandals of 2016. Donald Trump, on the other... More > hand, offers something new and fresh and a real chance to lead America back to a golden age! I support Trump but I also share the facts, and I believe the facts will tell us all what the election of 2016 is all about! This book will definitely give you something to think about. I know you will enjoy it!< Less
Secret Agent Hillary and the Case of the Missing Hotdog By Beth Schaefer
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The day Hillary was promoted to Secret Agent was the happiest day of her life. Her first case: the case of the missing hotdog. The hotdog in question is a prized belonging of Playboy Mansion curator... More > Hugh Heffner. Did Bernie Bathers steal the hotdog? Was it Donald Trumpf? Chris Crissy? The Bengassi Committee? Join Hillary and her Sidekick Macy as they track down condiments to locate the thief.< Less

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